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Product News

Product News

Press bearings

A 7Z42 Series (sintered bronze) and Z 7Z45 series (teflon-filled acetal) self-lubricating, flange-mounted press bearings are designed for use in business machines, motors, power tools, medical devices, and computer peripherals. Flanges and retainers for both models are made of zinc-plated carbon steel, and both models are available in five sizes.

Stock Drive Products,

For Information, circle 605

Ball screws

This company offers a wide range of stock and custom ball screws in a variety of sizes and styles. Options include inch and metric sizes from 1/8 to 6 inches, and from 8 to 150 mm, preloaded and non-preloaded configurations, and lead accuracy from a reported 0.0004 to 0.0002 inch/ft.

Thomson Industries,

Enter 606

Quiet chain

The E4/101 Energy Chain System is said by its manufacturer to be the quietest chain available, with a sound output of a reported 66 dB. The product is designed for automated applications where noise is not acceptable, such as automotive, entertainment, and high-speed precision instrumentation. Construction is of high tensile and compressive strength engineered polymers.

igus Inc.,

Enter 607


G209 from this company is a permanent magnet, brush-type, dc parallel shaft gearmotor which provides long gear life, reduced noise, a dynamically balanced armature, high-energy ceramic magnets, externally replaceable brushes, and class F insulation.

RAE Corp.,

Enter 608

Compact servo actuators

AR series servo actuators offer a compact design which integrates the servo amplifier, servo driver, and controller into a single unit. The product has a self-contained electronic gear which is said to enable positioning data to be set easily without concern for the machine's reduction gear ratio.

Harmonic Drive Technologies,

Enter 609

Miniature linear guides

Mini-Rail(TM) Ball Rail(R) Linear Guides are designed to be the industry's highest quality miniature linear guides. Features include dual reference edges on the rails to allow them to be mounted in either direction with the same accuracy; interchangeable carriages which eliminate costly assembly mistakes; and balls which are retained or held into the carriage.

Pacific Bearing,

Enter 610

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