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Product news

Product news


The TRIPLESHIEDTM capacitive sensors eliminate environmental interference or static discharges The immunity against electrical discharge is higher than 17 kV and the sensors are immune to interference up to 15 V/m.

Interfering signals from mobile telephones in the 900 MHz range become irrelevant. The insensitivity to spikes, caused by switching motors on or off, for example, could be doubled from 2 kV to more than 4 kV. The sensors are available in several designs including a space-saving flat housing, and lead and plug versions. Carlo Gavazzi AG, Steinhausen, Switzerland, FAX (011) +41 41 740 45 40.


Suitable for use with the Parker Pneumatic range of rodless cylinders and 3D Carrier units, this patented compact brake replaces the standard rodless carriage. Should air pressure failure occur in the system, a simple mechanism ensures that any load linked to the carriage stops . The brake can also be used as a parking device enabling the load to be held in position while a task is being performed. Available in three sizes, the brake can be fitted to 25, 32, and 40-mm rodless cylinders and size 1, 2, and 3 Carrier Units. Parker Hannifin GmbH, Koln, Germany.

Linear module

The Module MKL 20-110 comprises a brushless dc electric linear motor and a size 20 Star ball rail system. The linear motor is integrated into the aluminum precision profile of the Linear Module MKK 25-100. The carriage and the permanent magnet stem do not come into contact with each other. The weight of the payload is transmitted solely to the profiled rail system. Since there are no internal moving parts, the linear motor is not subject to wear and is maintenance free. Applications include automation, medical and biomedical equipment, printing systems, electronics, and the packaging industry. Deutsche Star GmbH, Schweinfurt, Germany, FAX (011) +49 97 21 9 37 0.


The SchaevitzTM PS-3300 Series silicone pressure transducer features an innovative modular design. The unit offers OEMs a combination of low-cost and application flexibility without sacrificing performance. The modular design, which uses the same pressure sensor and electronics module, allows custom versions to be supplied to OEMs with short lead times. Lucas Control Systems Products, Slough, England, FAX (011) +44 1753 823563.

Universal input SMPS

The PU Series universal input SMPS is offered in single-, dual-, triple-, and quad-output units and with power ratings of 30, 40, 65, and 100W, all based on a low-component-count flyback converter, constructed on a single open-frame PCB. All units operate from any input voltage from 85 to 264V ac. The highest power unit in the Series is 200W, constructed as a single circuit board mounted in a metal U channel that provides mechanical support and heat sinking. This unit has autoranging on the input 90 to 130V and 180 to 260V ac, and uses a single-ended forward converter with magnetic amplifier and linear stabilized secondaries. Powerbox Europe AB, Gnesta, Sweden, FAX (011) +46 158 70300.

Rotor production centre

3EX rotor production centre accommodates advanced manufacturing systems such as automatic tool changing and workpiece clamping. Features include hydrostatic bearings in the workhead for higher stiffness and better accuracy, 130-mm bore spindle in the workhead to allow automatic chucking with rear-mounted actuating mechanism, and hydrostatic ways on the cutter-head infeed slide for higher stiffness and better infeed control. A range of ISO tooling offers consistent changeover between rotor sizes, and allows tools to be located on both the tool management centre and the rotor production centre at the same location. Holroyd, Milnrow, England, FAX (011) +44 1706 353350.


Strain-relief, liquid-tight SKINTOP II connector is UL, CSA, VDE, and SEV certified. The unit consists of three parts: an internal ratchet mechanism; a collet finger, which can accommodate a large range of cords, tubes, and cable diameters; and a neoprene compression gland. The ratchet mechanism allows the cap to be tightened without twisting the cord as it is compressed, pushing the collet fingers together to form a liquid-tight seal with the neoprene compression gland. SKINTOP II is useful for panel, switch, control equipment, and machine-tool applications. Olflex Wire & Cable Inc., 30 Plymouth St., Fairfield, NJ, FAX (201) 575-7178.


Millennium bridgehandle is available in 93.5-, 117-, 132-, and 179-mm between centers and can be supplied in two versions, either with a plain bore for use with a socket-cap screw or attached from the underside using a brass-molded insert. Indexable clamping handle is available in four handle lengths: 43, 65, 83, and 104 mm. It comes with a snap-fit cap instead of the usual steel set screw, giving the operator complete electrical insulation as well as a comfortable grip. Both products are produced in a high-impact-resistant glass-filled nylon and are available in a wide range of cadmium-free colors. RENCOL, DFS International Inc., Lake Ellenor Dr., Orlando, FL 32809, FAX (407) 858-9601.

