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Product News

Product News


AECS 35/3 sensorless servo-amplifier is engineered for either commutation only or brushless motors, for closed loop velocity through the motor's sensing back-EMF. The servoamplifier requires 8 to 35V dc and provides 3A continuous current or 5A peak current. An internal potentiometer or external voltage controls velocity, which can reach up to 90,000 rpm for 2-pole motors. Measuring 74 x 51 x 20 mm, it weighs 20g and operates in a temperature range of 32 to 104F.

Maxon Precision Motors,

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Safety relays

PSR safety relays offer reinforced isolation with two release current paths and one signal current path. One or two channels control the safety circuit, with an add-on cross circuit detection option. Available with pluggable and coded field connections, the safety relays are suitable for emergency-stop applications, two-hand operation, guard-door monitoring, and safety light barriers.

Phoenix Contact,

Enter 577

High-precision bearings

High-precision all-steel bearings include angular contact ball bearings, single direction angular contact thrust ball bearings, double direction angular contact thrust ball bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings (double- and single-row), as well as hybrid bearings. Designed for long service life, accuracy, and high wear resistance, the bearings are used in high-speed spindles and precision ball screws in machining centers, grinding machines, drilling equipment, milling machines, and EDM machines.

SKF Machine Tool Precision Technology,

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Virtual prototyping

Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics Option (MDO) offers users a virtual prototype designed to simulate mechanism functions accurately. According to the company, MDO reportedly accounts for gravity, force motors, body torque, point forces, dampers, springs, cam, and slot impacts and friction.


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Power supply unit

The 2A/24V dc Power Supply Unit adds to the company's line of DIN rail mountable switch mode power supplies. With 48W output power and 85 to 264V ac universal voltage range, the unit electronically prevents short circuits and comes with an automatic restart. Operating temperature ranges from -25 to +50C without derating.

WAGO Corp.,

Enter 580

Bonding systems

The 3M(TM) VHB(TM) Adhesive Systems are used for production part and sub-assembly bonding, and pressure sensitive die cut components, in the automotive, electrical, telecommunications, industrial, and appliance industries. The adhesive systems reportedly are temperature- and chemical-resistant, and work well with hard to bond surfaces.

Tailored Label Products, Inc.,

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Flat panel monitor

The 3015KPM Industrial Flat Panel Monitor is designed to combine all input devices so that the host PC requires one keyboard and mouse connection. An additional mouse and/or keyboard connection may be added to the NEMA sealed front panel, integrated keypad, and industrial mouse. The monitor connects to the PC with the video, PS/2 keyboard, and PS/2 mouse ports. Available with XGA resolution, it includes a touchscreen option.

Xycom Automation Inc.,

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Vertical milling machine

V77, a vertical milling machine, is intended to improve finishes on die/mold output and reduce thermal distortion for part precision. Available with a 40 Taper-20,000 rpm or a 50 Taper-12,000/18,000 rpm spindle, it can minimize spindle distortion using a core-cooled lubrication system, and reduces temperature change with twin shield-style splashguards. Applications include automotive and household appliance industries, used by small and medium mold makers.

Makino, Enter 583

Short-body connector

The FC High-Reliability Connector is designed for applications requiring reliability in high shock, vibration, temperature, or vacuum environments. Compatible with standard hand and machine polishing equipment, as well as FC adapters and connectors, the FC Short Body is NASA/GSFC qualified for space flight. Durability is greater than 500 cycles and tensile loading is greater than 20 lbs.

Johanson Fiber Optics Group,

Enter 584

Valve spacers

Valve spacers are intended to reduce overheating damage from brazing or welding by temporarily replacing the O-Seal Valve. Spacers also reportedly increase service life of O-Seal Valves when used repeatedly and slipped in and out during maintenance to protect valve cleanliness and integrity.

CPV Manufacturing,

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