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Power Transmission and Motion Control

Article-Power Transmission and Motion Control

Power Transmission and Motion Control


SSB Series front-end brakes for servo and stepper motors hold the load when the motor stops or power is lost and feature rigid coupling and high torque. The brakes are capable of overhung loading and have zero backlash. They are suitable for x-y table applications in such industries as robotics, packaging, medical, and anywhere else servo and stepper motors are used.
Electroid Co., 45 Fadem Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081, FAX (973) 467-5656.


Series 848, 858, and 878 heavy-duty right-angle gearmotors, rated from 1/8 to 1 hp are double-reduction units suitable for low-speed high-torque applications, such as conveyors, commercial overhead doors, and car washes. The Series features hardened-steel output shafts, or solid keyed left or right-hand output shafts or double shafts, and double-sealed ball bearings. All are available with integral ac or dc motors, and also as C-face reducers. AC units operate at 115V, 60 Hz; dc units operate at 90V.
Bison Gear & Engineering, 3850 Ohio Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174, FAX (630) 377-6777.


ACX ac drives feature 1/6 to 1 hp, provide 89 programmable parameters, and operate on 115V single phase as well as 208/230V single or three phase. The drives measure 5.5 inches high and 2.9 inches wide, and feature three preset speeds and 21 selectable volts/Hertz patterns.
Boston Fincor, 3750 E. Market St., York, PA 17402, FAX (717) 751-4263.


permaprox(R) BIM cylinder position sensors monitor the exact position of a cylinder piston, and are for newer, compact cylinder housing styles. The sensors mount directly into the extruded groove or dovetail in the compact cylinder housing, or clamp directly onto cylinder tie rods, eliminating the need for stainless-steel brackets or slide-rod mechanisms. The sensors replace conventional cylinder positioning indicators such as flags and brackets with sensors that mount directly on-board the cylinder and function without any physical contact with the cylinder piston.
TURCK Inc., 3000 Campus Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55441, FAX (612) 553-0708.


This brushless dc linear actuator is for linear servo applications requiring high speed, quiet operation, and precise motion control. The size 23 motor uses servo control for linear travel through an integral lead screw and nut assembly. The nut assembly, rather than the lead screw, attaches to the rotor, thereby eliminating critical speed concerns associated with rotating lead screws.
Eastern Air Devices Inc., 1 Progress Dr., Dover, NH 03820, FAX (603) 742-9080.


Positioning tables come in lengths of 8, 10, and 12 inches and feature a straight-line accuracy of 0.0007 inches/inch. Repeatability is 0.0004 inches and lead accuracy is 0.003 inches/foot of travel. The tables have a load capacity of more than 100 lb, and bolt together for configuration into an X-Y system. With the addition of a bracket, a table can be further expanded for X-Y-Z operation. Carriage and base assemblies are fabricated in black anodized aluminum, and all rolling elements are manufactured from hardened steel.
PIC Design, Box 1004, Middlebury, CT 06762, FAX (203) 758-8271.

Microstepping system

The IM481H microstepping system drives stepping motors up to size 23, and features short circuit and thermal protection, adjustable automatic-current reduction, and single supply. Accepting an input voltage of 12 to 48V and an output current of 1A RMS/1.6A peak, the bipolar drive incorporates advanced ASIC technology, which reduces motor heating and allows low-inductance stepper motors to be used to increase performance and efficiency. The plug-on interface board can be used for panel mounting, and features additional circuitry including opto-isolators for step clock, direction, enable, and reset.
Intelligent Motors Systems Inc., 370 N. Main St., Marlborough, MA 06447, FAX (860) 295-6107.


The KR55M dc 24V 5-phase microstep driver features custom IC and surface-mount technologies. It is a bipolar pentagon-type driver that provides position resolution up to 0.009 degrees per step. Ten switch-selectable step sizes include full, 1/2, and microstep to 1/80. Idle current reduction is adjustable 27 to 90% to reduce motor heat during standstill. Mounted on a special aluminum base, the unit weighs 7 oz.
Daido Corp., 615 Pierce St., Somerset, NJ 08875, FAX (732) 805-0122.


The DuraTRUE 90TM planetary gearhead offers a backlash of 8 arc-minutes, and its planetary design provides high torque, low backlash, and long life in a compact, low-inertia package. This new line, available in 60-, 90-, 115-, and 142-mm square frame sizes, has a peak torque rating of 7,377 lb-inches, ratios from 1:1 to 500:1, and a peak radial load of 2,500 lb. Additional features include steel gears hardened to HRC 60 minimum for long life, lifetime lubrication, lightweight anodized-aluminum housing, stainless-steel output shaft with heavy-duty deep grooved ball bearings, and needle bearings on planetary gears.
Thomson Industries Inc., 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050, FAX (516) 883-9039.