Thermoplastic bearings

Thermoplastic bearings and assemblies offer flexibility and can be integrated with any number of components such as gears, fixing clips, and housing while still maintaining the rolling element bearing as the central feature. The integration opportunity can provide customers with a ready-made assembly replacing any number of individual components. Free design and prototype services are available. Sarnatech BNL Ltd., Knaresborough, England, FAX (011) +44 1423-862259.


The modular software package PC WorX is used for planning, parameterization, and diagnostics of the entire Interbus network and of individual devices. Once the data has been keyed in, it is available to the programmer and the maintenance personnel. The programs developed with this software can operate in an industrial PC or a decentralized, intelligent control node, without any modifications having to be carried out. The software supports all programming languages laid down in IEC 1131. Phoenix Contact, Blomberg, Germany, FAX (011) +49 52 35 3418 25.


Altivar 18 is a ready-to-use frequency converter for 0.37 to 15 kW asynchronous motors. With integrated EMC filters across the range, it reduces the number of add-ons required and the time taken to set up a control system. The unit provides thermal protection of the motor and controller and protection against short circuits, mains supply overvoltage and undervoltage, and automatic restarting. Altivar 18 offers inexpensive solutions including energy saving, four preset speeds, JOG step-by-step operation, PI regulator, flying restart, and fast stop. Schneider Electric S.A., Rueil, Malmaison, France, FAX (011) +33 01 41 29 8913.


With airtight separation between the pilot and the fluid, Series 110 mini solenoid valves are for applications where the fluid must never come in contact with the electromagnetic part of the valve. These two- or three-ported valves have been created for the control of fluids with high-alkyline or high-acid levels or with oxidizing agents. Stainless-steel internal parts and diaphragms/discs in EPDM synthetic rubber allow the valves to handle all fluid control needs in food and medical applications. Asco Joucomatic, Rueil, France, FAX (011) +33 47-51-81-36.

Motor program

A-max dc-motor program provides high performance at an economical cost. Motor housings are precision-made from rolled steel. A reduced-diameter commutator employs more segments and provides longer life. The series includes seven motors from 12 to 40 mm, and versions with precious-metal or graphite brushes, sleeve or ball bearings, and double-ended shafts. Maxon Precision Motors Inc., 838 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010, FAX (415) 697-2887.

Metal injection molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a metal forming process that combines the advantages of injection molding and sintering. It provides a cost-effective method of producing small, complex, and close-tolerance metal parts with accuracy. Metalor 2000, Mizra, Israel, FAX (011) +972 6-528558.

Positioning control option

The IPOS integral positioning control option supports all major expansion stages and applications of the SEW MOVITRAC(R) 31C frequency inverters and MOVIDYN(R) servo controllers. This option allows point-to-point control of motions in a short time with optimum accuracy. The positioning program can contain up to 100 lines or a maximum of 256 variables. Individual operations can be programmed by a set of commands. In addition, the IPOS offers the user a multitude of variations such as: individual change in speed with the override, on-the-fly detection of the position by touch probe, and manual approach of a position. SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co., Bruchsal, Germany, FAX (011) +49 07251 75 1149.

Spool valve

The WLA3 4-way directional control valve is 26 mm square with a nominal diameter of 3 mm. This valve can be used in a temperature range from -40 to 120C without problems. Features include a maximum pressure of 250 bar, a maximum flow rate of 8 l/min, and a low leakage rating. Solenoid operation exists at 12/24V dc to 110/220V ac. Applications include use in snow cannons, power-supply units for lawn mowers, and industrial trucks. Knapp Microhydraulik KG, Postfach, Barbing, FAX (011) +44 09401 7 85 50.


An extensive range of output components has been extended by the 93- x 45-mm relay coupler version. The PLC System Interface, a product range that is responsible for transfer wiring in control cabinets, reduces installation times. The coupler version system consists of three parts: a PLC compatible I/O connector, a pre-prepared multiple-core round cable with plug connectors at both ends, and a passive or active I/O module. Eight relays with change-over contacts on the RS F10 8R OUT/45 output module can be loaded. This compact module requires only one third of the space in the control cabinet as similar PLC interface modules. Weidmuller Interface GmbH & Co., Postfach, Detmold, FAX (011) +44 5231 14 11 03.

