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Power Transmission & Motion Control

Power Transmission & Motion Control

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Gear motors

Incorporating 9-slot stator and 12-pole rotor construction design, the TAM58-3E "Industrial Series" family of brushless dc gear motors is designed to offer constant speed in a package made for small space applications. The motor and on-board electronics are controlled by a single 24V dc power supply, while a 5V square wave output tachometer sends 45 pulses/rev at 100 rpm without distortion.

Thomson Airpax Mechatronics, Enter 647

Servodrive system

The BURNY(R) ServoPak(R) AC8 reportedly provides 8A continuous output current in a brushless ac servodrive system. Custom configurable to fit any output power need, it features a digital sinusoidal servo design, with Windows-based BURNY Motion View Software for real-time viewing and off-line software downloads. Applications for the 2-axis or 3-axis packages include shape-cutting uses, and cantilever or gantry machines.

Cleveland Motion Controls, Enter 648

Swivel casters

Sussex 63 swivel casters are designed with a nylon wheel and roller bearing, holding up to 550 lb load capacity. Caster is available with a wheel diameter of 2.50 inches and a tread width of 1 7/16 inches. Made to fit a 3/8 inch bolt, both the top-plate style and bolt-hole style casters are used in short-distance movement applications such as medical equipment, appliances, business machines, displays, and furniture.

Revvo Caster Company, Enter 649

Terminal blocks

The ST-DESK spring cage terminal block series, an addition to the 1.5-6 mm2 ST spring cage terminal block series, is developed with an angled wire entry for space-restricted areas. Three or four-wire terminals measuring 2.5-4 mm2 are available with the same contour PE terminal. The small storage space is reached through flexible jumpers, and labeling and test devices.

Phoenix Contact, Enter 650

Friction brake

The T-1200 and T-1400 single plate, air-engaged, tapered-bore brakes are the latest addition to the company's Air Champ(R) friction brakes. Handling up to 100 hp motors at 1,800 rpm, the brakes are used in shaft mounted braking applications with 5,200 and 8,000 in-lb torque. Consisting of five major components, it operates best in industrial applications such as material handling, converting, presses, and conveyor systems.

Nexen Group Inc., Enter 651

Motor and driver

CSK Series now features a size 34, 2-phase, hybrid stepping motor and compact board-level driver. The single motor-driver package has holding torque levels from 305 oz-in for the shortest CSK296-ATA to 916 oz-in for the longest CSK2913-ATA stepping motors. Drive currents range from 4.0 to 4.5A per phase. Included with the driver is an automatic current cutback function and a step angle select switch for full step (1.8 degrees ) or half step (0.9 degrees ) options.

Oriental Motor USA Corp., Enter 652

Speed drive

The G7 Series PWM Adjustable Speed Drive offers torque control and speed regulation with a user-friendly operator interface. With or without encoder feedback, the drive provides flux vector technology for use in an ac or dc drive application. Features include programmable digital and analog I/O; programmable scrolling monitor; NEMA 1 model; and RS232/RS485 and TTl communication ports.

Toshiba International Corp., Enter 653

Linear actuators

Size 17 hybrid linear actuators come in resolutions ranging from 0.00006 to 0.002 inches per step, with a 0.9 degrees step angle and up to 50 lbs operational thrust capabilities. Actuator is available in captive, non-captive, external linear, and linear rotary designs.

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., Enter 654

Safety couplings

Made with a Belleville spring, these safety couplings disengage in a problem situation in 2 to 4 ms, according to the company. With one revolution, the coupling re-engages at the exact angular position. Precision roller guides with a wider contact surface offer zero-backlash motion control and high stiffness. Couplings are available with a torque range of 9 to 14,160 in-lb.

Rimtec Corp., Enter 655


Mecalectro(TM) linear and rotary solenoids are designed for industrial, commercial, and military uses, particularly position control, process automation, mechanical signaling, locking devices, and shotbolts. Linear solenoids include bistable linear solenoids and self-holding latching solenoids, used in standard, intensive, and heavy-duty applications.

SKF Motion Technologies, Enter 656

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