New Smart Cameras, Radars, and a 1 Meter Tall Metal 3D Printer

The latest supplier releases include new products for AI at the edge, motion control, automation, and a new, record-breaking 3D printer.
  • AutomationDirect Offers New KDL/D Control Cabinet Cable Entry Systems

    AutomationDirect now carries KDL/D cable entry systems, which allow cables to be installed through enclosures or other bulkhead surfaces, with the added benefit that pre-made, terminated cables can be installed without disassembling the connectors. The split-frame system enables the quick and simple installation of up to 48 cables in a single frame. They come in four frame sizes, fit standard cut-out dimensions, and provide integrated strain relief.


    According to company specs, the multi-part split-frame system clamps together with a grommet block and grommets to provide a high-density cable entry point with an IP65 environmental rating. Small and medium size grommets (from $6.00) accept cable diameters from 0.08 to 0.87 inches (2 to 22mm). Double cable and multi-line grommets accept more than a single cable. A blank grommet is also available for any unused medium openings in the grommet block.

    (Image source: AutomationDirect)

  • AutomationDirect Now Offers Thermocouple Extension Wire and Cable

    AutomationDirect is now carrying extension cable for both Type K and Type J thermocouples with either an overall shield (OS) or with individually shielded pairs with an overall shield (SPOS). These cables faciliate the connection of multiple field sensors to operating instrumentation or PLC input cards with one run versus having to install multiple extension wires.

    The 20AWG thermocouple extension cable is available in 2, 4, and 8 twisted pairs. It is UL PLTC rated. PLTC cable (Power Limited Tray Cable) is rated at 105°C, 300V and is approved for use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

    (Image source: AutomationDirect)

  • Cognex Introduces In-Sight D900 Industrial Smart Camera Powered by Deep Learning

    Industrial machine vision company Cognex Corporation has introduced the In-Sight D900 embedded vision system. The In-Sight D900 features Cognex’s ViDi deep learning software inside an In-Sight industrial-grade smart camera. The company says the self-contained system is designed to solve a broad range of complex in-line inspection applications including optical character recognition (OCR), assembly verification, and defect detection. Cognex says the In-Sight D900 is ideal for automating complex inspection applications across a range of industries including automotive, consumer electronics, consumer products, packaging, food and beverage, medical devices, and logistics.

    (Image source: Cognex)

  • Cognitive Pilot Introduces Mini Radar for Autonomous Vehicles

    Cognitive Pilot, an autonomous driving technology joint venture of Russia’s Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies group, has released the Cognitive Mini Radar sensor for autonomous driving applications. This mini radar weighs 40 grams and comes in two models that operate between 77-81 GHz or 60-64 GHz respectively. Both have an operating distance up to 100 meters. According to Cognitive Pilot, the primary purpose of the radar is to control the space around the perimeter of the vehicle (covering all the blind spots, providing accurate detection while lane changing, at intersections, while parking, etc.).” The company says the radar can also be used robotics and drone applications.

    (Image source: Cognitive Pilot)

  • Gumstix Releases Nvidia-Powered AI Edge Development Boards

    Gumstix, a developer of computer hardware for intelligent embedded applications has released four edge AI devices designed to meet the demands of machine learning applications on network edge devices. The Gumstix AI development boards are powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Nano running a Quad-core ARM A57 The also feature built-in TensorFlow support to make edge AI prototyping more accessible for software engineers and provide a rapid turnkey solution for deployment, according to the company.

    The Gumstix Snapshot Board (shown) offers control of up to 16 1080p 30fps video streams on a single board. The Snapshot features four Jetson Nanos interconnected via a Gigabit switch to allow for quick and easy communication. NVIDIA Jetson Nano Boards and the switch can be remotely monitored and reset using the on-board ESP32 module. Each Jetson Nano supports up to four Raspberry Pi Camera Modules V2.

    All four boards, the Jetson Nano Snapshot, the Jetson Nano Development Board, the MegaDrive, and the FastFlash are currently available.

    (Image source: Gumstix)

  • IKO ML/LWL Offers New Family of Miniature Linear Motion Products
    IKO International is offering a broad range of motion devices that address the demands of the automated laboratory, including those in the life sciences. IKO says it offers some of the smallest commercially available miniature linear bearings, with sizes as small as one millimeter. The company’s ML/LWL linear guides make four points of contact in each of the two rows of balls to provide stable and accurate motion. IKO's miniature series are made of stainless steel, which the company makes them suitable for clean room applications. As an added performance feature, maintenance-free versions that provide long-term lubrication are also available for most sizes. In addition, miniature linear motion products can provide a low, uniform sliding resistance over their travel distance to ensure smooth operation.

    (Image source: IKO International)

  • Laird Thermal Systems Launches UltraTEC UTX Series of of High-performance Thermoelectric Coolers
    Laird Thermal Systems has launched a new generation of high-performance thermoelectric coolers that its says offers a 10% boost in heat pumping capacity, greater temperature differential, and higher efficiency than standard thermoelectric coolers. Laird’s new UltraTEC UTX Series thermoelectric cooler offers a heat pumping capacity of up to 296 Watts with a maximum temperature differential (Delta T) of 72°C. Laird says the UTX series is ideal for spot cooling applications with industrial lasers, laser projectors, medical diagnostic systems, and analytical instrumentation.

