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Flexible beam coupling is smaller than a domestic electrical fuse but provides excellent strength capabilities. Applications include optical measuring, medical science, and microwave communications.

The compact, three-beam coupling measures 6.35 mm in diameter and 14 mm long. It is available with a working torque of 0.4 Nm, or stainless steel with a working torque of 0.5 Nm. The unit is suitable for shafts measuring from 1 to 3.18 mm and has a set-screw fixing.

Hunt Power Drives Ltd., North Yorkshire, England, FAX +44-1423-881376.


Heavy-duty, screw-adjustable 40 Series of lever-action draw latches fulfill a host of sheet-metal fastening applications in the process industries, particularly when quick or frequent connection and disconnection during long service is required to meet the demands of safety, security, and/or high productivity. The rugged fasteners provide strong leverage and an ultimate tensile strength of up to three tons. The fast operation can give substantial time- and cost-saving advantages, while the locking action is positive and secure, providing constant pressure when closed.

Protex Fasteners Ltd., Worcestershire, England, FAX +44 1527-66770.


Powerslide-2 is a bearing-based, guided rodless cylinder. Features include double-row bearings to the majority of sizes and a re-designed carriage plate including plastic blanking plugs for the bearing assembly holes. The largest Poweslide-2, which utilizes a 50-mm-diameter cylinder with a 76-mm slide and 54-mm outside-diameter twin-bearing arrangement, has a load capacity in excess of 4,000N.

Hepco Slide Systems Ltd., Tiverton, England, FAX +44 1884-243500.

Graphics card

WINNER 2000AVI/3D is a multi-purpose graphics accelerator equipped with high-speed VRAM. The card is available in two versions, with either 2 or 4 Mbytes of ultra-fast dual-port EDO-VRAM. Both are suitable for 15- to 20-inch monitors, with which a display of MPEG and AVI sequences is possible, as well as up to 16.7 million colors at resolutions of 1,280 x 1,280 pixels. Microsoft's Direct3D standard, on which 3-D games for Windows 95 are based, is supported by WINNER 2000AVI/3D. S3d, 3DR, BRender, and RenderWare are also fully supported by WINNER 2000AVI/3D.

ELSA GmbH, Aachen, Germany, FAX +49 241-9177-0225.


Ball BushingTM bearing, stocked in interchangeable ISO standard metric sizes, features a twin-track design that increases bearing life. Designers of new equipment can take advantage of the bearing's four-fold increase in load capacity to handle equivalent loads by reducing shaft size to half that needed for the old-style bearing. Optional double-lip integral wipers reduce maintenance by keeping lubricants in and dirt out.

Thomson Industries Inc., Barnstaple, England, FAX +44 1271-334502.


Slimline escap(R) A22 incremental encoders provide three-channel 500-line service in a package diameter of only 22 mm. A custom opto-electronic integrated circuit forms the heart of the units. Resistant to all forms of external disturbance, phase shift between the two quadrature output channels is barely affected by temperature. Encoders with up to 256 lines are also insensitive to motor endfloats of 0.15 mm. This means that expensive preloaded ball bearings are not required in many applications. The escap A22 units have a typical current draw of only 5 mA from its 5V supply. If the motor is known to be stationary, the encoder can be set to a standby mode. In this condition the output line status is retained and the current draw is only 5muA.

Portescap UK Ltd., Ringwood, England, FAX +44 1425-477755.

Air valve

Compact 10, a high-flow four-way pneumatic directional control valve, comes in a compact package and provides fast response time. The valve offers flows up to a Cv of 0.3 in a valve body width of only 10 mm and a weight of 2 oz. Single- and double-solenoid versions, including two- and three-position models, are available in either in-line models or factory-assembled valve banks. Valve banks have electrical connections including two conductor leads, D-sub multi-pin, single-cable connection, and serial link. Operating voltage is 24V dc.

Rexroth Mecman Svenska AB, Stockholm, Sweden, FAX +46 8-7-27-66-32.


SinterstationTM 2500 utilizes the Selective Laser Sintering process. The unit has an expanded build chamber size and optimized chamber dimensions. The chamber is rectangular in shape and represents an increase of more than two times the build volume of the Sinterstation 2000 system. Build chamber dimensions are 380 x 330 x 420 mm. The Sinter station 2500 has been designed in such a way so that existing Sinterstation 2000 customers can easily upgrade their machines to the new larger build volume.

