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Product News

Product News

Brushless motor

Intended for high speed applications requiring precision accuracy, the NEMA size 17 brushless dc servo motors are designed to operate at up to 8,000 rpm with 250W power output. The motors reach a peak torque of 33 oz-inch and 10 oz-inch continuous torque. Available for use with all three-phase servo amplifiers, the motors reportedly make minimal noise and can fit into small system spaces.


Planetary gearhead

The TP-High Torque planetary gearhead has a 1 arcmin. standard backlash and, according to the company, 110% higher torque and 50% greater rigidity than the original TP design. A 700% increase in overload safety over the original design suits the gearhead for high peak torque applications. Gearhead sizes range from 10 to 110, and ratios from 22:1 to 220:1.

Alpha Gear Drives Inc.,

Enter 617

Junction boxes

Designed for robotic, OEM, and MRO applications, the multibox(R) picofast(R)4- and 8-Port Junction Boxes feature a small footprint, cable connectors, and power and status indicators. The junctions are rated at 10-48V dc, 3A per port/3A total, and are reportedly oil-, moisture-, solvent-, and abrasion-resistant. Both junctions include Integral or Quick-Disconnect Home Run Cable.


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Industrial encoders

Designed as a 1.4- or 1.8-inch diameter package, the Dynapar brand Series F14 and F18 encoders feature a pluggable pin header, up to 10,000 pulses-per-revolution, and 4-, 6-, or 8-pole communication channels. The encoders are created with motor shaft movement tolerance, simple mounting, and 30 degrees signal output position adjustment to shaft position.

Danaher Controls,

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The LATH23-10-001Z, a two terminal, non-cogging, bi-directional limited angle torquer, is designed for use in gimbal drivers, analytical instruments, and pick and place robots. Enclosed in a 1.5-inch diameter housing, the limited angle torquer operates at a 10 sec peak torque of 13 oz-inch at mid-stroke. With a rated stroke of plus or minus 50 degrees , it includes a mounting flange with mounting holes, and a rear shaft extension for closed loop applications.

BEI Kimco Magnetics,

Enter 620

Pattern generator

Capable of simple to complex digital patterns, the CompactPCI PI-2005 Pattern Generator reportedly may be used in applications for a serial or parallel digital data stream. With a 225-MHz clock rate, it features a phase-locked loop clock that allows for precision control of timing signals. According to the company, the pattern generator has start/stop trigger inputs, and up to 64 expandable output channels.

Pulse Instruments,

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Steam boilers

Electric steam boilers are available from 3 to 1,620 kW. The devices provide 9 to 4,883 lbs of useful steam per hour with a feed-water temperature of 50F. Applications include steam for chemical tanks and storage, autoclaves, dyestuffs, food processing, and pipe tracing. Each steam boiler is UL listed and ASME certified. An electronic controller automatically maintains proper water level and powers down the boiler when the supply drops below safe levels.

Gaumer Process Heaters,

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Adhesive dispenser

See-Flo IPD integrated pneumatic dispense system is designed to spray or stream high viscosity single-component mastics or sealers in automated or robotic applications. The temperature-conditioned product is said to work with a wide range of materials and viscosities, and dispense extremely high volumes of adhesives in controlled and variable spray patterns.

Sealant Equipment & Engineering,

Enter 623

Terminal blocks

The Allen-Bradley terminal blocks are made to offer three- or four-wire terminations in one circuit, measuring 5 x 42.6 x 59 mm and 6 x 41.6 x 52.1 mm. According to the company, more wiring fits into each panel due to the additional termination points. For installation and corrosion resistance in humid locations, the blocks consist of stainless steel screws and nickel-plated hardware.

Rockwell Automation,

Enter 624

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