Product Showcase: Recent Highlights

We just posted some new products to the Product Showcase that we think you will be interested in.

First, we would like to point out that HEIDENHAIN's product range of absolute rotary encoders of the 400 Series are now available with interface to Fanuc controls. Designed specifically for direct connection to Fanuc controls with α and αi interfaces, these 400 Series encoders are already established with SSI or EnDat interfaces as other options.

Next is Master Bond's Super Gel 9, which is a urethane modified epoxy gel that can be employed in a variety of applications. Some of the most common include the encapsulation of sensitive electronic parts and sealing optical components.

Finally, the compact, heavy-duty Tolomatic IMA integrated linear servo actuator is now available with additional ball screw offerings that more than double the speed range, from 24 inches per second (610 mm/sec) to 58 inches per second (1,473 mm/sec).

HEIDENHAIN Encoders with Fanuc Interface

Of HEIDENHAIN's 400 series, the ECN/EQN 400 rotary encoders with stator couplings are available with a blind-hollow or hollow through-shaft. The stator coupling compensates radial runout and alignment errors without significantly reducing the accuracy. The encoder shaft is directly connected with the shaft to be measured. During angular acceleration of the shaft, the stator coupling must absorb only that torque caused by friction in the bearing.

The ROC/ROQ 400F rotary encoders with separate shaft coupling are available with a synchro flange or clamping flange and have integral bearings and a solid shaft. The shaft coupling compensates axial motion and misalignment (radial and angular offset) between the encoder shaft and measured shaft. This relieves the encoder bearing of additional external loads that would otherwise shorten its service life. Diaphragm and metal bellows couplings designed to connect the rotor of the ROC/ROQ 400F encoders are available.

The singleturn encoder versions of the 400 Series have a revolution counter that saves the number of revolutions during operation. After power is switched off, the counter is reset to zero. The multiturn versions feature an integral gear box, which keeps track of revolutions and is not affected by power loss. That absolute position is available immediately upon switch-on.

These encoders are particularly suitable for use on servo axes and spindles in machine tools, and feature integral bearings and stator or separate shaft couplings. All HEIDENHAIN's 400 Series encoders are mounted with IP 67 protection on the housing and IP 64 at the shaft inlet.

Optically clear epoxy gel offers dimensional stability

Featuring softness and resilience, Master Bond Super Gel 9 is a urethane modified epoxy gel that can be employed in a variety of applications. This multifunctional system is also widely used in the aerospace, electronic, optical, electro-optical, and other specialty industries.

Super Gel 9 has an exceptionally low Shore A hardness of about 5-10. This softness allows it to be easily repairable, making it ideal for retrieving components with a sharp knife or razor blade. It will not shatter during this process. These properties also enable Super Gel 9 to withstand rigorous thermal cycling and thermal/mechanical shock.

This product has a 2:1 mix ratio by weight or volume, along with a low viscosity and exotherm enabling it to be cast in larger sections up to 2 to 3 inches thick. Super Gel 9 bonds well to an array of substrates, such as metals, glass, ceramics, and many rubbers and plastics. It has a long working life of seven to nine hours depending on the mass that is mixed (the smaller the mass, the longer the working life). It resists many chemicals including water, oils, and fuels. The service temperature range is -100F to 200F. Super Gel 9 is available in .50 pints, pints, quarts, gallons, five-gallon container kits, and gun dispensers.

Fast, high force IMA Actuator fills high duty cycle need

Designed for long life in high duty cycles, the IMA from Tolomatic delivers high force in press fitting systems, accurate positioning, and quick response in valve and process control, compact, lightweight spot welding, and smooth velocity fluid dispensing. When designed with food-grade white epoxy coating and stainless-steel components (available as catalog orders), the IMA provides corrosion resistance, ingress protection, and bacterial growth protection for food and beverage industry applications. The IMA is CE/UL approved.

The IMA integrates a servo motor into a ball or roller screw-driven actuator to provide efficient high force in a compact, lightweight design. The IMA55 high-force servo linear actuator with roller screw option boosts its thrust capability to 6,875 lb force (30,470 N). The patented long-life design eliminates the need for couplers, adapters, belts and gears, and allows for easy re-lubrication without disassembly.

Available in four sizes, the IMA line of integrated-motor rod actuators features stroke lengths from three to 18 inches (76.2 mm to 457.2 mm).

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