DTM GmbH, Hilden, Germany, FAX +49 2103-52265.


Series muC 2000 programmable converter features two-wire excitation. Other offerings include programmable and isolated analogue output, sensor break detection, and a typical response time of 150 ms. Operating temperature ranges from 0 to 50C, while storage temperature ranges from -20 to 70C. The input, output, and power supply are isolated from one another. The converter is supplied in a black ABS self-extinguishable case.

SFERE, Chassieu, France, FAX +33 4-78-90-83-90.

Current sensors

Compensation current sensors are for current detection in motor-control systems or power-supply units. Units are available for the nominal currents: 50, 100, and 400A.

Vacuumschmelze GmbH, Hanau, Germany, FAX +49 61-81-38-28-60.

Molding compounds

Thermoset sheet-molding compounds provide designers with high modulus, toughness, and flammability advantages for thin-walled electronic-product enclosure applications. EnduronTM consists of thermosetting phenolic resin and high-performance fibers. The compression- and transfer-moldable material is available with carbon, aramid, or fiberglass reinforcement.

Fiberite Inc., Winona, MN, USA.

LM guides

Type RSR-Z is a miniature precision linear motion (LM) guide. The use of resin for some parts of the LM block, particularly the unloaded section of the ball recirculating passage, has resulted in reduction of noise and weight. Other parts of the LM block, as well as the rail and balls, are made in stainless steel, providing resistance to corrosion and making these guides suitable for use in clean rooms. RSR-Z guides are available in four rail widths: 7, 9, 12, and 15 mm. Offered in normal, high, and precision accuracy standards, the guides can support loads in radial, reverse, and lateral directions. The basic radial-load ratings range from 0.88 to 4.41 kN dynamic and 1.37 to 6.57 kN static.

THK Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, England.


Trim-line swinghandle latch has a shallow profile of 133 x 36 mm. The unit is suitable for construction equipment and small housings often found in advanced electrical equipment technology. The swinghandle can be fitted with a variety of internationally standardized actuator drives and lock cylinders.

DIRAK Konstruktionselemente GmbH & Co. KG, Schwelm, Germany, FAX +49 23-36-8-37-04.

Bellows contacts

Miniature gold-plated bellows contact springs are for flexible interconnections, with diameters ranging from 0.037 to 0.125 inches OD. These contacts come with either a convex-conical or concave-conical tip that allows them to be used in critical interconnection applications where reliability, flexibility, and low force are a must.

Servometer Corp., Cedar Grove, NJ, USA, FAX 001 (201) 785-0756.

Linear encoder

Steel-tape linear encoder, LIDA 105, uses the interferential scanning principle. Using this principle allows for a larger scanning gap resulting in easier, faster, and more reliable installation of the steel tape. Applications include measurement and inspection machines, coordinate-measuring machines, linear-motor applications, pick-and-place machines, robotics assembly and automation processes, and X-Y translation tables. The LIDA 105 allows for a mounting gap of 0.8 mm with tolerance of plus or minus 0.15 mm. The accuracy grade is plus or minus 5mum on a signal period of 40mum.

Heidenhain Corp., Schaumburg, IL, USA, FAX 001 (708) 490-3931.

Rotor production system

3EX rotor production system is for the high-accuracy, high-technology refrigeration compressor industry. This system accommodates advanced manufacturing systems such as automatic tool changing and automatic workpiece clamping. Features include hydrostatic bearings in the workhead for higher stiffness, 130-mm bore spindle in the workhead to allow automatic chucking with rear-mounted actuating mechanism, hydrostatic ways on the cutter-head infeed slide for higher stiffness and better infeed control, and ISO 50 taper on the cutting spindle with automatic clamping for quick and accurate tool change.

Holroyd, Milnrow, England, FAX +44 1706-353350.

Pressure sensors

SchaevitzTM P3000 Series pressure sensors are for applications where very low pressure measurement is required. The Series includes the P3061, P3081, and P3091 for the measurement of either vented gauge, absolute, or wet/dry differential pressures, in a variety of fluid media. The pressure sensing element of the P3000 Series includes an all-welded Ni-Span C capsule that offers low hysteresis and constant-scale factor with temperature variation.

