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Product News

Product News


The MDrive NEMA 17 high-torque integrated motor plus driver features the simplicity of a motor with on-board electronics without the expense of an indexer on each axis. The Mdrive 17 uses a NEMA 17 frame size 1.8 degrees motor combined with a microstepping drive, and accepts up to 14 resolution settings from 1/2 to 256 microsteps per step. Operating voltage for the motor ranges from 12 to 48V dc, and is available in multiple configurations .

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.,

Enter 611


Model FB2 lead-free self-lubricated bearings are steel backed with a sintered bronze lining, impregnated with a proprietary PTFE Fluoropolymer compound and carbon fibers. The lack of lead reportedly makes the bearings suitable for food and medical applications, or for situations where lead is subject to chemical attack. FB2 bushings and thrust washers accept PVs up to 140,000 psi without any oil or grease.

Peer, Inc.,

Enter 612


Zero backlash, flexible shaft couplings include low inertia, low wind up, and precision constant velocity universal joints. Since the flexible element is a bellows, these couplings absorb angular and parallel misalignments in combination with axial movements, and are reported to precisely transmit motion and torque. They are suited for coupling to encoders and resolvers in precision positioning applications.

Servometer Corp.,

Enter 613

Power drive

Power drive system consists of an ac brake, motor, and appropriate gear reducers in a ready-to-install subsystem. Tested to 200,000 cycles, this system reportedly offers heat dissipation, fast braking response time, and low maintenance since the brake has only one moving part. Applications include industrial doors and other heavy-duty material-handling equipment.

Electroid Co.,

Enter 614


Energy-saving motors in cast iron with the type designation 1LG can be embedded in any drive and automation environment via frequency converters with a Profibus-DP interface. The modular design of these motors makes it easy to install a brake, rotary pulse encoder, or separate fan-alone or in combination-depending on requirements.

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.,

Enter 615


Spring-set brake modules are for power-off static holding applications and occasional stopping functions. These high-torque, NEMA C-face compatible brakes are designed to mount on the front of a motor, useful for retrofitting an existing motor or incorporating the motor into custom-designed machinery. Typical applications include robotic arms and assemblies on vertical ball screws.

Warner Electric,

Enter 616

Machine control

The P1P workstation for PC-based machine control combines a Pentium processor with a 6-inch color touchscreen display. The workstation supplies high-speed processing, advanced graphics capabilities, and open-architecture flexibility in a compact package for control applications. Features include NEMA 4 rating for plant floor conditions and solid-state 8-Mbyte Compact Flash memory, expandable to 128 Mbytes.

CTC Parker Automation,

Enter 617


Over-running clutch offers a trade-off between load rating, endurance limit, and maintenance. The unit is 3 inches in diameter and 2.94 inches long, with stock bore sizes of 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, and 1 with a 50 ft-lb rating. All stressed points are held to low stress values for extended cycle life in such applications as backstopping, indexing, or freewheeling.

Equipment Concepts Co.,

Enter 618


Series GRW Grippers are now available in 40- and 50-mm bore sizes, adding to the 16-, 25-, and 32-mm bore sizes previously offered. The grippers have a grip force up to 429 lbs at 87 psi, and weigh from 0.69 to 22.1 lbs with a jaw travel ranging from 0.79 to 4.61 inches. Shock pads at both ends of jaw travel provide quiet operation and absorb impact.

PHD Inc.,

Enter 619

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