Cartridge valves

Pressure/flow screw-in cartridge valves reach pressures of 420 bar and flow to 500 litres/minute with minimal pressure drops. The units are designed concurrently with production to minimize the cost and hence price. Sterling Hydraulics Ltd., FAX (011) +44 01460 72334.

Magnetic switches

Leads on these magnetic reed switches can be lengthened, shortened, bent, or welded to fit almost any application without eliminating intrinsic reliability. The standard switch range offers dc contact ratings from 3 to 100W, maximum switching currents from 0.25 to 3A, and maximum switching voltages from 100 to 7,500V dc. Also included in the product range are dry reed and mercury wetted relays; position, motion, and inertia/impact sensors; fluid level sensors; level control interface units; and flow switches. Gentech International Ltd., Duffy Int'l., Box 328, Braintree, MA 02184, FAX (617) 848-3171.

Polyurethane foams

Polyurethane (PU) foams improve the acoustic performance of vehicle interiors with molecular control of the elastic modulus and viscoelasticity. This allows the flexible foams to be tuned to match the specific noise and vibration signature of any vehicle. Acoustic attenuation is achieved by isolating and absorbing noise and vibrations generated by the engine, suspension, and tires. ICI Polyurethanes, Everslan, Everburg, FAX (011) +44 02 759 55 01.


The HFUS Series of hollow-shaft gears includes component sets and units that offer a compact design with an integrated output bearing and a large, central, hollow shaft through the gear. The hollow shaft has a diameter of up to 30% of the unit's outside diameter. The HFUS products are available in nine sizes with torque capacities ranging from 18 to 1,840 Nm and standard reduction ratios of 50 to 160. Harmonic Drive Antriebstechnik GmbH, Limburg/Lahn, Germany, FAX (011) +49 6431-5008-18.


Hall-effect clamps offer high-performance electrical characteristics and a user-friendly design. Digital technology built into the clamps provides automatic dc zero adjust. By simply pressing a key, the user will obtain perfect offset with no further adjustments. The voltage output uses an attached 0.5-mm cord. Chauvin Arnoux, Paris, France, FAX (011) +33 46-27-73-89.

Linear motors

The PLATINUMTM Direct Drive Linear (DDL) Series is a brushless permanent magnet design that replaces traditional mechanical assemblies in many applications. The Series consists of two constructions: Ironcore and Ironless motors. With a peak force of 300 to 8,000N, Ironcore motors have a high rated force per frame size and a patented anti-cogging design. The Ironless motors have no attractive force between the coil and magnet components, zero cogging for smooth motion, and a peak force of 120 to 800N. Applications include use in semiconductor wafer handling and inspection. Kollmorgen Motion Technologies Group, 201 Rock Rd., Radford, VA 24141.


The LS TB-START is a standard soft-start motor that operates on a 3-phase 400V plus or minus 10% 50 Hz power supply. Features include motor soft starting with current limiting, thermal relay, and torque limiter for an overpower function. Since the electronics are separated from the connection zone, connections are always made on a traditional terminal block, offering considerable savings in wiring compared to a starter that requires six interconnecting wires. LEROY-SOMER, Leroy, Angouleme, FAX (011) +33 05 45 64 44 24.


Project Engineering System (PEGS) 9.1.1 is an electrical and instrumentation application. At the heart of the program is a flexible data model that allows attributes to be assigned to items and the ownership hierarchy of these items. The system can be instructed to recognize panels as sub-components of cabinets or terminal blocks as sub-components of a panel. PEGS 9.1.1 integrates the data between the piping and instrumentation drawings and the electrical and instrumentation diagrams. CADCENTRE Ltd., 120 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclaire, NJ, USA.

Power transmission products

Bison G line includes the 300 DC Series, which matches parallel shaft gearbox with a continuous duty-rated 180V dc permanent magnet dc motor. The series is rated for torques up to 43.5 Nm, with gear ratios ranging from 5:1 to 245:1. The motors used on these units are rated for up to 0.12 kW. The 650 Series offers a compact package, outputs up to 81.5 Nm, and speeds from 1 to 150 rpm. It is available with gear ratios from 11:1 to 1,413:1. Bison Gear & Engineering, 2424 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515, FAX (630) 968-3049.

Shaft encoder program

The RA 58-S 14-bit absolute value shaft encoder features a gray and binary code, parallel and CAN bus interferences, and connection via cable or Conin plug. Applications include use in general mechanical engineering; the packaging industry; and construction of lifts, drives, robots, and printing machines. Hengstler GmbH, Postfach, Aldingen, FAX (011) +49 07424 89 481.