Lucas Control Systems Products, Slough, England, FAX +44-1753-537622.

Ball-screw repair services

Ball-screw repair services range from simple cleaning and rebuilding to a complete regrinding of the shaft and manufacturing of new nut components. The services reduce machine downtime, and all repairs are fully certified and carried out in an ISO 9001- approved factory.

Thomson IBL Co., Barnstaple, England, FAX +44 1271-334501.

Hot isostatic processing

Hot isostatic processing involves subjecting components to simultaneous high temperature and high gas pressure within a specially constructed pressure vessel. The process is used to remove internal porosity from castings, to consolidate powder materials, or to diffuse bond solid or powder material combinations, and is applicable to metals, ceramics, glasses, and composites.

H.I.P Ltd., Chesterfield, England, FAX +44 1246-260889.


Ratchet-Action captive screw has a UL-recognized component listing and meets both UL 1950 and EN 60950 specifications for service access. Both specifications require restricted access to any area of electronic equipment or machinery where a hazardous condition exists. To help protect hazardous areas from accidental or unauthorized entry, the standards require a tool-removable door or cover. The Ratchet-Action screw is tightened by hand, but if a technician tries to loosen the screw by hand, the head of the screw merely ratchets in the opposite direction without disengaging the screw thread. It can only be removed by using a tool such as a slotted, Phillips, or multi-lobe driver.

Southco Inc., Concordville, PA, USA, FAX 001 (610) 459-4012.

Vacuum pumps

Depending on the model chosen, the N 815 and N 828/838 pumps can deliver up to 34 I/min. The mini diaphragm pumps in the units are employed for the clean evacuation and delivery of air and gases, particularly in medical equipment. With oil-free operation, the pumps neither contaminate nor falsify the media they handle.

KNF Neuberger GmbH, Freiburg, Germany, FAX +49 7664-2124.


MicrOringTM seals for miniature applications are available in more than 2,000 sizes with an inside diameter or cross section section ranging from 1.0 mm down to 0.20 mm. The seals are available in a range of materials including Buna-N, EPDM, silicone, Neoprene, Viton(R), and fluorosilicone. Special compounds and materials are also available.

Apple Rubber Products Inc., Lancaster, NY, USA, FAX 001 (716) 684-8302.

Positioning systems

AGS10000 gantry positioning systems feature rare-earth linear brushless servo motors in place of conventional belt or ball-screw drives. The positioning systems harness the acceleration and velocity capabilities of the non-contacting linear motors while eliminating the wear and maintenance issues present with belt or ball-screw drives. To satisfy today's fine lead-pitch electronics component requirements, AGS10000 gantries offer 0.1-micron resolution and highly accurate and repeatable 2-micron placement capability. Applications include laser cutting/welding, dispensing, robotic solder/desolder, and general point-to-point and contoured path automation.

Aerotech Ltd., Nurnberg, Germany, +49 911-521-5235.


StealthTM planetary gearhead is for servo motors. The unit is available in four frame sizes with reduction ratios of 5:1, 10:1, 20:1, 30:1, 50:1, and 100:1. Features include high torque, low backlash, input speeds up to 10,000 rpm, and high stiffness.

Bayside Controls Inc., Port Washington, NY, USA, FAX 001 (516) 484-5496.


(S)PORT II valve features an aluminum-bronze body that eliminates the possibility of corrosion. The unit is an evaporator pressure regulator for the supermarket industry or wherever accurate temperature control and system efficiency are the most important requirements. Advantages include an access fitting that has been relocated from the cartridge for easier usage, and an open-frame housing that allows for a cooler running coil.

Parker Hannifin, Refrigerating Specialities Div., Broadview, IL 60153, FAX 001 (708) 681-6306.

Thermoplastic polymers

Carilon thermoplastic polymers are semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastics suitable for automotive, electrical, industrial, and consumer appliance markets. They mold easily and do not require pre-drying or conditioning after molding. Other features include strong wear and friction characteristics and high resilience. The polymers also retain their properties over a wide range of temperatures and have a low sensitivity to water.

