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Product News

Roller bearings

This bearing line, designated HOLO-ROL TM bearings, is designed specifically for high speed, high precision applications, such as machine tool spindles, centerless grinding, and instrumentation. The bearings use hollow cylindrical rollers instead of solid rollers or balls. All rollers in the bearings are preloaded to maintain constant contact with the rings so that they work together to carry the load. In addition, roller contact deflection against the rings is taken up before a load is applied to the bearings.

Kaydon Corp., 2860 McCracken St., Muskegon, MI 49443;

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Integrated motor

The Series 3564 BS totally integrated brushless dc motor, amplifier, and full function motion control module has reportedly been in development for 12 years, and it fits in the palm of your hand. The company says the secret is the combination of: the System Faulhaber(R)coil, improved Hall sensor technology, new control algorithms, and precise digital filtering techniques. In addition to motion, velocity, and position control, the 3564 BC is also capable of torque control, stepping mode operation, and variable fault protection programming.

Micro Mo Electronics, 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762-3008; FAX 727 573 5918;

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Sleeve bearings

Met 70 is an oil free, self lubricating sleeve bearing designed to fit standard 200 series pillow blocks and flange units. These carbon compound bearings are designed to withstand temperatures up to 1,100F and are recommended for shaft finishes of 10-30 RMS. They are available in two temperature ranges and can be packaged as complete pillow blocks.

Spadone-Alfa, 507 Westport Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851; FAX (203) 847-4191;

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Programmable motion control

The Electronic Traverse system is a fully programmable turnkey linear motion system. It is recommended for custom winding applications with materials having small diameters (0.01 mm) such as thin wire, fiber optics, and gold soldering leads. The system can enable precision controlled take-up patterns even when take-up spool flanges are tapered. It is built around an RS rolling ring linear actuator and can keep output accurate to plus or minus 0.0004 inch.

Amacoil, 2100 Bridgewater Rd. Box 2228, Aston, PA 19014; FAX 610-485-2357;

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Brushless servomotor

Linear Sigma II series of PM brushless linear servomotors takeS advantage of an iron core moving coil design. Magnetic attraction canceling construction eliminates the negative effects of strong magnetic pull between the stationary and moving components of typical iron-core type linear motors. Four cross sectional sizes and ten coil lengths are available with force capacities ranging from 126N continuous/380 N peak through 2,000N continuous/6,000N peak.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc., 2121 Norman Dr. South, Waukegan, IL 60085; FAX (847) 887-7310;

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Brush-commutated motors

A new line of 22 mm iron-core brush-commutated dc motors and gearmotors has been designed to have all the advantages of traditional coreless motors at substantial cost savings. They are available in two lengths, 1.256 and 1.556 inches, and provide a maximum peak torque up to 5.3 oz inch with speeds up to 8,000 rpm. Features include a 5-slot skewed armature and utilize bonded neodymium magnets instead of conventional ceramic magnets found in other iron-core motors.

Pittman - Penn Engineering, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; FAX (215) 256-1338;

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QZ lubricator

The QZ system is designed to be mounted onto the block of a linear motion guide, automatically replacing oil lost during machine operation and eliminating the need for greasing or a centralized oiling system. It works on a wicking principle much like a felt tip pen. A reservoir supplies oil to 8 high-density fiber "wicks," which then apply the lubricant directly to the bearing raceways. The system can reduce over-lubrication.

THK America, 200 E. Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173; FAX (847) 310-1182;

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Motor/drive combination

The GOLDLINE Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) brushless servomotor and SERVOSTAR CD digital amplifier is a new motor/drive combination for industrial motion control applications that require high torque, flat profile, and maintenance-free operation. Typical applications are rotary tables, robots, and semiconductor processing equipment. The motor offers peak torque ratings from 12.5 to 225 lb-ft with frame sizes from 6.9 to 11.2 inches.

Kollmorgen Motion Technologies, 201 Rock Rd., Radford, VA 24141; FAX 540-731-0847;

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Incremental encoder

The HS35 Industrial Hollow Shaft Encoder requires no flexible couplings or mounting adapters, and saves up to 3 inches ofmounting space due to its 1.86 inch maximum depth. Features include a metal disk engineered to withstand severe shock and vibration, making it suitable for a number of applications, including: elevator drives, motor feedback and vector control, printing machinery, robotics, web process lines, and textile machinery.

Stegmann Inc., 7496 Webster St. Box 13596, Dayton, OH 45413; FAX (937) 454-1955;

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Operator interface solution

The Model 2750 programmable logic and motion control workstation includes local I/O and networking capability. Designed for small to medium size machine control, and for connection to multiple external devices across vendors, it is engineered to withstand harsh factory and outdoor environments. It is NEMA 4/12 and CE rated when panel mounted and imposes no external cooling requirements. WinBuild 2000 software is used for configuring and controlling.

Eason Technology, Inc., 241B Center St., Healdsburg, CA 95448; FAX (707) 433-3706;

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