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Power Transmission & Motor Control

Power Transmission & Motor Control


The ThinGap(TM) TG1500 Series slotless brushless dc motor uses stator winding technology and reportedly achieves 89% peak system power efficiency. The motor produces a maximum continuous torque of 115 oz-inch at 2,400 rpm, by using an operating voltage of 24V dc and 15.6A from the specified PWM servo amplifier.

Motion Media Group, Enter 610


360 Series AAB armature-actuated electric disc brakes are magnet-body mounted and have static torque ratings of 60, 110, 180, and 300 lb-ft. NEMA frame sizes ranging from 182 to 444/445TC are offered for the brakes, as well as IEC frames 132-160C and 132-225D. Brakes feature an IP56 enclosure, universal mounting, and a modular brake assembly.

Rexnord Corp., Enter 611


UNICASE(TM) helical in-line gearbox models SK 02 through SK 53 are available in 6 case sizes with drives ranging from single-reduction to sextuple-reduction, either foot- or flange-mounted. Gearbox power ranges from 0.16 to 30 hp, with output speeds from 1 to 986 rpm, and gear ratios ranging from 1.24:1 to 14340:1. Applications include conveying and material handling.

Nord Gear Corp, Enter 612

Screws and nuts

The precision-rolled stainless steel lead screws and self-lubricating Kerkite polymer nuts are custom-molded for motion control and actuation. The lead screws are available in lengths up to 12 ft, in both right- and left-hand thread in various leads, and up to 3 inches per revolution.

Kerk Motion Products, Enter 613


The True Planetary(TM) gearheads are available in both in-line and right angle models and in two new sizes-90 and 115 mm. The gearheads feature a 4-arc-minute backlash and crowned helical carburized steel gears that are hardened to HRC 60 minimum and flank-finished after heat-treating. Applications include pipe bending, material handling, coil winding, packaging, and machine tools.

Thomson Industries, Enter 614

Power takeoffs

The Allison cast-iron power takeoffs (PTOs) are designed with 6- and 10-bolt configurations in order to work with Allison's domestic and world transmission families. The PTOs include an air engagement system and the industry standard electric.

Power Transmission Options Ltd., Enter 615

Motion controller option

The PMC option for the Emerald EMC-2000 multi-axis motion controller is a removable memory SMARTMEDIA card for loading the operating system or application program software. The card can be programmed with a PC, and then loaded into the motion controller with reportedly easy accessibility.

Industrial Indexing Systems, Enter 616


The CARE 33 actuators are available in three basic models-CARE 33A, CARE 33M, and CARE 33H. The actuators have stroke lengths ranging from 50 to 500 mm, speeds ranging from 8 to 45 mm/sec, and dynamic load capacities ranging from 800 to 2,000N. The CARE 33 actuators are suitable for power-driven positioning of equipment in ergonomic and healthcare applications.

SKF, Enter 617

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