Shell Int'l Chemicals Ltd, London, England, FAX +44 171-934-5186.

Shaft couplings

Injection-molded shaft couplings accept all types of shaft misalignments. Type UJ coupling is suitable for use with rotary switches, variable resistors, small motors, clutch shafts, and other rotary-transmission mechanisms. Bores are available from 1.5 to 12 mm. The one-piece construction guarantees vibration-free, zero-backlash rotation. Type GJ coupling is reinforced with glass-fiber to give it a higher torque capability. The maximum angular displacement is 12 degrees, with parallel displacements from 0.03 to 0.5 mm and torques from 1.8 to 35 kg/cm.

Abssac Ltd., Evesham, England, FAX +44 1386-831500.


Liquid-epoxy encapsulants, underfills, and die-attach adhesives are for chip-on-board, flip-chip, array, and hybrid microelectronics applications. A line of eight encapsulants are for use in consumer, computer, telecommunications, automotive, avionics, and military electronics. For flip-chip packaging three low-viscosity underfill products redistribute stress and strain and protect the die from environmental forces. For use in conjunction with the encapsulants and underfill adhesives, an electrically and thermally conductive die-attach adhesive is formulated for attaching silicon die directly to a substrate.

Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, CT, USA, FAX 001 (203) 571-5465.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensor family suits the needs of industrial and severe environment applications. It ranges from moderately priced sensors for factory installation and OEM use to models suitable for sensor and cable immersion or survival at high temperatures. The EPO, S, and XT Series cover a broad range of pressures from 0 to 15 psi through 15,000 psi to meet the varied demands of process control, military, automotive, and aerospace testing; civil engineering; and research and development. The sensors measure both static and dynamic pressures in temperature ranges up to 250C.

Entran Devices Inc., Fairfield, NJ, USA, FAX 001 (201) 227-6865.


GRD relays can be mounted on a DIN rail or panel. They also integrate a heatsink, control-display LED, and protection via varistor and RC into standard size units, all protected by a cover. For temperature-regulation and motor-control applications, the relays are available with dc or ac control, and with synchronous or asynchronous switching.

Crouzet Automatismes SA, Valence, France, FAX +33 04-75-55-98-03.

Motor drive

MaxPlus 12-inch brushless servo motor delivers up to 90 hp, or up to 406.8 Nm of continuous torque for high-production, high-torque applications. The unit comes standard with neodymium-iron-boron magnets made of Magnequench(R) MQ3 magnet material, enhancing the ruggedness of the motor. Other features include resolvers for position and velocity feedback, IP65 sealing for wash-down environments, and MS connector or pipe-thread PCB termination.

Custom Servo Motors Inc., New Ulm, MN, USA, FAX 001 (507) 354-1611.

Membrane keyboard shielding

Membrane keyboard shielding solutions meet all levels of the CE-approval regulations. Shielding within a keyboard is realized by means of printing on a conductive layer within the keyboard that functions as a screen against trough-radiation and capacitive-coupled discharges.

Velleman Switch N.V., Gavere, Belgium, FAX +32 9-384-73-88.


Footswitch design incorporates a novel hinge at the front for improved operating. The Leptron switch has sleek and slender lines and fits snugly into the palm of the hand. Molded in glass-filled nylon for strength and rigidity, the switch is offered in a wide choice of colors and switch actions. A IP67 waterproof version is available.

Herga, Bury, England.


Canted coils energize PTFE seals and provide added performance to low-friction, inert-fluid seals. The seals are specified in medical devices where low friction is needed, such as when the device is manually controlled or run by a low power source. PTFE seals are also specified when the seal must be compatible with bodily fluids and tissues, sterilizing solutions, or where the device must be autoclaved. Sizes run from 0.50 mm on the inside diameter to several meters in diameter. Seal cross sections range from 0.50 to 12.50 mm.

Bal Seal Engineering Europe BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, FAX +31 20-625-6018.

Linear bearing

Linear bearing type RN offers an enlarged contact surface of the roller with the guideway, increasing the performance capacity, with unchanged fitting dimensions. Features include reduced susceptibility to cage creep, high rigidity and accuracy, and reduced danger of contamination due to the narrower gap between the individual guides.

