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Product News

TouchLite TL2100

The TouchLite TL2100 is a battery powered, wireless network and Internet capable Windows CE computer that offers rugged construction, a number of display options, a wide variety of interface capabilities, and low cost of ownership. The thermoplastic casing will withstand a 4-ft drop to concrete, and the NiMH battery provides eight hours of operation. It is designed to be an ideal "drop in" solution for industrial and commercial applications such as factory floor automation, commercial and agricultural in-vehicle use, process control, route management, and field service communications and data collection. The OEM cost range is reported to be between $1,095 and $2,395.

Two Technologies, 419 Sargon Way, Horsham, PA 19044; FAX 215-441-0423;

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Voice processing

More than 26,000 MIPS of available DSP performance, 81.3 SPECint95 of available RISC performance and the company's CHAMP (Common Heterogeneous Architecture for Multi-Processing) architecture combine to make this board ideal for processing high voice/data throughput channels ranging from DTMF and Vocoder to voice recognition and generation, according to the manufacturer.

Ixthos, Inc., 741-G Miller Dr. SE, Leesburg, VA 20175; FAX (703) 779-7805; www.

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Graphics controller

The 3U CP331 Graphics Controller provides configuration options for CRT (VGA monitor) and three flat-panel connection technologies: TTL, LVDS, or PanelLink. This enables the CP331 to support the complete range of flat-panel displays-from TFT, DSTN, SSTN, EL, and Plasma-in both color and monochrome versions, in parallel with CRT. The card supports resolutions from VGA (640X480) through to SVGA (1280X1024).

PEP Modular Computers, Inc., 750 Holiday Dr. - Building 9, Pittsburgh, PA 15220-2783; FAX (412) 921-3356;

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Circuit board backplane

The new printed circuit board backplane interconnect, with a reported signal-to-ground ratio of 8:1 that achieves signal speeds higher than 3 Gigabits per secondwith no measurable crosstalk, will be called MPI & gt;SI(TM)(Side Interface). The traces on the daughtercard are brought to the narrow side of the printed circuit board before connecting them directly to the backplane with a grid of MPI columns, doubling the contact density per row.

Thomas & Betts Corp., 8155 T & B Blvd., Memphis, TN 38125;

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PC workstation

The new PC9 workstations meet the shop-floor needs on three levels: first, providing power and advanced features for high-end machine, process, and line control; second, delivering high reliability in an industrial PC; and third, enabling "open" application flexibility, starting with a case that opens like a book for "snap" upgrade of cards and boards. The workstations feature Pentium II processors, flat-panel, touch screen monitors, and CD-ROM drive.

Ctc Parker Automation, 50 W. TechneCenter Dr., Milford, OH 45150; FAX (513) 831-5042;

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CAD/IQ is a CAD model quality tool that allows users to analyze CAD files (I-DEAS, UG, Pro/E, CATIA, Parasolid, STEP) and detect and display hidden geometry/topology model errors or anomalies. Using CAD/IQ allows these problems to be addressed at the source, before release. This allows the model to be used freely by downstream applications without time consuming rework. Also, model quality checks can be limited so that only a portion of the model is analyzed.

International TechneGroup Inc., 5303 DuPont Circle, Milford, OH 45150; FAX (513) 576-3994.;

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Helix2000, the latest version of Helix Design System TM for production-oriented mainstream design and engineering, includes Helix Craftsman, a topological modeling toolkit for local shape deformation, precise design change, and accurate model healing. Available previously as a separate model called Helix Capture TM , Helix2000 now includes the capability of converting 2D AutoCAD(R)drawings into 3D solids by interactively imparting Helix "smart-view" technology to the drawing data.

Microcadam, Inc., 2255 N. Ontario St. Suite 300, Burbank, CA 91504; FAX (818) 253-2250;

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OpenCNC V 5.0 allows users to perform remote machine maintenance and diagnostics via the Internet. Reportedly, manufacturers can cut travel and save on maintenance by "dialing up Open CNC machine tools via the Internet and diagnosing machine performance remotely, without adding any additional hardware." It includes a new adaptive machining technology called Adaptive Look-Ahead Logic TM that only looks ahead the number of blocks necessary for each individual application and adapts the cutting speed accordingly.