    According to the company, the UltraTEC™ UTX Series is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials for higher heat pumping capacity and features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials. Laird says the module also consists of a larger number of N and P couples to generate a higher heat flux density than standard thermoelectric coolers.
    The UltraTEC™ UTX Series is available in 13 models covering various footprints, capacities, configurations and voltage options.

    (Image source: Laird Thermal Systems)

  • NewAge Industries Invests in New Plastic Hose Manufacturing Equipment

    NewAge industry has proactively replaced its extrusion machinery with new equipment that has passed testing and qualification stages and is now being used to produce braid reinforced PVC hose and braid reinforced polyurethane hose. Other extruders at NewAge’s facility manufacture unreinforced PVC and polyurethane tubing, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing, silicone tubing, and braid reinforced silicone hose. The company said it wanted to upgrade its old equipment before any potential failures emerged.

    “PVC, polyurethane and silicone make up a big percentage of our business,” said John-Paul Deitz, NewAge’s Manager of Manufacturing Engineering, “and as an employee-owned company, all of us are concerned about keeping the business running at its best. Upgrading the equipment is an investment in our future.”

    (Image source: NewAge Industries)

  • Seifert Systems Releases New SoliTherm SlimLine Series of Skinny Enclosure Air Conditioners

    Seifert Systems has introduced theSoliTherm SlimLine Series of enclosure air conditioners that have an inside-cabinet depth of only 3.5 inches and are 4.5 inches deep overall, according to company specs. The SlimLine Series is designed for maintenance-free operation and models are available with external or recessed mounting.

    The SlimLine Series is UL listed and provides cooling capacities from 1,130 to 5,120 BTU/Hr. Operating temperature range is 50 to 122 or 131°F—depending on model, according to Seifert. Seifert says the SlimLine also manages condensate with a process that provides drip-free operation by evaporation without consuming additional power.

    Seifter says the SlimLine units have a condenser specifically designed to maintain performance without maintenance—even in environments where dust and dirt are present.  They are available in 120 and 230 V, single phase or 400/460 V 3-phase power.

    (Image source: Seifert Systems)

  • Triad Amplified Radio Systems Extend Link Ranges up to 10X

    Triad RF Systems, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance RF/microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems, has launched of a line of Amplified Radios that extend the range of the most widely used wireless mesh or mobile ad hoc network (MANET) /multi-input multi-output radios in the industry.

    Triad says the creation and launch of these turnkey high-power radios is in direct response to customer challenges experienced when Bi-directional amplifier (BDA) modules are “bolted-on” in-house to achieve additional output power. The company says its Triad Amplified Radios are built around the radio platforms of several well-known manufacturers, such as Silvus Technologies, Domo Tactical Communications, Microhard Systems, and Doodle Labs. Many of these radios are capable of UDP throughputs in excess of 50 Mbps out of the box, which can typically support data-intensive tasks, such as multiple high definition (HD) video feeds.

    In addition to unmanned/ISR data link applications, Triad says its Amplified Radios offer a high-power, low-cost, lightweight solution to next-generation C4ISR, Military Mesh, MANET, and tracking antenna systems.

    (Image source: Triad RF Systems)

  • Tyan HPC and Storage Servers Now Support AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors

    Tyan, a server platform design manufacturer and MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation subsidiary, has announced that its high-performancce computing (HPC) platforms and storage servers will now support high frequency AMD EPYC 7F32, AMD EPYC 7F52 and AMD EPYC 7F72 processor-based server motherboards and server systems.

    Tyan’s Transport HX product line is powered by AMD EPYC 7002 Series processors and designed to scale HPC, high-frequency trading, and AI applications. The company’s Transport SX product line is optimized to satisfy data-driven workloads.

    The new AMD processors are aimed at HPC applications with enhanced per-core performance by equipping higher base frequency, lower core counts, and larger L3 cache among the same core-count SKUs. The EPYC 7F32, with 3.7GHz base frequency, 180W TDP, and 128MB L3 cache, is the fastest 8-core processor in the EPYC 7002 Series processor product stack. The EPYC 7F52 is a 16-core processor featuring 3.5GHz base frequency, 240W TDP, and 256MB L3 cache, which is four times the L3 cache size than the base 16-core EPYC 7002 SKU. The EPYC 7F72 is a 24-core processor with 3.2GHz base frequency, 240W TDP and a 1.5 times L3 cache size (192MB) than other 24-core EPYC 7002 stack.

    (Image source: Tyan)

  • Velo3D Launching Large Format, 1-Meter-Tall Industrial 3D Metal Printer

    Velo3D is planning to launch a next-generation Sapphire industrial 3D metal printer with a vertical axis of 1 meter in the fourth quarter of 2020. Precision-tool and component manufacturer Knust-Godwin has secured the first order to produce parts for an oil and gas application. Knust-Godwin will use the meter-tall Sapphire printer to print a part for oil field drilling that is currently manufactured by more than five subtractive processes. The company says that additive manufacturing enables consolidation of such traditional processes, improving part quality, and part performance.

    The meter-tall Sapphire printer include a 315mm-diameter build plate, dual 1kW lasers, in-situ optical calibration, and many of the same characteristics of the existing Sapphire machine. Velo3D says it will be the world’s tallest production metal-powder laser additive manufacturing system, exceeding the build height of both the SLM 800 and the GE Additive X Line 2000R.

    (Image source: Velo3D)

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