W. Schneeberger AG, Roggwil, Switzerland, FAX +41 62-918-41-00.


Hydraulic pull-down clamps and matching mechanical counter-hold clamps are for unobstructed top-surface machining. The clamps feature independent horizontal and vertical movement, achieving lateral clamping forces of 3.9 through 44.0 kN, and pull-down clamping of 1.2 through 14.5 kN. The single-acting, spring-return clamps are for maximum operating pressures of 350 bar. With clamping provided along the entire surface of the jaw face, the clamps effectively hold both high and low sides of the workpiece throughout operation. The compact clamps feature BSPP ports for easy plumbing.

Applied Power GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany, FAX +49 211-47-14-928.


K1 seal is manufactured from a porous synthetic resin. The material is oil impregnated to further improve lubrication and enhance long-term guide performance. In tests, linear guides equipped with K1 seals achieved lubrication-free running to distances in excess of 25,000 km. Applications include environments where oil-related pollution must be prevented including the food industry, and semi-conductor and medical equipment manufacture.

NSK-RHP Europe Ltd., Clifton, England.


Series F connectors meet the requirements of the demanding motor racing industry and are for both engine-management and data-logging applications. The connectors offer weight and space savings and feature a scoop-proof push-pull self-latching system, color-coded keyway identification, and an integral heatshrink boot adaptor. The units are housed in a rugged aluminum-alloy shell with an anthracite conductive finish and are qualified to withstand rapid temperature changes from -65 to 200C, as well as severe shock and vibrations.

LEMO SA, Ecublens, Switzerland, FAX +41 21-691-16-26.

Thermoplastic bearings

Thermoplastic bearings and assemblies offer flexibility and can be integrated with any number of components such as gears, fixing clips, and housing while still maintaining the rolling element bearing as the central feature. The integration opportunity can provide customers with a ready-made assembly replacing any number of individual components. Free design and prototype services are available.

Sarnatech BNL Ltd., Knaresborough, England, FAX +44 1423-862259.


Inductive product line includes inductive-proximity, magnetic-proximity, and magnetic-cylinder sensors. Inductive-proximity sensors detect metallic objects entering their detection zone. Because their design includes no moving parts or contacts as well as full encapsulation, these sensors function without wear, providing low maintenance and protection against vibration, shock, dust, and dirt. Magnetic proximity sensors offer a sensing distance up to 70 mm and can sense objects through partitioning walls and within pipes. Magnetic-cylinder sensors detect any magnetic ring in the piston through aluminum, brass, or stainless-steel housing walls.

SICK Optic-Electronic Inc., Eden Prairie, MN, USA, FAX 001 (612) 941-9287.


The HFUS Series of hollow-shaft gears includes component sets and units that offer a compact design with an integrated output bearing and a large, central, hollow shaft through the gear. The hollow shaft has a diameter of up to 30% of the unit's outside diameter. The HFUS products are available in nine sizes with torque capacities ranging from 18 to 1,840 Nm.

Harmonic Drive Antriebstechnik GmbH, Limburg/Lahn, Germany, FAX +49 6431-5008-18.


Strain-relief, liquid-tight SKINTOP II connector is UL, CSA, VDE, and SEV certified. The unit consists of three parts: an internal ratchet mechanism; a collet finger, which can accommodate a large range of cords, tubes, and cable diameters; and a neoprene compression gland. The ratchet mechanism allows the cap to be tightened without twisting the cord as it is compressed, pushing the collet fingers together to form a liquid-tight seal with the neoprene compression gland. SKINTOP II is useful for panel, switch, control equipment, and machine-tool applications.

Olflex Wire & Cable Inc., Fairfield, NJ, USA, FAX 001 (201) 575-7178.


FIRG/ISO.A coupling adaptors allow 3/8-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inch flat-face couplings to connect with 3/8- or 1/2-inch ISO.A couplings. Fitted in seconds, the units solve mismatch problems that could otherwise involve many hours of labor. The adaptors are made from heat-treated carbon steel and finished with a chromium-gold passivation process. Nitrile O-rings with PTFE backing rings are fitted as standard.

Holmbury Ltd., Tonbridge, England, FAX +44 1892-870886.


