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Product News

Product News

Servo amplifiers

PWM servo amplifiers can be used in medical applications such as pumps, fans, and X-ray equipment. Compatible with rotary or linear, brushed-type, or brushless servomotors, the amplifiers are both UL and CE rated. The supply voltage range is 20 to 80V dc and output current capability is up to 20A peak. Controller interfaces include plus or minus 10V, PWM, or U-V signals.

Advanced Motion Controls,
Enter 638

Machine control software

The MachineShop(TM) suite of Windows-based software, a development tool for HMI and machine control applications, includes more than 50 standard communication drivers including a new A-B Ethernet driver. This new driver permits high-speed communication between SLC-5, PLC-5, and ControlLogix controllers. The software is Windows ME compatible, has a configurable memory model, and a soft keyboard for use with company's 6-inch, P1 workstation.

CTC Parker Automation,
Enter 639

Machinery mounts

These mounts are designed for isolating shock and vibration in a wide range of equipment, including industrial machinery, air compressors, semiconductor equipment, electronics manufacturing and HVAC equipment, generators, motors, conveyors, and optical equipment. The series includes mounts with natural frequencies varying from 3 to 35 Hz and load ranges of 1.8 to 30,000 lbs. The mounts are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, as well as natural rubber, Neoprene, and felt.

Barry Controls,
Enter 640

Reel controls

RC4000 Series Reel Controls are RF-type reeling systems engineered to provide smooth, non-contact reeling of conductive materials. The system supports modular antennas that are specifically suited to the material that must be controlled. New job setup requires plugging in a new antenna into the assembly, and then pushing one button to retune the unit. Once running, real-time loop height adjustment and integrated relay outputs for high and low limits help avoid tight or slack loop conditions.

Gordon Engineering Corp.,
Enter 641


A combination air-actuated disk clutch and spring-applied disk brake can include an optional taper locking assembly for mounting the unit inboard or outboard of the flywheel assembly. Extended assembly screws allow the clutch/brake to be assembled and disassembled without special fixtures or tools. It comes in 14 sizes with torque ratings to 1,420,000 inch-lbs.

Enter 642

Gear reducers

Available for motorized inputs from 1/4 through 71/2 hp, new aluminum-housed in-line gear reducers are designed with modular mountings to match the footprint of other reducers like SEW, Nord, David Brown, and Brook-Hansen. Ratios to 63:1 for two-stage models and 278:1 for three-stage models are standard. The LeCENTRIC(TM) series of reducers also include hardened and ground gears that are AGMA Class 10 or better.

Leeson Electric Corp.,
Enter 643

Motor wires/cables

Custom wire and cable assemblies with or without termination connectors are available for LO-COG(R) brush-commutated dc motors and gearmotors, ELCOM ST(TM) slotted brushless dc motors and gearmotors, and ELCOM SL(TM) slotless brushless motors and gearmotors. The assemblies can also be provided for most optical encoders.

Enter 644

Support blocks

Shaft support blocks for machine ways, transfer equipment, or pick-and-place applications are cast in 1045 steel. Sizes accommodate from 1/2- to 2-inch diameter shafting. Standard model sizes include 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1 inch, as well as 11/4, 11/2, and 2 inches.

Lee Controls,
Enter 645

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