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Pumps and valves

Pumps and valves

Explosion-proof valves from springer co-ax inc. are approved for use in hazardous locations. They are available as direct-acting solenoids or as externally controlled valves that are pneumatically or hydraulically piloted. The direct-acting valves have 2/2-way shutoffs and 3/2-way diverters. Nominal orifice sizes range from 2 to 50 mm. Externally controlled valves are available with 2/2- and 3/2-way versions with nominal orifice sizes from 10 to 250 mm.

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Type 2000 is an angle seat valve system from Burkert Fluid Control Systems that is available as a stand-alone on/off unit with single- or double-acting piston actuator. The valve system is also available as a continuous process control valve system with the company's 8630/31 TOP control head. Type 2000 systems are designed with self-adjusting packing glands, extended spindle guides, and wiper seals. They handle gas and liquid to 230 psi and steam up to 360F at 145 psi.

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PIAB's new COAX technology uses a compressed air-driven vacuum pump module that expands compressed air in stages for allowing greater amounts of vacuum while consuming less air than conventional pumps. The pump module clips onto a "click-in" strip that accommodates up to four pumps.

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Masterflex Series L/S high-pressure pump systems from Barnant Co. require no special tubing, gears, valves, or seals. They feature continuous 100-psi operation. The systems include pumpheads and variable-speed L/S console drive for flows between 0.9 and 170 m(LITER)/min. A 1/10-hp reversible motor enables pumping in either direction. Additional features include single-turn speed control, and an LED power indicator.

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