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Plastics, Metals and Other Materials

Plastics, Metals and Other Materials

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Metal-formed assemblies

These metal-formed assemblies and components are designed as a combustor dome for commercial and military applications. Measuring .040 inches in width, 1.5 inches in height, and 21 inches in diameter, the components were developed using multi-axis laser machining, feature-based parametric modeling, CNC machining, welding, and custom tool design. Made of AMS 5608 material, the combustor dome combines hydroforming, multi-axis milling, and double-acting hydraulic press forming. Bomco, Enter 619

Polymer material

ZYVEX(TM) TeraClad(TM) liquid crystalline polymer circuit material reportedly features low/stable dielectric loss, low/ stable dielectric constant, low moisture absorption, high chemical resistance, matched in-plane CTE, and dimensional stability. The single-clad laminate, intended for flexible circuit applications, is designed to offer better processing and handling, integration, and reliability than polyimide material. Rogers Corp., Enter 620

TPE compounds

The Elexar(R) 8614, 8623, and 8730 styrenic thermoplastic elastomer compounds are intended to provide chemical resistance, low-temperature flexibility, and a variety of mechanical and flame properties. Operating as an alternative to PVC in appliance wire, the TPEs are rated at 125C for continuous service. Elexar 8614 and 8623 feature reportedly high tensile strength with UL-94 flame resistance ratings of V-1 and HB. Elexar 8730 is a soft-grade compound with a V-1 rating. Teknor Apex, Enter 621

Cured coating

The 9-20557 cured coating is designed as a flexible, durable resin, offering adhesion in -40 to 150C thermal cycling applications and unclean PCB surfaces. It creates a transparent layer, covering circuitry and components and resisting contaminants. Cure times are 20-30 seconds in standard longwave and moderate intensity lights, and reportedly may be as low as five seconds for high intensity lights. Dymax Corp., Enter 622

Wire coating

KnightCote(TM) coating is said to be a thin and adherent coating designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Intended for cold or warm heading in alloy systems, the coating can reportedly withstand high temperatures, heavy loads, and high impact forces. The company reports that the coating improves heading tool life and may be used in copper cleaning applications for emitting and disposing nitric acid. Carpenter Technology Corp., Enter 623


The new line of fully colorable aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethanes (ATPUs), part of the company's Desmopan(R) line, reportedly offers increased elasticity, heat resistance, UV-color stability, and improved rebound characteristics for use in electronic, leisure, and industrial equipment. ATPUs are available in Shore hardness grades from 85A to 56D. Applications include athletic footwear, personal exercise monitoring devices, and outdoor industrial scales. Bayer Corp., Enter 624

PBT polymers

Eight hydrolysis-resistant grades have been added to the company's line of Celanex(R) thermoplastic polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) polymers, offered in applications with elevated temperature and humidity problems, such as automotive connectors. The water-resistant filled and unfilled PBTs reportedly feature better tensile strength, elongation retention at break, and mechanical properties in hot and humid conditions than standard PBT grades. Ticona, Enter 625

Metal casting machine

The MetCast(TM) metal parts prototyping process features the MPA 300 vacuum metal casting machine, intended for replicating aluminum die cast alloy production properties. According to the company, a wax master may produce the metal parts in 3 days. The system reportedly applies to all non-ferrous metals (except magnesium) with melt temperature under 1200C. MCP Systems Inc., Enter 626


The company's line of PVC-free and latex-free TPEs is designed for the medical industry, in both injection molding and extrusion grades. According to the company, they provide clarity, high temperature resistance, and good tensile and tear strength. These TPEs serve as an alternative to products with latex proteins, which reportedly may cause allergic reactions, and products with plasticized PVC, which healthcare companies are reportedly replacing. Injection molding and extrusion grade applications include infant toys, seals, gaskets, fluid delivery systems, and medical and FDA tubing. GLS Corp., Enter 627


LEXAN(R) High Performance (HP) Film product line now includes the LEXAN HP FAF one-side coated anti-fog, scratch resistant polycarbonate film and the LEXAN HP92AF two-side coated, abrasion resistant anti-fog film. Available in gauges with a 48-inch wide roll-format, the films are designed for applications in gauge lenses, ski goggles, appliance windows and windscreens, and face and sports shields. General Electric-GE Structured Products, Enter 628

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