Products That Should Be on Your Radar

In the Product Showcase section, we've just posted some products that need a little highlighting.

First is a trio of products from Siemens: Three rugged RFID readers. They're worthy of attention because of how easily they can be integrated into existing industrial-automation systems with any communications bus.

Second comes a wireless Q45 sensor from Banner Engineering. It deserves some special notice because of its ability to interface with any PNP or dry contact outputs.

Finally, the latest additions to the family of Gore Skyflex aerospace materials should be recognized because they provide surface protection in the most challenging environments.

Siemens Simatic RF200 With IO-Link Interfaces

Siemens Industry Inc. has added three compact, rugged, and affordable RFID readers with standard IO-Link interfaces to its family of Simatic RF200 RFID products.

Two of the new readers are cylindrically shaped -- the RF210R (M18) and RF220R (M30) models are for small assembly lines with cramped mounting conditions. The block-shaped RF260R (75mm x 75mm x 40mm) reader offers a longer sensing range (HF field), useful for track guided assembly lines and conveyors.

"The new RFID readers easily integrate into existing industrial automation systems with any communications bus," said Michael LaGrega, RFID and Code Reading Systems Engineer, Siemens Industry, in a press release. "It is an economical option for easy and open connections."

The industrial-grade readers' standardized IO-Link interface makes it easy to integrate them into sensor level automation. No RFID-specific programming is required, further simplifying any application.

In addition to sensor level automation, the IO-Link readers seamlessly integrate into Simatic ET200 distributed control systems using Profinet and Profibus communications networks with one of two IO-Link master modules. The master module ET 200S 4SI is suitable for IP20 control cabinets, while the master module of the ET 200eco PN with a high 1P67 protection rating is suitable for field mounting.

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