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Product News

Product News


Intended for HVAC, refrigeration and hydraulic applications, the ELS-1150 electro-optic liquid level sensor monitors up to 2,500 psi vessels using a glass prism fused to a carbon steel/stainless steel housing. Detection occurs at low, high, and intermediate levels. Sensors measure 1.38 inches and operate in -40 to 212F temperature range, with 5 or 12V dc voltage.

Gems Sensors,

Enter 576

Stepper motors

The high-torque 2-Phase and 4-Phase stepper motors, in NEMA sizes 17 and 23, are designed for robotics, conveyors, and semiconductor equipment applications. Features include current/voltage combination motors, resolution of 200 full steps/revolution, plus or minus 3-minute step angle accuracy, and 60-187 oz-inch holding torque range. A variety of windings and shaft sizes allow for compatible matches with motion control systems.

Nyden Corp.,

Enter 577


The CF Series of surface-mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are intended for high-frequency filtering use, including PLL mobile phone circuits and consumer audio equipment. According to the company, capacitors feature dc bias characteristics and high levels of thermal shock and mechanical stress resistance. Breakdown voltage is 780V for the series, which are available in case sizes 0603, 0805, and 1206, at 25V.

Taiyo Yuden,

Enter 578

LCD modules

The TFT color LCD modules are designed in 6.4-inch diagonals to be used in bright, high contrast applications, such as video, multimedia, interactive computer, and automotive uses. The digital interface offers 300 nits brightness with two cold cathode fluorescent lamps, used in marine electronics, interactive computer screens, and industrial instruments. At 330 nits brightness and 120:1 contrast ratio, the composite module is used in portable DVDs and security surveillance systems.

Optrex America Inc.,

Enter 579


SmartMotors, featuring a G-Code interface, are now compatible with CAD/CAM, allowing them to do linear and circular interpolation in turning, milling, and laser and water jet cutting applications. As a result, manual machine tools may be automated. CAD/CAM software accounts for Smart-Motors and linear motion by configuring ball screw pitch and gear ratios. Options include vertex behavior programming.

Animatics Corp.,

Enter 580

Motor + driver

The MDrive17 integrated motor+driver is available in external linear and captive versions, and with an optional Acme screw linear actuator. It features 50 lbs maximum thrust and travel/full step setting range with four unique screws. Without motor cabling in the machine, the integrated electronics mitigate electrical noise. All versions, including the single shaft stand-alone device, use 14 resolution settings in a NEMA 17 frame size 1.8 degrees motor.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.,

Enter 581

Ball screws

The MICRONLine(TM) rolled ball screws, with 23 mum/300-mm lead accuracy, are designed for accurate positioning applications. The screws are available up to 3m in length, 20-40 mm in diameter, and 5-40 mm leads. Options include specially machined screw ends, as well as pretensioned, flanged, or cylinder nut assemblies.

Precision Technology,

Enter 582


Multifunctional remote flow indicators and transmitters for use with hydraulic fluids or compressed gases are now available. The transmitters monitor operating hydraulic or pneumatic systems and provide an on-site, visual readout of fluid/air flow rates while transmitting a signal to a central electronic process control/data acquisition system for follow-up operations. Flow measurements are accurate to plus or minus 2% of the full-scale reading, with repeatability of plus or minus 1%.

Hedland Flow Meters,

Enter 583

Portable test controller

This rapid-development, portable test controller weighs 1.50 lbs and measures 10.2 x 4.72 x 1.89 inches. It offers a fully integrated C development environment; an IEEE 488 general purpose interface bus controller; and 32-bit, bi-directional digital I/O. The 24-button membrane switch panel can be augmented with customizable graphics. The controller can operate at 9.216 or 18.432 MHz via its Zilog Z180 processor.

Tidal Engineering,

Enter 584

Coupling guards

Guards provide compliance with current safety standards by OSHA, ASME, and ANSI. They come in solid safety-orange color with warning labels and fully enclose the rotating members, allowing gaps no greater than 6 mm. For coupling lubrication, guards are hinged and swing open for greater accessibility, and are made from high-density polyethylene plastic.

Orange Peel LLC,

Enter 585

Fiber optic link modeling

LinkSIM version 3.0 is modeling and simulation software used to analyze links in optical telecommunication and broadband fiber optic systems. The software includes a topology layout facility and waveform simulation engine, and is appropriate for applications in telecom, datacom, WDM and TDM systems, optical LANs, and parallel or free space optical interconnects.

RSoft Inc.,

Enter 586


Wire and probe adjustable soft-seal fittings, single and multiple, are now available in 316L stainless-steel material. These stainless-steel feedthroughs are for use in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial materials processing environments, and can be applied in corrosive environments with pressures ranging from vacuum to 10,000 psi, depending on the choice of sealant material. The 316L fittings are interchangeable with other standard parts from the company.

Conax Buffalo Technologies LLC, Enter 587

Digital test subsystem

A High-Performance Package (HPP) for the SR250015000/5500 Digital Test Subsystem (DTS) product line provides digital pattern generation, response comparison, and logic analysis for both serial and parallel test requirements at data rates up to 200 MHz. In addition to high-speed data rates, the HPP reportedly allows dynamic pattern depth up to 32M deep and bi-directional I/O channels up to 640 channels, depending on speed, logic, and model. The HPP supports communication bus-logic standards including low-voltage CMOS, low-voltage differential, Gunning Transceiver Logic, Advanced Graphic Port, PCI, and CTT.

Interface Technology,

Enter 588


The HFA Plus press has a higher tonnage rating and blanking speed, and features a redesigned hydraulic system and PC-based control for complex metal parts. These fineblanking presses combine blanking with cold-forming operations such as bending, drawing, and counter sinking in one process for chip-free production of intricate metal parts to 20 mm thickness. Ram opening/closing speed has been increased to 200 mm/sec, and blanking speed to 70 mm/sec, to maximize throughput.

Feintool Equipment Corp.,

Enter 589

Tank-level transmitter

A level transmitter and display are for non-contact process applications involving dirty, coating, and corrosive-type liquids in small and medium-size tanks. Employing ultrasonic technology and a 2-inch PVDF transducer, the LA19 Ricochet(TM) provides level measurement from 0.5 to 12 ft. Both the ultrasonic level transmitter and display are rated NEMA 4X (IP65). The entire system is powered via an 18V-dc battery supply that can be activated by a moment switch located below the display.


Enter 590


The Vic-Plus(TM) dry-lubricated gasket system requires no field lubrication and saves a step in installing piping systems with its grooved mechanical couplings. Dry, inert, and non toxic, these gaskets are said to reduce assembly time and eliminate messy lubricants and residue from over-lubrication. Couplings and fittings up to 24 inches will be supplied and are available in a variety of grades.

Victaulic Co. of Canada,

Enter 591


The Model IK-M43A microminiature CCD camera is compatible with 1/2- and 1/4-inch heads as well as standard C-mount lenses. The camera features a 410,000-pixel CCD image sensor, a newly designed microlens for enhanced low-light sensitivity, and 470-line resolution. Applications include the medical, industrial, and broadcast industries.

Toshiba America Information Systems,

Enter 592

Design automation software

The iSIGHT 6.0 is software for integration, automation, and design improvement, now with the new Six Sigma Robust Design module. The software's Microsoft Excel add-on lets users integrate spreadsheets into iSIGHT, and a direct interface supplies visualization and statistical post-processing capabilities.

Engineous Software,

Enter 593

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