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Product News

Water treatment system

The Universal Sanitary Design (USD) ultraviolet Water Treatment Unit is a system designed for the toughest purity specifications for the production of ultra-pure water for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries. Ultraviolet treatment reportedly provides an answer to stringent water quality standards by destroying microorganisms without the assistance of chemicals, which can leave harmful byproducts. All ten standard models can be configured for TOC reduction, as well as disinfecting, chlorine destruction, and ozone destruction.

Aquafine Corp., 25230 West Ave. Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355-1288; FAX (661) 257-2489;

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Isolation valves

Inert perfluoroelastometer miniature isolation valves enable OEM product designers to accommodate difficult-to-handle, high purity, aggressive and particulate laden fluids that present a threat to the integrity of standard valve seals. The company reportedly enables customized application-bases configurations with the same reliable performance as standard applications.

Bio-Chem Valve, 85 Fulton St., Boonton, NJ 07005; FAX (973) 263-2880;

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Solenoid valves

A new line of industrial-grade solenoid coaxial valves that replace conventional motor-driven products for the control of liquids, gases, vacuums, and a variety of media with pasty, gelatinous, or abrasive properties is available. Coaxial valves are unique in that they incorporate a process valve and an actuator in a single integral unit that has only one moving part. The valves are pressure balanced and require no minimum pressure drop to operate enabling them to function from zero to full pressure as well as bi-directional flow.

springer co-ax Inc., Box 7204, Penndel, PA 19047; FAX 888-757-4060;

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Pneumatic servo valve

The new Model 27N R-DDV(TM)Pneumatic Servo-valve from this company is designed for high-precision, closed loop, feedback motion control systems. Industrial applications include control of load, pressure and flow. The high-performing servo-valve offers 80 Hz frequency response with 10 flow rates from 0.25 to 1.25 Cv allowing equipment manufacturers to customize their design. According to the company, the product is cost

effective because flow is controlled in a single stage that is independent of supply pressure.

Textron Inc., 25200 W. Rye Canyon Rd., Santa Clarita, CA 91355; FAX (661) 253-5624;

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Industrial pumps

These high-pressure, positive-displacement, heavy-duty pumps that feature hydraulically balanced diaphragms for quiet, smooth operation, while providing pressure to 2500 psi. Potential applications include high temperature, caustic and abrasive fluids to a flow capacity of 3 GPM. The product has no troublesome cups, packing or seals making them easy to maintain. It can be constructed from a variety of heavy-duty materials to meet special requirements.

Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, 1204 Chestnut Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403; FAX (612) 332-6937;

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Turbidity measuring

While coating and clogging plague many turbidity measurement systems, this product offers a non-intrusive measurement feature that eliminates these costly concerns. According to the company, unlike other systems this sensor can be installed directly into the waterline. Because it is designed with a self-calibrating opto-electronics mechanism, the sensor is without drift eliminating recalibration needs and significantly reducing maintenance costs. With the Liquisys analyzer, users can monitor all parameters including turbidity, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and suspended solids. Two automatic cleaning options further enhance capabilities while streamlining operations. The design also offers flexible installation options because it works with a broad range of sensor holders.

Endress+Hauser, 2350 Endress Place, Greenwood, IN 46143; FAX (317) 535-8498.

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