With airtight separation between the pilot and the fluid, Series 110 mini solenoid valves are for applications where the fluid must never come in contact with the electromagnetic part of the valve. These two- or three-ported valves have been created for the control of fluids with high-alkyline or high-acid levels or with oxidizing agents. Stainless-steel internal parts and diaphragms/-discs in EPDM synthetic rubber allow the valves to handle all fluid control needs in food and medical applications.

Asco Joucomatic, Rueil, France, FAX +33 47-51-81-36.

Component molding

The capability to combine the encapsulation of electronic and metal components within injection-molded parts is available. Customer products can be taken from design concept through initial prototypes and into full production. Facilities available include mechanical assembly, plastic injection molding, component insert molding, cold-pour thermoset encapsulation, ultrasonic plastic welding, micro-precision spot welding, and cable termination. Typical products include corotrons, high-voltage transformers, high-voltage connectors, and power-supply assemblies.

Highvol Electronics Ltd., Wimborne, England, FAX +44 1202-861086.

Motor program

A-max dc-motor program provides high performance at an economical cost. Motor housings are precision-made from rolled steel. A reduced-diameter commutator employs more segments and provides longer life. Precious-metal brushes ensure long life and help to minimize power consumption. Snap-on technology allows for greater flexibility in mounting gearheads, encoders, and tachometers. The series includes seven motors from 12 to 40 mm, and versions with precious-metal or graphite brushes, sleeve or ball bearings, and double-ended shafts.

Maxon Interelectric AG, Sachseln, Switzerland, FAX +41 41-666-16-50.


Hall-effect clamps offer high-performance electrical characteristics and a user-friendly design. Digital technology built into the clamps provides automatic dc zero adjust. By simply pressing a key, the user will obtain perfect offset with no further adjustments. The voltage output uses an attached 0.5-mm cord.

Chauvin Arnoux, Paris, France, FAX +33 46-27-73-89.

Air cylinder

EF1 pneumatic cylinder is for international machine requirements. It has a PTFE-impregnated, hard, anodized-aluminum body that provides wear resistance. The repairable cylinder is dimensionally interchangeable with similar compact extruded-aluminum body cylinders. Expected service life is 2,500 kilometers. Models are available in double-acting, single or double rod end, as well as single acting, spring retract or extend.

Bimba Ltd., Peterborough, England, FAX +44 1733-391080.


Millennium bridgehandle is available in 93.5-, 117-, 132-, and 179-mm between centers and can be supplied in two versions, either with a plain bore for use with a socket-cap screw or attached from the underside using a brass-molded insert. Indexable clamping handle is available in four handle lengths: 43, 65, 83, and 104 mm. It comes with a snap-fit cap instead of the usual steel set screw, giving the operator complete electrical insulation as well as a comfortable grip. Both products are produced in a high-impact-resistant glass-filled nylon and are available in a wide range of cadmium-free colors.

RENCOL, Bristol, England, FAX +44 117-950-4550.


Project Engineering System (PEGS) 9.1.1 is an electrical and instrumentation application. At the heart of the program is a flexible data model that allows attributes to be assigned to items, and the ownership hierarchy of these items to be quickly defined. The system can be instructed to recognize panels as sub-components of cabinets or terminal blocks as sub-components of a panel. PEGS 9.1.1 integrates the data between the piping and instrumentation drawings and the electrical and instrumentation diagrams.

CADCENTRE Ltd., Cambridge, England, FAX +44 1223-556666.

Workcell controller

Multi-tasking SRC-310 rack-mount 32-bit robot/workcell controller, capable of running 16 concurrent tasks, is CE Mark certified for sale throughout Europe, as well as ISO 10218 compliant. The unit is capable of powering cartesian, cylindrical, and SCARA robots. The SRC-310 comes standard with one 32-channel optically isolated digital I/O card.

Seiko Instruments USA Inc., Torrance, CA, USA, FAX 001 (310) 517-8158.

Power transmission products

Bison G line includes the 300 DC Series, which matches the parallel shaft gearbox with a continuous duty-rated 180V dc permanent magnet dc motor. The series is rated for torques up to 43.5 Nm, with gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 245:1. The motors used on these units are rated for up to 0.12 kW.

Power Trans USA, Zeewolde, The Netherlands, FAX +31 36522-2071.

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