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Product News

Product News

Watertight screws

Each pre-assembled stainless-steel SEELSKREW(R) features a resilient rubber O-ring held captive in a precision-engineered sealing groove. Installed like a conventional screw, they provide an absolute seal that meets both UL and NEMA 4X watertight standards--suitable for sealing portable electronic instruments, gauges, fluid housings, cabinets, and enclosures. The reusable, high-pressure, self-sealing screws are offered in slotted or Phil-lips pan and flat-head styles, thread sizes of 2-56 to 1/4-20, and lengths to 11/4 inches. Special options include NYLOK(R), a black-anodized finish, and a captivated configuration.

APM Hexseal Corp. Booth 3066
44 Honeck St.
Englewood, NJ 07631
FAX (201) 569-4106

Luminescence detectors

Luminescence detectors read invisible ultraviolet markings to eliminate the need for visible marks on products. Highly versatile, the sensors can be used to verify critical processes, provide presence and position sensing, enhance quality control, and perform part counting and product ID. Compact design and ruggedized metal housing sealed to IP65 allow use in both indoor and outdoor applications. The detectors read UV markings applied on wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, paper or textiles with chalk, wax, or powders. Reading UV markers mixed into glues, sealants, and solvents, the sensors confirm that items have been correctly coated and joined.

Balluff Booth 3302
8125 Holton Dr.
Florence, KY 41042
FAX (606) 727-7752


Series CE rodless cylinders may provide up to 50% space savings over conventional cylinders while providing strong load support. The unit's construction eliminates rod collapse. Grooves on the body's exterior serve as a guide for the piston carriage to provide linear motion while providing long travel lengths. Available in both English and metric versions, units are offered in six bore sizes from 25 to 80 mm. Standard travel lengths are up to 2,850 mm and are available in 5-mm increments to fit a wide range of automation applications. These pneumatically operated cylinders have working pressure up to 116 psi. They can carry from 148 to 848 lbs of static load and from 60 to 610 lbs of dynamic load.

PHD Inc. Booth 3543
Box 9070
Fort Wayne, IN 46899
FAX (219) 747-6754


Type-500X electropneumatic transducer converts a current or voltage input signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This versatile instrument is suitable for control applications that require a high-degree of reliability and repeatablitiy at a low cost. Typically, these units are used to automate and control the operation of valve actuators, pneumatic valve positioners, damper and louvre actuators, final control elements, relays, air cylinders, clutches, and brakes. Features include a compact size, standard-process and industrial-input signals, integral volume booster, split ranging, and convenient zero-range adjustments.

ControlAir Inc. Booth 1680
8 Columbia Dr.
Amherst, NH 03031
FAX (603) 889-1844

Compressors and pumps

The 2505 Series of Wob-1(R) twin-piston air compressors and vacuum pumps features a compact, light-weight design. The units have an open flow rate up to 2.70 cfm with maximum continuous pressures up to 35 psi, and maximum vacuum up to 25.5 inches high. All models feature permanently lubricated bearings; oil-less no-lube pistons and cylinders; lightweight die-cast aluminum components; and a long-life, high-performance piston seal.

Thomas Industries Inc. Booth 3149
Box 29
Sheyboygan, WI 53082
FAX (414) 451-4237

Motor brake

FMBES is a NEMA C flange-mounted, spring-engaged, nickel-plated motor brake that combines spring-on and air-release actuation with performance features that provide optimal reliability, and application flexibility. The FMBES uses spring-actuation and designed-in heat-sink capacity to eliminate the heat-released brake inefficiencies and failure associated with electric motor brakes. A dual-friction interface provides a large volume of usable friction material for longer facing life. The unit's bearing arrangement is designed for overhung load-capacity bearing life, and the air-regulated design allows for a range of torque adjustments.

Horton Industrial Products Inc. Booth 1653
1170 15th Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
FAX (612) 378-6496

Analysis system

TracerTM, a PC-based real-time thermal-image analysis system, captures thermal events at up to 60 Hz. Each video frame contains thermal data with a temperature sensitivity of &0.1C. Powerful analysis functions such as image subtraction, multiple areas of interest, alarms, triggers, and isotherms can be invoked using the Windows user interface. The system can be integrated into process-control systems, or configured for applications including micro-electronics analysis. Tracer's infrared camera can be detached for use independent of the system.

FLIR Systems Inc. Booth 2078
16505 Southwest 72nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97224
FAX (503) 684-3207

Locking device

The MH50-1000 Mechlok(R) is classified as a high-load mechanical lock. The device has a stroke length of up to 262.0 mm and a load capacity of 25 kN in any stroke position.

P.L. Porter Co.Booth 2239
6355 De Soto Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
FAX (818) 884-7260

Retaining-ring tool

Automatic retaining-ring tool operates on a simple compressed-air line, and can be activated by depressing a lever on the side. The tool accommodates internal retaining rings installed in bores from 11/4 to 27/8 inches in diameter, and metric sizes for bores from 26 to 98 mm. The external version accommodates external retaining rings installed on shafts from 1/4 to 21/4 inches in diameter, and metric sizes for shafts from 10 to 55 mm.

Rotor Clip Co. Inc.
Booth 1359

187 Davidson Ave.
Somerset, NJ 08875
FAX (908) 469-7898

Cable processor system

The CAFE module is a fully automated cable-termination processor system that forms a first-end termination on any cable from 8 to 24 inches in length at production rates of up to 700 terminations per hour. Any shape of termination can be produced, on bare or coated conduit, single-wire or multi-strand cable, flexible shafting, or wire rope with or without a fiber core. Interchangeable tooling and inserts allow change-over from one type of termination to another. The machine is adaptable to a range of cable products.

