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Product News

Product News

Acoustic holography

The new Transient Acoustic Holography module in the CADA-X Noise & Vibration Testing software suite uses measurements taken in one plane to predict readings in any other plane. It is designed for source location, especially in multi-source environments. The user can look at pressure changes at particular frequencies or orders as a function of time or rpm, on such sound signals as engine run-ups.

LMS International, 5455 Corporate Dr., Suite 303, Troy, MI 48098; FAX (248) 952-1610;

For Information, circle 597

Cantilevered load calculation

The Static Calculation Arm/Manipulator Program allows engineers to calculate the vertical and lateral forces created by cantilevered loads. To avoid premature wear in materials handling systems, the program collects parameters input by the user, then lists the components needed to absorb any compression load, such as trolleys, hanger assemblies, end trucks, and end caps.

Mannesmann Dematic Corp., 24541 Maplehurst Dr., Clinton Twp., MI 48036;

For Information, circle 598

Data analysis

ENVAMODEL(TM)builds a neural network to provide off-line data analysis and optimization. The software constructs a mathematical model from process data, statistical experiments, or historical databases, for applications from measuring boiler combustion efficiency to analyzing employees' manufacturing efficiency.

Envatec, Box 2130, South Portland, ME 04116-2130; FAX (207) 741-2543; www.

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Solid analysis software

JL SolidAnalysis software is designed as a preliminary design tool, so engineers can verify that their design complies with FEA theories before proceeding. It has an internal modeling capability, so component-level designs can be modeled and evaluated without purchasing additional software. Engineers can also perform analysis for stress, displacement, buckling, static, frequency, dynamic, heat transfer, and spectrum.

SolidAnalysis, 230 East Foothill Blvd., #A, Arcadia, CA 91006; FAX (626) 256-3929;

For Information, circle 600

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