NASA Epoxy, Pressure Mapping Tech and Encoders for Stepper Motors

Check out these new product introductions for manufacturers and design engineers.
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    NASA Low Outgassing Rated Epoxy Features Enhanced Chemical Resistance

    Master Bond EP42-2LV Black is a two-part epoxy with low viscosity and good flow. This system can be used for bonding, sealing, coating, and casting, where a strong chemical resistance profile is required.

    This compound has a mix ratio of 100 to 40 by weight or 100 to 50 by volume with Part A being black and Part B being light amber. The viscosity of the mixed system is around 1,000-2,000 cps, and it has a working life of 60 to 90 minutes per 100 gram batch. EP42-2LV Black cures optically opaque at room temperature in 2 to 3 days or at elevated temperatures of 200°F in 2 to 3 hours. For optimal performance, the recommended cure schedule is overnight at room temperature followed by heat curing at 150-200°F for 2 to 4 hours. (Image source: Master Bond)

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    PHD Releases Series GRM Size 0 Clamp

    PHD has released the Series GRM0 “Micro” Clamps. They are the newest addition to the GRM family of sheet metal handling clamps. The GRM0 Clamp is designed for high clamp force in a compact package. At 0.53 lbs. in weight (without tips) it provides 135 lbs. of total clamp force. They are available in two jaw styles, the “S” Standard and the “F” Flange for application flexibility. The GRM0 incorporates the same simple design as the larger GRM clamps. Click here for catalog. (Image source: PHD)

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    E-spool Flex Guide Cables Without Slip Ring

    The igus cable reel with worm guide was created to ensure safety when operating panels and in assembly areas. The e-spool flex increases safety at manual workstations and operating panels. For quick installation of the cable reel, the developers opted for a worm guide. The cable is inserted in a few simple steps, and then the e-spool is ready for use.

    In order to be able to use tools and operating panels flexibly in production, they require appropriately long cables and hoses. However, these are often strewn across the manufacturing floor without any protection and constitute a tripping hazard. Cable reels with slip rings offer a solution for energy transmission but are often only available as a complete package with new cable. (Image source: igus)

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    Siemens Expands ODB Data Exchange Format and Adds Electronics Manufacturing Information Flow to Digital Twin

    Siemens has expanded its industry-leading ODB++ language intelligent, single data-structure for transferring PCB designs into fabrication, assembly and test with a unified electronics manufacturing solution of open data formats for the entire digital thread. With over 50,000 worldwide ODB++ users, rebranded as ODB++-Design, ODB++Process, ODB++Manufacturing and grouped under the ODB++ umbrella, Siemens‘ newest data exchange format, ODB++Process (previously known as OPM), was designed to enable the open exchange of process engineering information between disparate machines, software vendors, and stand-alone processes, helping accelerate new product introductions and first-time-right manufacturing. To access these formats, visit (Image source: Siemens)

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    AutomationDirect Adds Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers

    Seifert SoliTherm Thermoelectric Coolers from AutomationDirect use the Peltier Effect for closed-loop cooling. The only moving parts are axial fans for virtually no maintenance. The Seifert Peltier thermoelectric cooling units can be mounted in nearly every position (except roof mounting) because they don't have a compressor or any moving parts aside from the fans.

    These thermoelectric cooling units are resistant to extreme ambient conditions and can operate effectively in dusty and oily environments and both indoor and outdoor applications. Cooling capacities range from 170 to 680 BTU/H (50W to 200W); the operating temperature range is -4°F to 149°F (20°C to 65°C).

     Learn more by visiting: (Image source: AutomationDirect)

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    Tekscan Introduces Pressure Mapping Technology

    Tekscan has introduced PM64, a customizable pressure mapping scanning electronics module with an incremental pricing model that supports a large-scale deployment for high-volume users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

    Tekscan is a manufacturer of pressure mapping technology, a tool used by engineers, field service technicians, and OEMs, to measure interface pressure between nearly any two mating surfaces. Each pressure mapping system consists of an ultra-thin pressure sensor, scanning electronics, and a robust analysis software to help engineers analyze pressure distribution in real-time. Pressure mapping technology is most often used in R&D to help verify finite element analysis models or make adjustments in machine tooling to improve production processes. (Image source: Tekscan)

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    Copper Mountain Technologies Releases RNVNA Multiport Testing Solution

    Copper Mountain Technologies’ RNVNA solution is a customizable multiport network analysis solution for MIMO antennas and other 5G applications. RNVNA builds on the capabilities of CMT 1-Port USB vector network analyzers.  RNVNA links up to 16 analyzers together into a multiport network analysis system, allowing users to measure vector reflection and scalar transmission parameters.