Linear guiderail systems

These linear guiderail systems are suitable for linear motion applications found in packaging equipment, cut-off machines, silk screening, guard doors, and drawers, and are useful in medical and contaminated environments. These Redi-Rail systems can be customized to meet specific performance requirements. Power sources may include hand motion, ball or ACME screws, pneumatics or hydraulics, and belt drives. Redi-Rail systems are made from 6061-T6 aluminum with hardened, ground, and polished steel raceways.
Pacific Bearing Co., Box 6980, Rockford, IL 61125, FAX (815) 962-3818.

Motion controllers

DMC-1700 Series programmable motion controllers are for ISA bus systems and use a 25-MHz, 32-bit microprocessor. Sample times as low as 61 milliseconds per axis can be achieved. The Series also offers plug-and-play convenience in DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and Windows NT environments, as well as flash-based memory for on-board program storage and field upgrades of firmware. The cards control up to four axes and install directly into the ISA bus, and are user-configurable for step motors, servo motors, and hydraulics.
Galil Motion Control Inc., 203 Ravendale Dr., Mountain View, CA 94043, FAX (415) 967-1751.


These thin-section bearings extend mean time between performance failures in harsh SME production environments.The Reali-Slim(R) LLPP Series bearings are available in both angular contact 'A' and four-point contact 'X' configurations to provide long life under the severe operating conditions of SME production.These conditions, including high processing temperatures and vacuum conditions, coupled with such corrosive chemicals as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, cause lubricants to degrade and precision surface finishes to deteriorate.
Kaydon Corp., 2860 McCracken St., Muskegon, MI 49443, FAX (616) 759-4102.


NDN 05 and 2 Series of high-precision miniature frictionless tables feature an integrated cage-centering mechanism, a two-piece construction, and corrosion-resistant materials. The NDN 05 Series is 7 mm wide with a height of 4 mm, and four models are available in overall lengths from 10 to 25 mm, with strokes of 5 to 20 mm, making them suitable for applications with space constraints. The larger-size NDN 2 Series is 15 mm wide with a height of 8 mm, and is available in six models with overall lengths ranging from 30 to 80 mm. Applications include microelectronics, semiconductor, optics, PC board assembly, and medical.
Schneeberger Inc., 11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730, FAX (617) 275-4749.


The DP4 line of lead-free, self-lubricated bearings operate at high pressures and loads with environmentally friendly lubricants. The bearings are compatible with hydraulic fluids, specifically vegetable oils, and are lead-free so they will not contaminate sensitive areas. In addition, they are highly resistant to erosion and are suited for systems that start up and shut down frequently.
Garlock Bearings Inc., 700 Mid Atlantic Pkwy., Thorofare, NJ 08086, FAX (609) 848-5115.


This self-centering damper is for motion- control applications and 'rests' in a neutral position at a set length. From this neutral position the damper can be compressed or extended and will positively and smoothly return to the neutral or resting position. The damper allows a linkage to move in two directions from a neutral center position, then dampens the return to neutral in either direction, which eliminates forward and reverse "creep." The damper also improves safety by preventing the vehicle from stopping too suddenly when the lever is released.
AVM Inc., Box 729, Marion, SC 29571, FAX (803) 464-2362.


Position-verification sensor can provide closed-loop operation of single- and dual-axis linear stepper motor systems. The sensor operates as an incremental encoder in conjunction with the motor platen to recognize lost steps. The output signal can be used by the controller to shut the system down, re-home, or move to the desired position.
Northern Magnetics Inc., 25026 Anza Dr., Santa Clarita, CA 91355, FAX (805) 257-0216.


The combination of the ROTEX(R) GS precision coupling with the new SYNTEX(R) backlash-free overhead hub provides users with an integrated design option for precise drives where overload protection is a concern. ROTEX GS precision couplings transmit power or provide feedback, while the SYNTEX overload protection hub interrupts torque flow between driving and driven sides. Both provide zero backlash.
KTR Corp., Box 9065, Michigan City, IN 46361, FAX (219) 872-9150.


New in-house technologies now support the design and manufacturing of helical gears in various designs and shapes. Material capability is available in both bronze and iron grades. Both right- or left-hand helix angles are available with a maximum angle of 30 degrees.
Symmco Inc., Box F, Sykesville, PA15865, FAX (814) 894-5272.


The Model 5912 PC/104 encoder interface offers 1.3 MHz quadrature input rate with 24-bit presettable counters from up to four incremental quadrature encoders or pulse sources. Inputs to the 5912 may be single-ended or differential, and are conditioned by a four-stage digital filter. The 5912 can generate interrupts on index pulse, over/underflow, or compare value match and decodes X1, X2, and X4 to provide higher encoder resolution.
Technology 80 Inc., 658 Mendelssohn Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55427, FAX (612) 542-9785.

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