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Product News

Product News

Bearing reduces horsepower loss

The ADVANTAGETM pivoted shoe journal bearing features high speeds and loads while reducing horsepower loss and maximum bearing operating temperatures. The bearing features a flow-directing design that improves efficiency by up to 35%, and maximum shoe temperatures have been reduced by 30F. Lower oil-flow requirements coupled with reduced churning, stirring, and flow-through losses result in horsepower loss reductions of up to 35%.
Orion Corp., 1111 Cedar Creek Rd., Grafton, WI 53024 FAX (414) 377-1729

Gearhead is for servomotors

The StealthTM planetary gearhead is for servomotors and incorporates the HeliCrownTM helical gear, which combines the power of helical gears with the smooth quiet engagement of tooth crowning. The gearheads feature high torque, low backlash, and less than 68 dB noise specification. The gearheads are available in four frame sizes with reduction ratios of 5:1, 10:1, 20:1, 30:1, 50:1, and 100:1. The ServoMountTM design helps mount Stealth to the motor and features a balanced pinion supported by a floating bearing, which provides true alignment of the input pinion and the helical planetary gears. This allows input speeds up to 100,000 rpm.
Bayside Precision Gearheads, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050 FAX (516) 484-5496.

Conveyor rollers feature spring-loaded tapered shaft ends

TAPERHEX(R) GOLD precision bearing conveyer rollers feature spring-loaded tapered shaft ends that "lock" into the conveyor frame-mounting holes. The locked shafts eliminate roller "rattling," the cause of both roller shaft and side frame wear. The rollers "pop" into the conveyor side frames in the same manner as conventional spring-loaded rollers. However, the self-adjusting tapers wedge tightly and lock into place regardless of the condition of the mounting holes. Applications include use in food processing, beverage and bottling, warehouse and distribution centers, and on assembly lines.
Interroll Corp., 3000 Corporate Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405 FAX (800) 830-9679.

Guiderail systems are for linear motion applications

Redi-Rail(R) linear rail and drawer slide systems are made from 6061-T6 aluminum with hardened, ground, and polished steel raceways and are for linear motion applications found in packaging equipment, cut-off machines, silk screening, guard doors, and drawers. The rail systems are for quiet running, high speed, cost-effective linear motion applications. These systems can be customized to meet specific performance requirements. Power sources may include hand motion, ball or ACME screws, pneumatics or hydraulics, and belt drives.
Pacific Bearing Co., Box 6980, Rockford, IL 61125 FAX (815) 962-3818.

Gearmotors combat shock loads

Series 500 gearmotors combat shock loads inherent in ice making with high-torque, slow-speed 24-hour-a-day operation. The gearmotor works in a small space to meet the requirements of vending machines. The gearmotors use high-quality materials to permit double the usual torque/volume ratio, such as stainless-steel output shafts used with tapered-roller bearings to support fluctuating axial thrust loads exceeding 1,000 lbs.
Bison Gear and Engineering, 3850 Ohio Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174 FAX (630) 377-6777.

Servo drive features Windows interface

The BRU-Series Advantage Line servo drive includes three new micro drives that extend its power range from 0.5 to 15 kW. The drives feature an optional touchpad MMI targeted for use on the factory floor. An indexing feature results in a simpler solution for the user because of less components and programming. The servo drive also features custom ASICS and advanced power structure.
Rockwell Automation, Electro-Craft, 6950 Washington Ave. S., Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

Driver can replace mechanical gearing

The IM481H microstepping driver uses hybrid technology to reduce size and maintains the power and compatibility to handle demanding applications. The driver can replace mechanical gearing for increased smoothness and optimal performance. In addition, surface-mount and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology allows semiconductors to be more densely manufactured, resulting in downsizing of products. The driver also features short circuit and thermal protection and adjustable automatic current reduction at full step and fault outputs.
Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., 370 N. Main St., Marlborough, CT 06447.

Engine mounts isolates vibration

Marine Mount isolators are for internal-combustion and V-drive marine engines. Features include the ability to isolate vibration while transmitting full propeller thrust, efficiently isolating engine noise and vibration from the hull of the vessel. This feature improves engine reliability, reduces mechanical noise transmission, and provides occupant comfort, particularly with in-line cylinder diesel engines while the engine is at start-up or low rpm.
Barry Controls, 40 Guest St., Brighton, MA 02135 FAX (617) 782-8140.

Clutch is for continuous or intermittent slip

The E52 Series of clutches can attain 500 inches-lb of torque, and is targeted for use in continuous or intermittent slip for overload protection, tension control, friction hinge, or as a drag brake. Available in both adjustable and factory-preset models, the E52 can be supplied in shaft-to-shaft or shaft-to-pulley versions, complete with tapped holes for mounting. The series also features a removable thrust retainer so that the entire friction stack may be replaced as required.
Custom Products Corp., 457 State St., North Haven, CT 06473 FAX (203) 288-5325.

Open distributed control architecture is for distributed control applications

CTNet open distributed control architecture is a collection of coordinated drives, HMI stations, remote I/O modules, and other stand-alone products for distributed control applications. The enabling technology is an open 5 Mbit/sec token ring network which provides peer-to-peer transfers with no master or controller. Its dual cyclic data channels provide synchronous transfers for real-time control data. The general-purpose channel is used for occasional or event-driven transactions. CTNet also features a single twisted-pair media and automatic network configuration.
Control Techniques Drives, 8100 W. Florissant Ave., St. Louis, MO 63136 FAX (716) 837-5434.