Manufacturing Data Systems, 220 E. Huron St. Suite 600, Ann Arbor, MI 48104; FAX (734) 769-9112;

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Computer Aided Industrial Design Studio Tools TM 9.5 will have more than 100 enhancements over previous versions, including the addition of a 2D paint capability that is completely integrated with the 3D modeling process on the Windows NT platform. Projected industry impacts include technical surfacing, automotive, and product design markets. The software launch will include a special introductory price.

Alias/Wavefront, 210 King St. E, Toronto, Canada M5A 1J7; FAX 416-369-6140.

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Operator interface

The 2700 Series is designed to fulfill the industry's need for a rack-mountable operator interface solution that fits within two units of height. It is available with either a 10.4- or 12.1-inch flat-panel display. Both versions incorporate flat screen technology which is available for Class I and II, Division 2 hazardous areas. Current models are available for standard 19-inch racks, but support for 24- and 28-inch racks is expected this year.

Daisy Data, 2850 Lewisberry Rd., York Haven, PA 17370; FAX (513) 831-5042;

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Antibacterial touchscreen

CleanScreen is the world's first touchscreen incorporating antibacterial technology registered with the EPA. Permanently bonded to the glass surface of MicroTouch ClearTek 3000 touchscreens, CleanScreen is designed for use on high traffic touchscreens where hygiene may be a concern, such as ATMs, telephones, restaurant and hospital systems, and cleanrooms.

MicroTouch Systems Inc., 300 Griffin Brook Park Dr., Methuen, MA 01844; FAX (978) 659-9100;

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SolidDesigner 2000

Five new modules and other enhancements make up the new SolidDesigner 3D CAD solution. The new modules are: SolidDesigner collaboration; teamwork man-

agement; and three bi-directional interfaces to CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER and Unigraphics that enable collaboration between product-development teams in process-centric environments. The package also supports 3D process models for 3D based collaboration.

Co-Create Software, 3801 Automation Way, Suite 110, Fort Collins, CO 80525; FAX (970) 206-8068;

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Telemetry recorder-workstation

The unit offers a host of features including an 18-inch color display for real-time data viewing, intuitive touch-screen interface, 32 analog or digital input channels, high resolution chart for sharp, clear traces, and Virtual Chart TM for saving large amounts of data to an on-board hard drive. Designated Everest, the unit is designed and engineered for aerospace applications, including flight testing, missile testing, flight simulation, and satellite telemetry.

Test and Measurement Systems, Astro-Med Industrial Park, W. Warwick, RI 02893;

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Board support package

Tornado II TM offers a powerful development environment, and VxWorks-the run-time system of the Tornado II embedded development platform-provides a high-performance target real-time operating system (RTOS) for real-time and performance critical applications. VxWorks is executed on the target processor, and Tornado II includes a complete suite of core and optional cross-development tools and utilities, as well as communications options for the target connection to the host.

DY 4 Systems, 333 Palladium Dr. M/S 212, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2V 1A6; FAX (613) 599-7777;

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Java-based viewing

The Java Thin Client Viewer delivers the ability to share documents over the Web. It provides access to documents of all kinds-CAD drawings, plotter output, MS Office documents, scanned images, faxes, and digital photos-without requiring the native software application. Because the product is platform-independent, users can have different hardware, operating systems, and browsers.

Spicer Corp., 24500 Center Ridge Rd., Suite 187, Westlake, OH 44145;

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EMI shielded windows

EmiClare TM GP 70 EMI shielded windows reportedly offer a 12% improvement in light transmission compared with conventional laminated EMI shielding windows. Their mesh system provides improved optical performance, including the elimination of text distortion on CRT displays, commonly referred to as the "moire effect." A minimum of 55 dB or shielding effectiveness is said to be provided at 1 GHz. Made from two layers of UL 94 V-O rated polycarbonate laminated around a center layer of metal mesh, the front surfaces are treated with a non-glare hardcoat for scratch and chemical resistance.

Chomerics, Division of Parker Hannifin, 77 Dragon Ct., Woburn, MA 01888; FAX (781) 933-4318;

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