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New Technology Aims to Capture Engineering Expertise

Article-New Technology Aims to Capture Engineering Expertise

New Technology Aims to Capture Engineering Expertise

Basing its core product on NASA R&D, Aware Technology has officially launched itself as a new concern in the automation data management marketplace.

Company President Roy Kok (formerly associated with GE and Kepware) says Aware Technology's goal is to "deliver the next step in the evolution of HMI/SCADA, DCS systems and historians" through layered analytics.

However, Kok relies on a more direct description, saying Aware Technology's directive is to deliver "automation confidence through system awareness."

The company's product, Process Data Monitor (PDM), is reported to integrate with all existing HMI/SCADA, DCS and historian solutions through both native interfaces and industry standards such as OPC. PDM can also integrate directly with automation components -- sensors and controllers through a PDM Data Gateway.

Peter Millett, chairman and CTO of Aware Technology, is quick to point out that PDM is not a grass roots technology. iSagacity, a services company Millett co-founded in 2004, initially pioneered this technology in 2006. After some tweaking to the technology, iSagacity targeted it at companies in the nuclear industry as part of its service. "Aware Technology has been formed to further improve the product and deliver it to the masses," he says.

One of the principal automation industry issues PDM is poised to address is the industry-wide loss of systems knowledge as increasing amounts of engineers retire. With such a large wave of practical knowledge loss facing the industry, Kok says he expects to see a greater "focus on capturing [engineering] experience into a database to offer guidance to new personnel, as well as give operators and engineers the tools to be proactive in process management rather than reactive to process alarms and failures."

PDM is delivered via a private cloud hosted application. The application reportedly learns from the day-to-day operation of your systems and automatically generates an experience database. It then generates confidence metrics for usual behaviors and delivers notification when any unusual activity occurs.

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