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Noax IPCs with Mainboards

Noax IPCs with Mainboards

The noax IPC has a 1.86 GHz dual-core processor to increase overall performance when used with complete production control systems or complex process visualization configurations. Speed is provided by 8 GByte of RAM operating in dual-channel mode. Especially for visualization tasks the noax hardware has a high-performance DirectX-10-compatible graphics controller. This allows users to clearly display complex processes or comprehensive CAD files in 3D.

To accelerate communication between noax industrial PCs and peripheral devices, the new generation of IPCs offers a flexible plug setup that allows you to choose between the high-performance PCI Express and the normal PCI bus. There are two PCI slots - one for PCI and one for PCI Express - or two PCI Express slots. This configuration can also be adapted in the future by swapping out the slots to meet changing needs. Users benefit from the flexibility of being able to continue using existing PCI components without having to forego the performance of PCI Express cards. The noax mainboards have two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that are connected to the chip set via PCI Express slots. Users can double Ethernet speeds by bundling. On the other, networks can be separated, for example a company network from a plant network. The redundant connection also increases security. If one connection fails, data transmissions will be automatically continued without interruption through the other connection.

With noax you can install multiple physical hard drives at any time, all organized according to RAID functionality. If individual components fail, the RAID setup maintains overall integrity and functionality, therefore guaranteeing continued IPC operation. Communication between the hard drive and the processor is driven by SATA technology, which enables the exchange of storage media during operation.

The noax mainboards come equipped with a microcontroller, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display and monitors other parameters such as voltage and temperature. Different power supply cables can handle voltages between 9 and 240 V. The new noax mainboard has a total of six USB ports, two of which run on stand-by power.

All noax IPCs are still available in protection classes IP65 to IP69. Neither dust nor liquids can endanger the interior components. All of noax IPC components are attached without cable connections. Even powerful vibrations do not affect the operation of these devices. New noax IPCs also remain flexible with regard to operational environment. They function in temperatures from -30 to +45C.

Noax IPCs with Mainboards
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