    RNVNA is compatible with all Copper Mountain Technologies’ 1-Port USB VNAs with frequency ranges up to 6 GHz (R60), 14 GHz (R140), and 18 GHz (R180).  RNVNA software allows users to manage multiple 1-Port VNAs performing required measurements. A free demo version of the RNVNA software for systems using up to three 1-Port VNAs can be downloaded from The RNVNA solution incorporates shelving for mounting the VNAs. Each shelf is designed to fit a 19-inch rack mounting system and can house up to eight VNAs. Frequency and trigger synchronizing devices are offered as options to increase measurement speed. (Image source: Copper Mountain Technologies)

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    C-Lube Cam Followers and C-Lube Units Continuously Lubricate Bearing and Track Surfaces

    Maintaining a cam follower to last a long time is necessary but expensive. Depending on the application, maintenance personnel can take hours to access and lubricate a cam follower, leading to equipment and plant downtime plus high labor costs. And threats such as dust and particles can cut short a cam follower’s lifetime. IKO has released a cam follower and attachment option designed to help prevent maintenance headaches and withstand threats like particles and dust. IKO’s C-Lube cam followers and C-Lube units continuously lubricate bearing and track surfaces and protect against harsh operating conditions to lower maintenance costs and ensure a long lifetime of reliable operation. (Image source: IKO)

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    Power Management ICs Enhance Battery-Powered IoT Product Design

    Silicon Labs has released a line of energy-friendly power management ICs (PMICs) serving as dedicated companion chips for EFR32 wireless devices and EFM32 microcontrollers (MCUs). The EFP01 PMIC family provides a flexible, system-level power management solution enhancing the energy efficiency of battery-powered applications, including IoT sensors, asset tags, smart meters, home and building automation, security, and health and wellness products. These PMICs enable developers to choose the optimal battery type and chemistries for their applications while controlling a product's power supply over multiple output rails and voltages.

    Developers often use PMICs to meet the unique low-power requirements of their IoT designs. Yet selecting the right PMIC from among thousands of parts offered by catalog distributors can be challenging and time consuming, adding complexity for developers under time-to-market pressures. Silicon Labs' PMIC solution was designed to address the power management needs of IoT developers by extending the energy efficiency of its wireless and MCU products while simplifying product design with tools and support. (Image source: Silicon Labs)

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    WAGO Expands its Product Line of PCB Terminal Blocks for Power Electronics

    WAGO has added to its existing product line for their 2600 Series PCB Terminal Blocks for power electronics range featuring Push-In CAGE CLAMP connection technology. These new versions allow for increased pin spacing and double pinning to allow for expanded current capacities while maximizing voltage ratings.  Options for these terminal blocks now include UL ratings as high as 85 A and up to 1000 V. 

    All Series are UL1059 certified for 1000V in single pole configurations. Additional factory-assembled spacers also allow for the creation of multi-pole configurations that meet 1000V spacing requirements.

    To learn more, go to: (Image source: WAGO)

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    Configurable Modular Encoders for Stepper Motors from AutomationDirect

    AMT series encoders from CUI Devices are advanced capacitive encoders with a variety of uses. AMT series encoders are typically mounted to the back of a stepper motor but can be used in many other applications. CUI offers the AMT series encoders with configurable pulses per revolution (PPR). The PPR can be set for most models using the free AMT Viewpoint software (the AMT10-series encoders are configured using DIP switches).

    AMT series capacitive encoders are available for dual-shaft stepper motors in NEMA 14, 17, 23, and 34 sizes and for encoder retrofit on select SureStep integrated motor/drive models with external encoders. These incremental models offer line driver and push-pull output signals configurable up to 4096 ppr.

    Learn more by visiting: (Image source: AutomationDirect)

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    Tolomatic Expands Hydraulic-Class Electric Actuator Force Range to 50,000 lbf

    Tolomatic’s expanded extreme-force electric actuator family now includes the RSX128 actuator, rated up to 50,000 pounds of force (222.4 kN). Design to replace hydraulic cylinders and designed for 100 percent duty cycle, the RSX actuator features Tolomatic’s precision-ground planetary roller screws for long, consistent operating life in challenging environments. Applications include assembly, metal fabrication (pressing, punching, clamping), automotive manufacturing, timber processing, motion simulators and more.  (Image source: Tolomatic)

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