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Product News

Linear actuator

DuraPlus(TM) high-torque linear actuators are designed for high power, longevity, and actuator efficiency and control in the medical, semiconductor, and telecommunications industries. The NEMA size 17 motor features 60 oz-in peak torque, 50 lbs of linear force, and an internal self-lubricated rotating nut precision machined of advanced polymers. Distortion and wear, due to linear motion high power output, is reportedly avoided with 300 Series stainless-steel leadscrews.


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Detector switches

SDS, DDS, MDS, and KDS Series detector switches are made for low current level applications. The SDS Series is rated to 50,000 life cycles and sits 2 mm off the printed circuit board. Sitting 3.7 mm off the PCB, the DDS Series is rated to 50,000 life cycles. The KDS Series features 7.62 mm detector application travel on a larger, slot-mounted detect switch; while the MDS Series has 2.9 mm total travel for a micro miniature snap acting detector switch.

ITT Industries, Cannon,

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Check valves

Barbed check valves are intended for leak-proof seal and "zero gravity fittings" that allow for quick pressure or flow response in any position. Available in six material/diaphragm combinations, check valves come in four reducing-or-enlarging combination sizes, and include barbs molded without a parting line. Covering a variety of physical properties and chemical resistance, the check valves come in kynar, polycarbonate, nylon, and polypropylene materials.

Ark-Plas Products,

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Power distribution center

The one rack unit (1RU) dc power distribution center (PDC) is designed in 19- and 23-inch mounting configurations, to UL1801 and international standards, for the telecom industry. The 1RU features plug-in style circuit breakers for front access and swapability, and 100A per pole with 10,000A interrupting capacity rating. A special 50,000A interrupting capacity is also available.

Carling Technologies,

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Vinyl grips

RF Series rectangular flat-end vinyl grips are used for tool grips, ball-valve handle covers, and masks for painting, coating, and plating. According to the company, the grips tolerate temperatures of 300 to 325F. Available in 7 different sizes, the inside thickness size ranges from 0.062 to 0.25 inch, and the inside widths measure 0.373 inch to 3 inches. Grip lengths start at 0.25 inch and increase in 0.062-inch increments.

Niagara Plastics Co.,

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The 18-mm, ultrasonic SUPERPROX(R) Model SM602 series sensors are used for small container level detection, container fill-height level inspection, jam detection, and tension monitoring and control. Intended to control up to 305 mm of nonhazardous liquid or dry material levels, the sensors allow for configuration of a dual-alarm sensing function and an on/off latch control function.

Hyde Park Electronics Inc.,

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Featuring Class B (130C) coil insulation and snap-on auxiliary contacts, the Bulletin 400 Definite Purpose contactor is designed for electrical and mechanical use in air conditioning, refrigeration, and resistive heating applications. The contactor includes double-beak contacts that reportedly reduce contact erosion and lengthen product life by breaking the circuit in two locations.

Rockwell Automation,

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Online parts catalog

The online CAD parts library at now includes 500,000 new 2D and 3D components, for a total of nearly 3 million downloadable parts. New features also include a keyword search engine and a browser-based, dynamic viewer for previewing the parts in real time. Parts include additional stand-offs, fasteners, spacers, and linear motion assemblies, with components from four industry standards and 46 manufacturer catalogs.,

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Peristaltic pumps

MityFlex(R) peristaltic pumps for automated warewashing include features such as increased flow rates and quick-release head covers for fast change-out of tubing. Interchangeable, multiple-roller pump heads also provide increased precision for injection and dosing of detergents, rinse agents, and other sanitizers. In the pump, the material being moved comes into contact only with the tubing; the fluids in transfer remain contamination-free. MityFlex pumps are sealless and self-priming, with consistent positive displacement.

Anko Products Inc.,

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RF test sockets

High-frequency test sockets now feature replaceable Microstrip Contacts(TM) that enable the change-out of contact strips by the user at the actual test site. The patented Microstrip Contacts, which can be used for any pitch device up to 208 leads, feature a low dielectric strip that holds the contacts in place for accurate lead placement.

Aries Electronics,

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Globe valves

Solenoid-actuated globe valves operate by an external lever connecting the lifting action of the linear actuator to the valve piston through a rotary shaft. The rotary shaft creates a mechanical advantage by enabling more force in operation, and allows stronger return spring action ensuring reliable, fail-safe return. The valves are available in .50- through 6-inch sizes and provide threaded, flanged, or weld-end connections.

Leslie Controls Inc.,

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Zip-Grip(R) clear-drying cyanoacrylate adhesives are available as general-purpose, low-viscosity, and stay-in-place gels for fastening and repair applications. With a viscosity range from 20 to 2,200 cps, the adhesives may be used in applications ranging from O-ring splicing, rubber weatherstripping, and metal-to-metal bonding to bonding porous substrates and rubber, plastics, and metals.


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