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Product News

Software allows engineers to check designs

DesignSpaceTM 3.0 for SolidWorks(R) 97Plus and Autodesk Mechanical DesktopTM supports collaboration among engineers over the Internet/Intranet. Using standard web browsers, engineers, analysts, managers, and suppliers can access and review DesignSpace engineering reports in real time from any location worldwide, giving product development organizations a competitive edge through increased agility and flexibility. DesignSpace 3.0 is comprised of three modules: the DesignSpace Explorer, the DesignSpace Stress Wizard, and the DesignSpace Vibration Wizard.
ANSYS Inc., Design Space Southpointe, 275 Technology Dr., Canonsburg, PA 15317 FAX (412) 514-1990.

Software is for mechanical assembly

Solid Edge version 3.5 is a CAD system for mechanical assembly, part modeling, and drawing production. Developed with 3-D solid-modeling technology, Solid Edge provides interactive mechanical design. Written specifically for Windows, Solid Edge brings parametric, feature-based solid modeling to the Windows environment. The program features an interface that emulates a practical mechanical engineering workflow, and is built on open and interoperable software technologies to work with other computer-aided tools.
Intergraph Software Solutions, 1 Madison Industrial Park, Mailstop IW17D1, Huntsville, AL 35894 FAX (205) 730-1053.

Planner is planning board on a computer

The Planner allows jobs and operations to be plotted as they are on a manual planning board with machines listed down the left and a timescale running along the top. The colored cards are different lengths to reflect the time they take on each machine, and colored stickers are added to indicate various states for a job. Relationships between consecutive operations in a job are maintained so that other jobs affected by a change are also moved. All lates resulting from shift changes, machine breakdowns, material shortages, etc. are automatically reported.
Quality Systems Ltd., 2B Dodson Ave., Milford, Aukland 10Box 31-162 New Zealand FAX +64 9 486 0597.

Software allows the communication of 3-D mechanical designs

SolidView 2.1 includes enhancements over previous models that facilitate the communication of 3-D mechanical designs and minimize the use of 2-D drawings for communicating mechanical designs. The software includes the ability to import virtual -reality modeling language data. With SolidView 2.1, anyone with access to a Windows PC can view the designs, measure, and add annotations to communicate design issues.
Solid Concepts Inc., 28231 Avenue Crocker #10, Valencia, CA 91355 FAX (805) 257-9311.

3-D analysis system is for manufacturability

Part Adviser enables plastic part designers to determine whether injection-molded part designs will have manufacturing problems associated with their designs, thus allowing them to make changes up front. Specifically, Part Adviser tells users whether a part will fit properly, the location of weld lines, if and where air traps will appear, and if the part will short shot. Designers also get rapid feedback on how modifications to wall thickness, gate locations, special features like ribs, and material selection can affect the manufacture of their part.
Moldflow Corp., 91 Hartwell Ave., Lexington, MA 02173 FAX (781) 674-0267.

TDM/PDM system provides data management

SmarTeamTM TDM/PDM system provides high-functionality technical data management, both "out-of-the-box" and tailored and customized. The system works in the mainstream Windows environment, plus client server, and allows management of parts, assemblies, and drawings. The system also allows the user to search and find parts, drawings, and assemblies by any attribute, such as revision, drawing name, description, drawing number, or part number. Previous revisions of the SolidWorks designs are maintained, ensuring accessibility to previous product configurations.
Smart Solutions, 100 Corporate Pl., Suite 102, Peabody, MA 01960 FAX (978) 535-8881.

Software allows better definition of designs

SolidWorks 97Plus solid modeling software features more than 160 customer-driven enhancements, including performance optimization for large assemblies, enhanced sweeping and lofting, interactive customizable exploded views, improvements in detailing, and expanded Internet capabilities. Configuration support includes enhanced sub-assembly interaction. With SolidWorks 97Plus software, multiple configurations can be defined beyond the assembly level down to multiple configurations for sub-assemblies.
SolidWorks Corp., 150 Baker Ave. Ext., Concord, MA 01742 FAX (508) 371-5088.

