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New Smart Cameras, Radars, and a 1 Meter Tall Metal 3D Printer

<p><em><strong>AutomationDirect Offers New KDL/D </strong></em><em><strong>Control </strong></em><em><strong>C</strong></em><em><strong>abinet </strong></em><em><strong>C</strong></em><em><strong>able </strong></em><em><strong>E</strong></em><em><strong>ntry </strong></em><em><strong>S</strong></em><em><strong>ystems</strong></em></p><p>AutomationDirect now carries KDL/D cable entry systems, which allow cables to be installed through enclosures or other bulkhead surfaces, with the added benefit that pre-made, terminated cables can be installed without disassembling the connectors. The split-frame system enables the quick and simple installation of up to 48 cables in a single frame. They come in four frame sizes, fit standard cut-out dimensions, and provide integrated strain relief.</p><p> </p><p>According to company specs, the multi-part split-frame system clamps together with a grommet block and grommets to provide a high-density cable entry point with an IP65 environmental rating. Small and medium size grommets (from $6.00) accept cable diameters from 0.08 to 0.87 inches (2 to 22mm). Double cable and multi-line grommets accept more than a single cable. A blank grommet is also available for any unused medium openings in the grommet block.</p><p><em>(Image source: AutomationDirect)</em></p>
The latest supplier releases include new products for AI at the edge, motion control, automation, and a new, record-breaking 3D printer.
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