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Portable Laser Scanners

Article-Portable Laser Scanners

Portable Laser Scanners

3DScanCo's Artec 3D Scanners use 3D video cameras that capture a three-dimensional image in each frame and then combine them automatically into a single mesh. The scanning process allows you to walk around the object while continuously "videoing" it from 360 degrees. The video-based scanners' measure speeds of up to 500,000 points per sec making them faster than laser scanners and are able to scan moving objects as well as stationary ones. Various models allow digitizing of a broad range of object sizes, textures and colors. These scanners are portable and can be used for sports, animation, fashion, medical, computer graphics, architecture, prototyping and manufacturing.

Creaform 3D scanners are portable systems designed to scan medium to large objects. These systems are portable and are well suited to reverse engineering applications of large products and models.

The 3Shape scanner utilizes automatic desktop scanning for small objects and is mainly used in the dental, hearing aid and jewelry industries. The systems capture precise three-dimensional data quickly for items up to 3 cubic inches. The automatic setup speeds production of complex parts.

Key Features of the 3Shape scanner:

  • Fast and easy scanning and model creation
  • Intuitive user interface optimizes workflow
  • Full range of measurements integrates 2D, 3D, G,D,&T, alignments
  • High performance diagnostic tools and treatment planning capabilities
  • Fully customizable
  • Digital archiving
Portable Laser Scanners
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