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Product News

Product News

Linear guides

This company says it has improved and expanded its DryLin(R)linear guide system. Additions include the N17, which is a smaller version of the original, with a height of 6 mm and a width of 17 mm, with an all-polymer carriage corrosion resistance. Also added to the line is the wide-carriage for N80 model, which is said to eliminate the need for force placement analysis.

igus inc., Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914; FAX (401) 438-7270;

For Information, enter 606

Sensorless servo

ISS series intelligent sensorless servos are designed for closed loop velocity control of three phase brushless dc motors. The product is said to require no feedback devices in the motor, and attaches with only a power cord. A proprietary sensorless flux vector algorithm allows the product to regulate motor speed to within a reported plus or minus 1% with varying loads.

Automotion, BOX 7746 3808 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48107; FAX (734) 662-3707;

For Information, enter 607

Rugged motors

Signature Series Explosion-Proof AC motors are designed for hazardous environments, and are available in single phase or three phase voltage configurations. The product has either a rolled steel or cast iron frame, Class B or F insulation systems, NEMA service factors, and phosphate coated drive shafts. Mounting options available include C-face, with feet or footless. All models are said to have thermal overload protection built in.

Lincoln Motors, 22800 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117-2525; FAX (216) 383-4730;

For Information, enter 608

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