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Product News

Product News

Keyboard integrated mouse

The Desktop Ultimate DU-5K is a 116-key keyboard featuring the HulaPoint(TM) keyboard-integrated mouse. Designed for use in rugged environments, it is rated NEMA 4/4X and is housed in an ABS-Polycarbonate plastic case. The HulaPoint is a three-button pointing device with a single toggle in the center.

Texas Industrial Peripherals,

Enter 590

Part verification

Qualify is software that allows engineers to compare built parts to CAD master models. It overlays, evaluates, and summarizes deviations in color-mapped, Web-ready reports. It also calculates alignment and tolerance, and can handle imported data.

Raindrop Geomagic Inc.,

Enter 591

CAD conversion

CADfix now offers a new module for importing CATIA files (version 4). It can also import and heal formats including IGES, STEP, Parasolid, and ACIS. And where automatic translation does not provide a perfect copy, it provides tools for diagnosing and repairing errors.

International TechneGroup Inc.,

Enter 592

CAD web publishing

3D allows users to publish 3D CAD content to on-line catalogs and e-commerce sites. The content can then be accessed by marketing, sales, and customers, all of whom can configure variations of the online data.

SolidWorks ,

Enter 593


Inventor 4 is 3D mechanical design software that's designed to ease the transition from 2D to 3D design. This release offers a more intuitive workflow, for improved ease-of-use and "single-day productivity," its maker says. And it now features the compatibility for users to import legacy drawings in DWG format.

Autodesk Inc.,

Enter 594

Mechanical simulation

LMS DADS 9.6 is mechanical simulation software that allows engineers to use virtual prototypes in analyzing the durability, acoustics, vibration, and dynamic performance of their products. It features a 10x to 100x improvement in solution speed compared to the last release, as well as support for flexible bodies, enhanced tire elements, and streamlined applications of differential equations.

LMS International,

Enter 595

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