Fisher Gauge Ltd. Booth 1105
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada K9J6Y9
FAX (705) 748-6312

Spring-loaded devices

Spring-loaded devices consist of a spring encapsulated within a protective threaded body with a plunger tip. Applications include special industrial machinery, medical and surgical instrumentation, computer peripheral equipment, and measuring and controlling instrumentation. Leveling devices support, level, elevate, or align machinery, equipment, and instrumentation. They feature a precision-machined, beveled base for secure support, and medium to heavy loads. Applications include conveyor systems, industrial machinery, enclosures, tooling machines, and special equipment.

Vlier/Barry Controls Booth 2568
40 Guest St.
Brighton, MA 02135
FAX (617) 254-0541

Mount ends

Molded mount ends are constructed of UL- rated 94VO thermoplastic. The standard A2000 Series is rated at 20A, 300V. The A3000 is rated at 20A, 600V. Low-profile barrier versions and a "wire-ready" option are offered.

Bussmann Circuit Components Booth 3964
7300 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60656
FAX (708) 867-2211

Mounting tape

V5300 Series mounting tape is a conformable polyurethane foam substrate with an acrylic adhesive on two sides that can be used for attaching trim, exterior signs, and truck-trailer roofing panels. This product is able to fill gaps in irregular mating surfaces, resist vibration, and maintain adhesion when there is high joint movement. Adhesive strength is provided at elevated temperatures. An alternative to screws, rivets, and liquid adhesives, this tape reduces weight, improves upon the aesthetics of the assembly, and eliminates processes such as drilling.

Norton Performance Plastics Corp. Booth 2228
150 Dey Rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470
FAX (201) 696-4056


Ac three-phase motors from 1 hp and Inverter DriveTM motors feature ISR-inverter spike-resistant wire that can withstand up to 100 times more of the electrical stresses sometimes caused by inverters. Other products include spindle drive motors, square flange pump motors, encoderless vector controls, hollow-shaft gear reducers, and large 5,800 frame motors.

Baldor Electric Co. Booth 1303
Box 2400
Fort Smith, AR


Version 1.1 of EUCLID QUANTUM is based on a true object-oriented architecture. Engine APIs for programming allow users to integrate specialized company applications into the EUCLID QUANTUM base. The software includes four application domains: EUCLID DESIGNER for design performance; EUCLID ANALYST for global design; EUCLID MACHINIST for feature-based manufacturing; and EUCLID DESIGN MANAGER for "work-in-progress" management of parts, assemblies, and processes.

Matra Datavision Booth 3315
1 Technology Dr.
Andover, MA 01810

Lighting technology

Lighting technology provides uniform, high-output backlighting for low-power situations. This product is for use with standard LCD modules as well as chip-on-glass or "tab"-driven LCDs, and can be applied to high-volume applications where power, brightness, and cost are of prime consideration. A panel design spreads the light uniformly across the active area. Mechanical "holding" features can be designed into the backlight to mount the LCD or other components, reducing assembly and material costs. Panels can also support conductive rubber keypads and still provide uniform lighting.

Lumitex Inc. Booth 2937
4400 Emery Industrial Pkwy.
Cleveland, OH 44128
FAX (216)595-2410


Seltop air cylinders with integral brake systems provide positive mid-stroke positioning and holding through a brake-unit cylinder design that features a manual brake override. Holding control at an exact position can be done virtually indefinitely, even if pressure loss occurs. Applications include welding indexing to various positions, elevator-type lifting and positioning, lifting and holding vertical down-loads, and multi-port transfer systems. Lightweight, compact Seltop brake cylinders have bore sizes from 40 to 100 mm, maximum pressure ratings of 150 psi, and strokes to 600 mm or more. Cylinders provide control in bounce, drift, over-travel, or reverse-travel situations.

Miller Fluid Power Booth 1703
800 N. York Rd.
Bensenville, IL 60106
FAX (708) 766-3400


The 48-mm, 816 Series timer is a DIN-sized panel-mount control that features a bright-red LCD backlit timing display, and a high-contrast LCD (setpoint) display. The Series includes eleven selectable time ranges, six output modes, and multi-voltage input power. A lithium battery provides programming and preset memory, and allows for unity programming without input power. The unit is UL recognized; CSA approved; CE compliant; and conforms to IEC 1000.4.4, level 4 noise immunity specification.

Crouzet Corp. Booth 3046
33237 Commander
Carrollton, TX 75006
FAX (214) 250-3865


The 1204 KL BoxerTM series cooling fan is for specialized cooling applications, including high-speed microprocessors in notebook computers. The fan is suitable for spot cooling of microprocessor units (MPUs) and other devices that generate heat. The 1240 KL fan will increase the life span and reliability of a high-speed MPU, help it perform better, and help avoid system lock-ups. Applicable in situations where heat is a problem and package size is critical, the fan can be used in docking stations, set-top boxes, and telephone packs.

NMB Technologies Inc. Booth 3234
9730 Independence Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
FAX (818) 341-8207


AutoMaxTM PC3000 processor for distributed drive control provides tight integration of a high-performance controller in the PC for motor-control applications. AutoMax PC3000 uses the ISA bus to get its power and to communicate with the PC. It relieves the PC of the burden of control and enables the PC to run or man-machine interface (MMI), operator interface (OI), other software programs.

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