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Product News

Product News

Integrated piston

Integrated Piston(TM) combines a piston made from cold-drawn carbon steel, a machined bearing with wide surface area, and a seal matched to the application requirements into a single unit. The bearing is molded onto the piston core. The product reportedly reduces side-load effects and guards against contamination and cylinder drift in industrial machinery as well as mobile equipment. Uses include low-, medium-, and high-pressure hydraulic cylinder applications.

Parker-Hannifin Seal Group,
Enter 631

Rotary unions

Single-, double-, and four- and six-passage versions of RU series rotary unions reportedly facilitate hydraulic control in work-holding applications. The single-passage rotary couplers directly mount to SAE ports. The twin-passage unions operate two single-acting circuits or one double-acting circuit. The four-passage model operates four single-acting or two double-acting cylinders. Six-passage units accommodate six single-acting or three double-acting cylinders. Both standard and manifold mounting are possible.

Enter 632

Oil lubrication

An integral forced-feed oil lubrication system is a recent addition to the Microvac 412J pump. This new system can enhance the pump's oil delivery capabilities, is self-contained, and is powered by the main pump shaft. The latter eliminates the need for additional motor leads, valves, or reservoirs that can leak. Useful in long pump down or gas handling applications, the system is O-ring sealed to the Microvac 412J to preclude leakage even at high oil feed pressures.

Stokes Vacuum Inc.,
Enter 633

Hose assemblies

High-Purity Hose Assemblies feature all stainless steel braided construction with a choice of smooth bore or convoluted PFA, FEP, and PTFE Teflon interiors or flexible convoluted stainless steel interiors. De-signed to operate over wide temperature extremes and up to 3,100 psi, the assemblies can be equipped with a variety of stainless steel end fittings.

Integra Companies, Inc.,
Enter 634

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