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Product News

Product News

Electrical clamp

FIT CLAMP(TM)terminal blocks are said to offer an Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) within the terminal block. Actuation is achieved by introducing a wire, inserting a screwdriver, and sliding the product toward the wire. The product is produced in two, three, and four conductor versions, and is said to be suitable for use with PVC insulated connectors and 16 to 22 AWG stranded and 18 to 22 AWG solid.

Wago Corp., N120 W19129, Freistadt Rd. Box 1015, Germantown, WI 53022; FAX (262) 255-3232; .

Fluid couplings

ChemQuik(TM)CQV06 all-plastic, quick disconnect couplings are designed for high flow, ultra-pure semiconductor and chemical fluid applications. The product is said to provide an unrestricted, non-metallic flow path while increasing yield and minimizing maintenance costs. The products are made of ultra-pure PVDF, which is said to provide high chemical resistance and a high level of contaminant-free cleanliness.

Colder Products Co., 1001 Westgate Dr., St. Paul, MN 55114; FAX (651) 645-5404; .

Multipolymer compound

CYROLITE(TM)Med acrylic-based multipolymer compound from this company is said to offer increased resistance to alcohol and lipids with increased ductility. Designed for medical device applications requiring high chemical resistance, the product is said to be an easily processable compound for injection molding. The product is also said to show no deterioration after sterilization at typical gamma or E-beam radiation levels.

Cyro Industries, 100 Enterprise Dr., Rockaway, NJ 07866-5055; FAX (973) 442-6117; .


Prestoweld spark-resistant push-in fittings from this company are said to meet the requirements of the welding industry for pneumatic controls. The product features a stainless steel grab ring and nitrile O-ring to ensure positive core tube retention, while a push-button collet acts as a protective cover which encapsulates the outer sheath of tubing.

Parker Hannifin , 1139 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; FAX (714) 549-0930.


Cimatron Version 11 is said to offer a number of enhanced features for engineers working in the tooling industry, including additional functions for modeling, machining, drafting, and data interfaces. The product's surface trimming function is said to trim surfaces by four planes when the user selects a group of surfaces to be included and then defines the size of the blank, after which the designated surfaces will be trimmed or deleted.

Cimatron Technologies Inc., 19500 Victor Pkwy. Suite 300, Livonia, MI 48152; FAX (734) 432-6601; .

Shock absorbers

This company says that a number of new features have been added to its mid-range PRO/PM family of shock absorbers, which are said to increase reliability and energy capabilities. The improvements are said to allow the products to better accommodate heavy loads, higher cycle rates, and greater drive forces. The line is also said to offer greater reliability through use of a solid cylinder construction.

Enidine Inc. , 7 Centre St., Orchard Park, NY 14127; FAX (716) 662-1909.

Telephony SBC card

The MSC-3675 is a Single Board Computer (SBC) driven by either the Intel(R)Celeron(TM)or Pentium(R)III Coppermine(R)processor. It offers I/O interfaces featuring a VGA controller for CRT/LCD display and LAN, and is designed for IPC and computer telephony applications. It has two USB connections, two serial ports, an onboard autoswitching Ethernet/Fast Ethernet interface, and more.

Mitac Industrial Corp., 42001 Christy St., Fremont, CA 94538-4538; FAX (781) 398-6000; .

Vacuum pump systems

ELMO-Pack(TM)oil-sealed vacuum pump systems are self-contained and recommended for industrial uses, including central vacuum systems, vacuum hold-down applications, vacuum transfers (conveying), soil remediation, or at sites where water quality is poor, or where water is not available. Each system includes a 2AV2 liquid ring vacuum pump with a variable discharge port-plate. A c-flange enables the use of standard NEMA motors.

Siemens Energy & Automation, 3333 Old Milton Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA 30005; .

Dynamic FEA viewing

Superview 13 is an FEA postprocessing and presentation package with dynamic viewing capabilities, floating toolbars, and multi-analysis interfaces. Applications include a wide array of FEA, from linear static stress or mechanical event simulation to transient heat transfer, fluid flow, or vibration analysis.

Algor Inc., 150 Beta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238; FAX (412) 967-2781; .

Temperature sensor

UE sensors from this company are designed to allow efficient, cost effective temperature measurement for food equipment. The product is said to allow faster cooking and more accurate monitoring. The product is designed to work with a number of other components from the company, including thermocouples, fittings, heads, terminal blocks, housings, and wires.

United Electric Controls , 180 Dexter Ave., Box 9143, Watertown, MA 02471; FAX (617) 926-2568.

3D perspective viewing system

ConCAVE(TM)is a system for providing depth-enhanced perspectives of complex volumetric data. It is installed in a 10x12-foot office, and includes a curved, 50-square-foot screen with a single color projector. It projects images that appear to have depth in space, without the need for viewers to wear special glasses. Applications include geophysical data, medical research, and more.

Fakespace Systems, 809 Wellington Street North, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4- 4J6; FAX 519-749-3151; .

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