OM 10 micro-ohmmeter is used for four-wire resistance measurement from low values up to 50 k{OMEGA}. The unit can measure dc and ac voltages and ambient temperature, and includes thermal emf and temperature compensation. OM 10 is suited for on-site measurement, is fitted with a removable stand, and is powered by an external mains charger so it can also be used on a bench. AOIP Instrumentation, Evry, France, FAX (011) +33 1-60-79-08-37.


K1 seal is manufactured from a porous synthetic resin. The material is oil impregnated to further improve lubrication and enhance long-term guide performance. In tests, linear guides equipped with K1 seals achieved lubrication-free running to distances in excess of 25,000 km. Applications include environments where oil-related pollution must be prevented including the food industry, and semi-conductor and medical equipment manufacture. NSK-RHP Europe Ltd., Clifton, England, (011) +44 115-936-6466.


The LS TB-START is a standard soft-start motor that operates on a 3-phase 400V plus or minus 10% 50 Hz power supply. Features include motor soft starting with current limiting, thermal relay, and torque limiter for an overpower function. Since the electronics are separated from the connection zone, connections are always made on a traditional terminal block, offering considerable savings in wiring compared to a starter that requires six interconnecting wires. LEROY-SOMER, Leroy, Angouleme, FAX (011) +33 05 45 64 44 24.


Repairable metric pneumatic cylinders conform to both ISO 6431 and VDMA 24562 standards and have a life expectancy rating of 3,000 km. Features include a lightweight, corrosion-resistant extruded-aluminum body; 303 stainless-steel rod, spin-riveted to a high-strength aluminum alloy piston; shock-absorbing pads for noise reduction; and internally lubricated polyurethane piston and rod seals. Bimba Mfg. Co., Box 68, Monee, IL 60449, (708) 534-5767.

Slide bearings

Two hydrodynamically lubricated slide bearings are for shaft diameters between 55 and 100 mm. The EM 92 and ZM7 models are center-flanged mounted units which are self lubricated using an oil ring. Self-lubrication enables peripheral speeds of up to 28 m/s on the shaft. Available options include insulated construction to deal with shaft currents or an oil cooler which is integrated into the bearing and needs no external oil supply. RENK AG, Augsburg, Germany, FAX (011) +49 821 5700 226.


A belt-driven linear actuator facilitates accurate positioning and controlled speed at long strokes and high velocities. The transmission is enclosed in a slotted aluminum extrusion and the slot is covered by a stainless-steel sealing band that protects against dust. The unit is equipped with permanent magnets for position sensing and the extrusion has longitudinal grooves for proximity switches, mountings, and external guides. The unit is available in sizes 25, 32, and 50. Maximum action force for size 25 is 50N and the maximum velocity is 2 m/sec. Hoerbiger-Origa AB, Kungsor, Sweden, FAX (011) +46 227 411 29.

Component production

The VARDEX Micro tool provides the complete solution for hi-tech component production. This multi-system tool requires only one holder for threading, grooving, and boring applications. Micro grooving permits both plunging and turning. The Micro multi-holder also incorporates a through coolant channel and stopper screw. The inserts, produced from high-quality carbide, have two cutting corners and are PVD coated to guarantee long tool life and smooth surface finish. VARGUS Ltd., Nahariya, Israel, FAX (011) +972 04 9825 810.

Presentation tool

The PC-based Interactive White Board (IWB) is a presentation tool. Ideas or illustrations written on the IWB are captured as a Windows file on a PC. Recorded in color, these notes can be made available for meetings via e-mail or fax. Numonics Inc., Montgomeryville, PA, FAX (215) 361-0167.

SRAM family

The Dual-port SRAM family allows pipelined operations, achieving greater performance when transferring bursts of data, and reducing design time by easily attaching to synchronous DSPs, ASICs, microprocessors, and controllers. The dual-ports are also available in flow-through versions which are suitable for random access to individual memory locations and quick transitions from write-to-read operations. During a synchronous write operation, the processor need only apply address and data to the chip for 5 ns. Integrated Device Technology USA, Box 58015, Santa Clara, CA 95052, FAX (408) 492-8674.

Variable-speed motor

The frequency-controlled variable-speed motor fits inside a stylish, purpose-built terminal box. The motor is available from 0.55 to 4 kW and 380 to 480V, using standard motor frames from 80 to 112. Features include compactness, lower installation and running costs, and freedom from EMC problems. Applications include use in both demanding motor-control applications and in less complex situations. Brook Hansen, Huddersfield, England FAX (011) +44 1484 559856.

