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Product News

Product News

Power unit

The Vickers System-Pak and Value-Pak hydraulic power units use SAE straight-thread porting throughout the units for minimizing leakage. Oiled and pickled reservoirs also minimize internal rust and contamination that cause leaks. All power units are equipped with continuous-duty rated motors for 24/7 operation.

Eaton Hydraulics,

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Fluid meters

SensoControl(R) ServiceMaster(TM) meters are said to provide the latest in diagnostic evaluation of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The hand-held product is available in either three- or six-channel models, and has an ergonomically-designed case and large automatic scaling LCD display said to make it easy to use in challenging environments.

Parker Hannifin-Quick Coupling,

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The 851E Series Fuel Filter/Separator removes particulates and water from diesel fuel, jet fuel, and gasoline. It scores a 98.7% efficiency rating in the ANSI/NFPA Absolute Efficiency particle size test. The filter/separator can reduce 5,000-ppm concentrations of water to 5 ppm in a single pass. Jet and gasoline fuels can be conditioned at flows up to 200 gpm and diesel fuel up to 120 gpm.

Kaydon Corp.,

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Pressure transmitter

Available in 20 pressure ranges with five output signals, the K1 pressure transmitter fits in cramped spaces and performs at 0.5% accuracy. It can be customized to applications in compressor control refrigeration, or medical equipment, with a variety of 316 stainless steel connections. Delivery is five working days.

Dresser Industries-Instrument Div.,

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The PFS200 pneumatic, spring-applied, caliper disk brake applies a minimum constant air pressure of 85 psi, keeping the Belleville disk springs energized. At a sudden loss of pressure, energy stored in the disk spring stack expands and brakes the load. The PFS200 can brake on a disk up to 16 inches in diameter. It has a maximum tangential force of 930 lbs at full pad wear. Using a 16-inch diameter disk at full pad wear produces 6,705 inch-lbs of braking torque.

W.C. Branham,

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Control valve

The Type 2031 diaphragm valve is used in conjunction with sensors and a PLC in continuous control process applications such as pollution control, chemical processing, water treatment, and textile dying. The diaphragm between the valve body and actuator hermetically seals the fluid from the actuator. The 2031 can be retrofitted with electrical-position feedback, ASI-connection, stroke-limitation, and manual-override accessories.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.,

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Engineered to ANSI B73.3M standards, the Texel(R) MTA Series Pump offers a close-coupled design for standard C-face motors. A non-metallic containment shell prevents hysteresis losses, and the inclusion of high-strength, rare-earth magnets provide efficient, no-slip drive. The pump family produces flow rates to 320 gpm and maximum working pressures to 150 psi maximum. The pumps are lined with chemically inert, virgin PFA.

Magnatex Pumps Inc.,

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