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Product News

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Product News

Polyurethane tubing

A line of ether-based polyurethane tubing that is clear, flexible, tough and better suited for vacuum and pressure applications than PVC or rubber is being introduced by the company. Featuring 85 Shore A hardness, 5,500 psi tensile strength, and 580% elongation at break, the tubing is available in a wide variety of sizes and wall thickness from 1/16 to 2 inch ID. Containing no plasticizer that can cause flow contamination or tube hardening, it is offered in both ether-based and ester-based formulations and is priced according to size and quantity.

Venmark International,148 Linden St. Wellesley, MA, MA 02482; FAX (781) 237-5862.

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Lubricant detection

The Hydrolert automatic moisture monitor reportedly detects water in lubricating oils before damaging levels are reached, and as a result, extends equipment life and decreases maintenance and downtime costs. According to the company, unlike conventional oil monitoring which measures moisture in parts per million, the product continuously monitors saturated relative humidity (SRH) and warns if the lubricant reaches 70 percent SRH, a point before free water occurs and damage can begin.

Trico Mfg. Corp., 1235 Hickory St., Pewaukee, WI 53072; FAX (262) 691-2576;

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Conformal coatings

This line of light-curing, solvent-free conformal coatings is said to offer minimum deposition and faster curing times. Designed for harsh environmental conditions, the coatings are said to offer high adhesion, abrasion resistance, excellent electrical properties, and easy repairability. Applications include solder masks, flex circuits, and solder points. Dispensing systems for the coatings are also available.

Dymax Corp., 51 Greenwoods Rd., Torrington, CT 06790; FAX (860) 482-1308;

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NON-PLASTICIZED Elastollan(R)thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers are designed for soft overmolding applications in electronics, tools, and consumer goods. The elastomers offer a soft tactile feel and excellent bonding characteristics. The products are naturally transparent and can be colored easily. Applications include computer housing, cellular telephones, pagers, tool grips, and kitchen utensils.

BASF Corp., 3000 Continental Drive-North, Mount Olive, NJ 07828-1234; FAX (734) 324-6467;

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Speech recognition

Speech(TM)6.0 offers new word spotting and high-speed speech framing algorithms. The word spotting function allows machines such as cell phones, answering machines, and alarm clocks to recognize phrases, even if they're uttered in the middle of sentences. It includes a development tool to allow programmers to convert 22 Khz, 16-bit .wav files into compressed formats that can run on the company's RSC-300/364 speech processors.

Sensory Inc., 521 E. Weddell Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089; FAX (408) 744-1299; www.

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Tempseal Cement No. 3 is said to be highly resistant to both high temperatures and moisture, properties which its manufacturer says were long thought to be mutually exclusive. The product contains a lithium silicate binder hybrid and proprietary fillers, and has a reported heat tolerance of up to 3000 F. The cement is available with a variety of thermal expansion coefficients for bonding to ceramics, metal, and glass.

Sauereisen, 160 Gamma Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2989; FAX (412) 963-7620;

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Temperature detector

Surface-Mount SMD 1206 Thin Film, 1000 ohm, Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector is designed for automatic mounting in large volume applications on printed circuit boards. The sensor is said to offer long-term stability and interchangeability along with low cost. The units can be used as temperature compensators on printed circuit boards, and have a temperature range of -50 to 130 C.

Heraeus Sensor-Nite,14165 Fenton Rd, Suite 102, Fenton, MI 48430; FAX (810) 750-1253;

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MI/NASTRAN v2.0 features a full range of FEA analysis using the DMAP feature on Windows NT, including structural analysis, heat transfer, aeroelastic analysis, and nonstructural applications. It is compatible with legacy NASTRAN models.

MACRO Industries Inc.,1035 Putman Dr. Suite E, Huntsville, AL 35816; FAX (256) 721-1129;

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Titanium bolt

The MaxiboltBlind Bolt is designed for metallic and composite blind fastening aerospace applications. The bolts are rated at 95KSI shear strength and install flush and burr free, requiring no shaving. Sizes available include -4, -5, -6, and -8 nominal diameters in flush head, protruding head, and 130 degrees flush head styles. Current applications include helicopters, transports, fighters, and engines.

Textron Aerospace Fasteners,1224 East Warner Ave. Box 2157, Santa Ana, CA 92707-0157; FAX (714) 850-6093.

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Elastomeric bearings

Load-carrying elastomeric bearings are designed to absorb, dampen, and control large forces, such as those occurring in aerospace and rail car applications. The bearings are constructed of layers of special elastomers alternating with disks made of steel, aluminum, titanium, or composites. The company says this reduces what had been a multi-component assembly into a single unit which requires no lubrication.

Chicago Rawhide, 735 Tollgate Road, Elgin, IL 60123-9332; FAX (847) 742-3373;

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This company has released the newest and smallest member of its Posi-Drive line of stages, measuring 1.25 inches high and 1.38 inches wide. Accuracy is said to be 0.0001-inch straight line per inch of travel and 0.0001 inch repeatability. The stages are available with linear ball or crossed roller slides and can be configured for one-, two-, or three-axis positioning. The company also provides special configurations, motor mounts, hand crank actuation and a number of leads and pitches.

Del-Tron Precision Inc., Box 505, Bethel, CT 06801; FAX (203) 778-2721;

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Temperature meter

I(TM)Series temperature/process meters and controls can be preset to change color between green, amber, and red for any set points, range, or alarm points. Features include a 21 mm display and a standard universal input. Options such as SPDT relays, solid state relays, DC pulse, and programmable analog voltage and current for control or retransmission of the process value are also available.

Newport Electronics, 2229 S Yale St., Santa Ana, CA 92704;

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Thermoplastic valve

The company has developed a high-flow capacity 3 inch NPT Relief Valve for corrosive and ultra-pure liquids. The product is an angle-pattern valve constructed of high grade PVC with a choice of Viton or EPDM elastomeric seals. The sensing element is a PVC shaft with a Teflon thrust washer to reduce friction working in conjunction with a large area-rolling diaphragm. This feature enables the valve to open more rapidly providing greater flow and sensitivity to changing pressure.

Plast-O-Matic Valves, 1384 Pompton Ave., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009; FAX (973) 256-4745;

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