Wireless keyboard integrates keyboard and mouse input devices

VersaPoint wireless keyboard integrates keyboard and mouse input devices, works in a Windows 95 operating environment, and is cordless up to 50 feet. The keyboard's VersaPad touchpad uses less than 1 mA when active and less than 0.2 micro A when at rest, giving the keyboard an average battery life of one year using four AA batteries. The keyboard also uses a near omni directional infrared signal that removes the line-of-sight restriction on IR devices when used indoors. The ergonomically sleek 81-key keyboard features an integrated touchpad.
Interlink Electronics Inc., 546 Flynn Rd., Camarillo, CA 93012 FAX (805) 484-8989.

Touchscreen uses alternative methods

TouchTekTM Premier line of five-wire resistive touchscreens are for use in environments that require a combination of speed, accuracy, and durability as well as the flexibility to use alternate input methods such as a gloved hand, pen, fingernail, or credit card. The redesigned TouchTek Premier features a topsheet with greater optical qualities and improved scratch-resistant finishes, new electronics, and new manufacturing processes. Through its ability to accept virtually any stylus, resistive technology is targeted for use in medical, point-of-sale, or industrial markets, where operators often work with gloved hands.
MicroTouch Systems Inc., 300 Griffin Brook Park Dr., Methuen, MA 01844 FAX (978) 659-9100.

Machining center allows translation into 3-D parts

The BostoMatic Model 605 has a heavy-duty 10/13 hp spindle and HSK 63A tooling, along with a tilting spindle B-axis design. In this design, the spindle head rotates about the tool tip, minimizing linear cutting distances, past program length by three to five times, angular displacement errors, and torque-induced wear and tear. The tilting B-axis spindle rotates plus or minus 100% from vertical, 10 degrees below horizontal on either side. This spindle range provides improved access to the part, allows flank milling on ruled surfaces instead of pick milling, and enables undercuts in parts.
Boston Digital Corp., Granite Park, Milford, MA 01757 FAX (508) 478-7224.

PC whiteboards allow sharing of drawings, notes

Ibid 300/400 PC whiteboards allow the user to share drawings and notes electronically through the PC instead of by paper-like traditional copyboards. Ideas can be saved into the computer for future use. This includes printing copies, faxing electronically, and Internet conferencing with remote locations.
MicroTouch Systems Inc.Business Products Div., 501 Griffin Park Dr., Methuen, MA 01844 FAX (978) 659-9060.

Web client offers information allows geographically dispersed design groups and procurement specialists to access a central repository of part and supplier information. The repository contains technical information from databases and business information such as cost, lead-time, and supplier status and reliability. gives users Intranet access to the company's component and supplier management system.
Aspect Development, 1300 Charleston Rd., Mountain View, CA 94043 FAX (650) 968-4335.

Software performs 3-D simulation

Working Model(R) 3D 2.0 performs full 3-D mechanical simulation of large assemblies and sub-assemblies. A user can import designs from a CAD system into Working Model 3D, which makes it a CAE tool that intuitively merges modeling, simulation, and analysis under one consistent Windows/NT interface. Working Model offers a complete array of 3-D joints and constraints, from models and actuators to springs, rods, and ropes, allowing users to model all types of complex 3-D mechanisms.
Working Model Inc.,
66 Bovet Rd. Suite 200, San Mateo, CA 94402 FAX (650) 574-7541.

Honorable Mention

Simulation provides integration with CAD

3D QuickFill is a solids-based simulation that provides direct integration with any CAD package. 3D QuickFill produces the information necessary to calculate part costs, including the injection-molding machine size requirements, number of gates, part weight, part volume, estimated cooling time, and estimated fill time. It can further be used to evaluate countless candidate materials and to optimize part design. CAD integration is possible with any solid-modeling package capable of producing a STL file.
C-MOLD, 9625 Ormsby Station Rd., Louisville, KY 40223 FAX (502) 423-4369

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