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Product News

Electric ovens

Electric ovens from this company are designed for heating air in convection and forced air ducts, ovens, and dryers in a wide range of applications and specifications. Most ovens are large enough for walk-in or pallet-loaded material, and come standard with bump rails for wall protection. Options include microprocessor control and rotary systems to hold quantities of rods on an automatic indexing control.

Gaumer Process Heaters,

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Check valves

Check valves mounted in plastic push-in fittings are now available from this manufacturer. The valves come standard with gray acetal bodies with a polypropylene option, ABS valves, and NSF-approved stainless steel ball and spring. Fittings are available as straights, elbows, tees, crosses, and numerous other combinations, while flow and check direction can be in either direction.

Industrial Specialties Mfg.,

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Steam trap

ECONO/HAT steam trap valves are designed to open only after condensate forms and cools to near setpoint, modulating flow to maintain a constant condensate discharge temperature. The product is suitable for temperature sensitive applications such as those in which the reduced temperature available for tracing can simplify operations and eliminate overheating.

Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.,

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Electrohydraulic valves

Vickers KB series proportional directional valves are said to integrate advanced electrohydraulics and "plug and play" technology. Designed for position, velocity, or force control in high performance closed-loop applications, the products are said to be compact, easy to install, and offer long service life. The valves are also factory-calibrated and feature an industry-standard seven-pin connector.


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Spring-energized seals

MSE seals are metal spring energized and made of proprietary materials which are said to meet standards for medical and analytical applications where conventional elastomeric seals are prone to failure. Benefits include resistance to compression set, long-term shelf-life, low- and high-pressure seal performance, improved frictional properties, and wide- range chemical resistance.

Greene, Tweed & Co,

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Three-way valves are manufactured in pressure-piloted or vacuum-piloted models. The valves provide adjustable set points and can be specified in normally open or normally closed formats. Mounting styles include flush mount, manifold mount, pipe thread, and panel mount. Pilot adjustment ranges from 0.5 to 100 psi or 1 inch to 28 inches Hg. Maximum signal pressure is 100 psi or 29.9 inches Hg.

Air Logic,

Enter 675

Hose fittings

WEO Plug-in hose fittings allow high-pressure hydraulic hose assemblies to be connected to systems through a snap-to-connect feature, without using tools. Suitable for confined or difficult to reach locations, these fittings are available for single- or double-wire braided hose styles in sizes 4 through 16. Operating pressure is rated up to 5,000 psi in most sizes.

Cejn Industrial,

Enter 676

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