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Product news

Product news

Silicone products

Silicone compounds are used in the manufacture of molded, extruded, and assembled medical products. Silicone rubbers are compatible with human tissues and body fluids. These tasteless and odorless compounds do not support bacterial growth and are suitable for use as implant material. Manufacturing processes include extruding, liquid silicone injection molding, and assembly. Available services include engineering and design assistance, short- to long-run production, assembly, and testing.
Vesta Inc., 5400 West Franklin Dr., Franklin, WI 53132, FAX (414) 423-0562.

Ball screws

High-capacity miniature ball screws offer a choice of 12 ball-nut options. Features include automated screw production, a 0.375-inch diameter, a 0.125-inch lead, and 90% efficiency in converting rotary to linear motion. Single-nut dynamic load capacity is 170 lbs, static capacity is 1,600 lbs, and both capacities double for two-nut assemblies. Nut options include flanged, V-thread and trunnion, adjustable preloaded anti-backlash, and combinations of these. End machining, stops, wipers, custom nut housings, and lubrication are available.
Thomson Saginaw, 628 North Hamilton St., Saginaw, MI 48602, FAX (517) 776-3632.


ULTRA WPTM chain features a coating that resists corrosion in fresh or salt-water environments. The patented mechanical-plating process that produces this coating creates a metallurgical bond so the plating will not flake or peel off. All surfaces are coated prior to assembly, providing protection against corrosion. This coating provides freedom from hydrogen embrittlement.
U.S. Tsubaki Inc., 301 East Marquardt Dr., Wheeling, IL 60090.


Flex Design system provides a means of choosing the interconnect design most suitable for each application. Flex Stack interconnects allow specifying headers and board stackers in 0.005 inch increments on five pitches from standard 0.100- inch pitch through micro 0.80-mm pitc

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