Circuit boards

These flexible circuit boards are capable of bearing loads up to 30 bar at temperatures ranging from -40 to 50C. A rubber-coated solution allows for flexible housing and static sealing in a single component. This multi-functional sealing component combines the sealing and technical functions necessary for use in sealing fuels, motor oils, and other lubricants. Freudenberg Dichtungs, Weinheim, Germany, FAX (011) +49 06201 88 27 19.


2M2A actuator is a pneumatic bellows-type air cylinder. The maximum diameter is 56 mm. It can utilize pressures from 0 to 7 bar. At 7 bar it can lift 890N. With a minimum height of 31 mm, the 2M2A is well suited for small space applications and provides smooth, flexible actuation. Firestone Industrial Products Co., 701 Congressional Blvd., Carmel, IN 46032, FAX (317) 580-2345.


Series F connectors meet the requirements of the demanding motor-racing industry and are for both engine-management and data-logging applications. The connectors offer weight and space savings and feature a scoop-proof push-pull self-latching system, color-coded keyway identification, and an integral heatshrink boot adaptor. The units are housed in a rugged aluminum-alloy shell with an anthracite conductive finish and are qualified to withstand rapid temperature changes from -65 to 200C, as well as severe shock and vibrations. LEMO SA, Ecublens, Switzerland, FAX (011) +41 21-691-16-26.

Modular enclosures

PROLINETM modular enclosures fulfill a wide variety of uses in industrial, electronic, telecommunications, and networking applications. They meet all existing and emerging international standards for protection and equipment mounting. Features include a stronger, lighter frame; a wider frame opening; EMI/RFI protection; streamlined styling; and universal mounting options. Enclosures can be used for tough industrial applications where protection is needed from dust, oil, water, and other contaminants. Hoffman Engineering, 900 Ehlen Dr., Anoka, MN 55303, FAX (612) 422-2178.


SL2 linear slides are corrosion resistant and maintenance free, making them suitable for applications in hostile conditions and in clean rooms. The flat slide range offered: 12, 25, 35, 44, 50, 60, and 76 mm. These options provide the user with a flexible system capable of many design possibilities. Low-friction characteristics allow the SL2 slides to operate dry with no slide lubrication. Hepco Slide Systems Ltd., Tiverton, England, FAX (011) +44 1884 243500.

Level switch

Series KN capacitive sensors are for applications where level limits of bulk goods and liquids in containers must be monitored. The devices have a built-in microprocessor, enabling the user to carry out various operating functions by pressing buttons on the device or via a separate programming line. A sensor circuit ensures a high level of resistance to electrical interference. Two units are available for flush or non-flush mounting. The flush version is suitable for the detection of bulk goods in direct contact. ifm electronic gmbh, Essen, Germany, FAX (011) +49 201 2422 200.

Sealing rivet

The POP(R) closed-end, stainless-steel, sealing rivet is for high-strength, tight fastening in vapor or liquid applications. The mandrel head of the rivet is completely enclosed in a cup shape, forming a tight seal that prevents passage of vapor or liquid at pressures up to 500 psi. The rivet reduces joint failure due to galvanic corrosion from dissimilar materials in moist and high-humidity environments. The POP(R) rivet also fastens the inside cladding and hardware on commercial vehicles and tightly seals stainless-steel cabinets, medical diagnostic equipment, and marine equipment. Emhart Industrial, Box 859, Shelton, CT 06484.


The Independently Steerable Pulley (ISP) allows a belt to be steered by adjusting the pulley surface without changing the pulley shaft's longitudinal axis. Adjustment is accomplished by loosening the pulley's steering collar and rotating it a few degrees. This changes the pulley's face angle relative to the shaft, thereby tracking the belt in the desired location. The ISP can be adjusted without using bearings or pillow blocks. Individual adjustment of multiple belts or pulleys on a common shaft is possible. Belt Technologies Inc., Box 468, Agawam, MA 01001, FAX (413) 786-9922.

Stepping motor drivers

The IB462 and IB463 miniature bipolar stepping motor drivers offer features normally found in larger drivers. The IB462 packs 160W of output power into a package less than 3 cubic inches; the IB463, only slightly larger, is 3.6 cubic inches with an output power rating of 230W at the inaudible chopping rate of 20 kH. Operating from a single dc supply from 12 to 40V, the IB462 can supply up to 2A per phase, and the IB463 can supply 3.5A per phase. Suitable for pc-board mounting or for frame/chassis mounting, both drives offer either full or half step and a step clock rate up to 40 KHz. Current output is pin adjustable with an external resistor. Both models offer pin-to-pin compatibility in fit and function, with increased power in the IB463. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., Box 457, Marlborough, CT 06447, FAX (860) 295-6107.


