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Robotic Development Kits

Robotic Development Kits

Digilent's line of Robotic Development Kits (RDK) are a starting point for those new to robotics, and can also be used for advanced designs and applications. The RDK line includes a basic kit, a line-sensor kit and a remote control kit.

Functions and operations
The kits are each geared towards a different specialty, and each has downloadable assembly instructions and a demo project that make it easy to get a robot up and running quickly. The Basic Robotic Kit provides the components needed to build a simple autonomous robot. The Line Sensor kit can autonomously follow a line, and the Remote Control Kit provides the components need to build a wired remote control robot using an Ethernet cable.

Tools in the kit
Each kit pairs Digilent's Cerebot 32MX4 microcontroller development board with a rugged steel platform and all the motors, wheels, sensors and development software needed to build a complete robot. Also, Digilent has a diverse line of peripheral modules (Pmods) to implement basic experiments to more advanced systems designs.

Microcontroller Development Board
The Cerebot 32MX4 features one of the Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers. The PIC32 provides a 32-bit MIPS processor core operating at 80 MHz, 512 kbyte of program FLASH and 32 kbytes of RAM memory and numerous peripheral devices, including a USB controller and timer/counters. The board has numerous I/O connectors and power supply options, including USB power. It also has a built-in programming and debug circuit compatible with the included Microchip MPLAB development software.

Robotic Development Kits
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