Motion controller provides control of up to 8 axes

The DMC-1700 Series of programmable motion controllers are for ISA bus systems and use a 25 MHz, 32-bit microprocessor. Sample times as low as 61 microseconds per axis can be achieved. The series also offers plug-and-play convenience in DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and Windows NT environments, as well as flash-based memory for on-board program storage and field upgrades of firmware. The DMC-1700 Series controls up to four axes and installs directly into the ISA bus. The cards are user-configurable for step motors, servomotors, and hydraulics or any combination of axes.
Galil Motion Control ,203 Ravendale Dr., Mountain View, CA 94043 FAX (650) 967-1751.

Servomotors feature high torque per frame size

The SENTRYTM Series of high-performance brushless servomotors are available in 2- and 3-inch frame sizes and feature a medium inertia design for improved load inertia matching. Applications include torque, velocity, and positioning. The series is available in NEMA and metric mounting with UL and European compliance ratings. Primary feedback devices include Hall sensors and resolvers. Encoders are available as secondary feedback devices. Compatible with 6-step or sine drives, SENTRY is available with special windings for unique drive parameters and torque/speed requirements.
Pacific Scientific, Automation Technology Group, Box 106, Rockford, IL 61105 FAX (815) 226-3080.

Gearhead is for motion-control applications

UltraTRUETM planetary gearhead is for motion-control applications such as packaging, material handling, and assembly systems and features a standard 4 arc-minute backlash and crowned helical carburized steel gears that are hardened to HRC 60 minimum and flank-finished after heat treating. The gearhead features a peak torque of 29,201 in-lb and a peak radial load of 7,800 lb, and is available in 60, 75, 100, 140, and 180 mm2 frame sizes and in ratios from 4:1 to 100:1. They have a stainless-steel output housing and shaft, supported by tapered roller bearings, and provide lifetime lubrication and a self-aligning Redi-MountTM system that speeds mounting to virtually any motor.
Thomson Micron, 50 Alexander Ct., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 FAX (516) 467-9814.

Bearing is for harsh environments

The NylinerTM bushing bearing uses two self-lubricating engineering polymer inserts for fast break-in and reduced wear. The high-performance resin liners snap in for easy replacement. The bearing tolerates abrasive contaminants, shock, and vibration, and provides high-temperature and high-speed operation in both linear and rotary modes. Applications include those with short strokes, high acceleration/deceleration, and high impact. The inserts' internal lubricant eliminates the need for further lubrication maintenance, and closed and pillow-block-mounted Nyliner bearings are offered in 0.5-, 0.75-, 1-, 1.5-, and 2-inch sizes.
Thomson Industries Inc.,
2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050 FAX (516) 883-9039.

Coupling allows smooth transfer of torque

The constant-velocity coupling combines a balanced clamping mechanism with a new configuration to reduce static and dynamic imbalances. The single-slotted clamp provides clamping pressure around the shaft and a more uniform pressure on the outer circumference of the axial-slotted hub. Because the hub has a plurality of axial slots along its entire length, the inside diameter of the hub can be deformed to apply a more evenly distributed pressure against the shaft. The coupling offers a substantially constant angular velocity from the first shaft to the second. Torque is transmitted from the first to second shaft in a smooth and consistent manner.
Nordex Inc.,
50 Newtown Rd., Danbury, CT 06810 FAX (203) 790-8992.

Motors provide long life in harsh environments

"Wash-Thru" motors feature completely encapsulated windings to protect them from moisture and contaminants. Rather than attempt to seal out the elements, these motors isolate the motor component most vulnerable to moisture damage. The motors are available in NEMA frame sizes 56 through 256T and feature a Class F insulation system, a low temperature rise, and sealed bearings for long life. An additional silicone coating over the encapsulation provides additional protection. The entire motor inside and out is primed by an exclusive e-coat system to provide corrosion protection. Motors have an FDA-approved white finish coat and a 304 stainless-steel shaft.
The Lincoln Electric Co.
Motor Div., 22800 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117 FAX (216) 383-4730.

Oil drain valve enables direct drainage into closed containers

The Waste Gard II oil-drain valve enables the user to drain oil directly into closed containers. This drain valve allows drainage of hydraulic reservoirs, engine blocks, and transmission cases without leaks or spills and features a high flow rate and short drain time. The valve seals three ways when closed and features a broad range of inch and metric threads.
Fluid Line Products Inc., Box 1000, Willoughby, OH 44096 FAX (440) 946-9472.

Positioning system integrates servo system components

The DeltaPro positioning system integrates the various components of a servo system into a single product, as a drive, power supply, motion controller, compact high-power-density motor, cables, connectors, and user interface are all included. Coupled with a simple yet powerful program language, the DeltaPro can be used to handle common single or 11/2-axis motion-control applications, including positioning, indexing, S-curve profiling, and electronic gear ratios. In its simplest form, the programming can be accomplished using the handheld keypad operator interface. All machine functions are available at this level, including control of the two dozen optically isolated digital I/O and the two analog inputs and one output.
Industrial Indexing Systems Inc., 626 Fishers Run Victor, NY 14564 FAX (716) 924-2169.

Honorable Mention

Belt drive system reduces noise

The Goodyear Eagle Pd synchronous belt-drive system is a combination of synchronous belts and sprockets that use a helical offset tooth design that reduces noise. Continuous rolling tooth engagement and flangeless sprocket provide self-tracking and design flexibility. The belt is comprised of specialized materials such as HiBrexTM rubber, Flexten(R) tensile members, and a PlioguardTM fabric facing, which means the belt's width can be reduced without compromising strength.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., 4021 N. 56th St., Lincoln, NE 68504 FAX (402) 467-8325

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