The VIS (Valve-In-Star) 30 motor, measures 6.01 inches from front pilot to endcap and can produce up to 1910 nm of torque. A heavy-duty nine-bolt housing can handle pressures up to 379 bar. Leakage is reduced by a flexible, pressure-balanced wear plate that moves to take up extra side clearance, both at start-up and under normal operating conditions. The VIS design ensures that the motor remains in-time, thereby extending the performance life of the motor. Suitable for propel applications that require smooth, low-speed operation, the VIS provides steady, predictive rotation. Eaton Corp., Hydraulics Products, Ratingen, Germany, FAX (011) +49 02102 406 830.

Motion control software

A library of high-level functions speed the interface of MINT-compatible motion controllers with 16- or 32-bit Windows application software. The software supports the trend to embed PC-based control and user interfaces into industrial automation. The interface library gives Windows programmers access to the advanced motion programming environment designed by the Company, and used by a number of drive manufacturers. MINT can speed the development of motion-control programming by providing high-level commands for common sophisticated applications such as X-Y tables, flying shears, splines, and software cams. Optimised Control Ltd., Bristol, England, FAX (011) +44 117 987 3101.

Power supply solution

IRP6VRM1 voltage regulator module (VRM) powers next-generation microprocessors such as Intel's Pentium Pro. The VRM includes a complete dc/dc converter design based on a synchronous buck regulator topology, in addition to a full bill of materials, schematic and PCB layout in Gerber format. It is intended to shorten the design cycle for microprocessor power supplies by eliminating the task of component selection and evaluation. International Rectifier, 100 N. Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245, FAX (310) 252-7170.


Flexible beam coupling is for optical measuring and microwave applications. The compact, three-beam unit measure 6.35 mm in diameter and 12.7 mm long. It is available in aluminum with a working torque of 0.4 Nm, or stainless steel with a working torque of 0.5 Nm. The coupling is suitable for shafts measuring from 1 to 3.18 mm and has a set-screw fixing. Hunt Power Drives Ltd., Harrogate, England, FAX (011) +44 1423 881376.

Transducer amplifiers

S7 Series of low-cost transducer amplifiers are CE approved in compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility European Directive, 89/336/EEC. The devices, for use in conjunction with sensors, provide noise-immune signal conditioning. They are suitable for a variety of industrial applications such as measurement of position, pressure, load torque, and vibration. RDP Electronics Ltd., Heath Town, England, FAX (011) +44 1902 452000.


Designed for use throughout the entire product life cycle, OxygenTM visual simulation software features a development toolkit as well as ready-to-use applications for solving specific problems related to product development, employee training, maintenance, marketing, and recycling. Oxygen Base is a toolkit that allows the user to do his/her own development, whereas the applications are ready to use when installed on the system--automatically increasing productivity. A reduced number of physical prototypes, reduced lead times, increased quality, and reduced recycling costs are among the benefits. Prosolvia Clarus AB, Gothenborg, Sweden, FAX (011) +46 31 703 5120.


The Twin Lintra double-stroke cylinder has a fixed carriage connected to a moving carriage with a toothed belt via pulleys placed in the end caps. Air applied into the fixed carriage drives the cylinder barrel which simultaneously pulls the moving carriage at twice the speed of the barrel. The final stroke of the carriage is double that of conventional rodless cylinders because both the barrel and carriage moves. Two models are available with 25 and 40 mm bore and the maximum stroke length is 2,000 mm. The cylinder is useful for machine loading and component handling, where long operations are required in a limited space. IMI Norgen Ltd., Lichfield, Straffordshire, FAX (011) +44 0 1543 405352.

Autoranging module

VI-ARM autoranging module is used to continuously track the ac line, ensuring correct operation, even after brown-out conditions. Delivering up to 750 or 500W and 96 to 98% efficient, the unit, which contains the complete front end of an ac input power supply, is designed to be connected to power modules to provide a low-profile, high-density ac-dc power supply. Features include inrush current limitation; module enable; and full international safety approvals including UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, EN60950, and CE marking. Applications include industrial controls, telecom basestations, and instrumentation. Vicor, 23 Frontage Rd., Andover, MA 01810, FAX (508) 475-6715.

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