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Motor offers high precision speed control

Motor offers high precision speed control

Precise speed control is essential for applications such as conveyors in manufacturing plants, or wafer coating in the semiconductor industry. A new compact, dc brushless speed control system called the BX Series from Oriental Motor USA Corp. comes in two configurations for different applications.

The systems consist of a dc brushless motor, an optical encoder and optional digital controller. In applications that require a wide speed range, flat torque, or speed regulation control designed to reduce performance irregularities, the standard configuration of motor and en-coder works well. The extended configuration adds speed control, torque limiting functions, up to six position control modes, and monitoring of speed, pulse position, torque, and alarm history.

The standard speed control system provides 100:1 speed range from 30 to 3,000 rpm. Oriental Motor reports that the speed regulation relative to load and voltage variations comes to 0.05% each. Speed regulation relative to temperature is 0.5% across an operating environment ranging from 0 to 50C.

The extended BX Series configuration adds Oriental Motor's OPX-1A control module to the motor and encoder to create a system with greater speed, position, and torque control capabilities. The OPX-1A increases the speed range to 3 to 3,000 rpm, and provides up to eight speed control settings.

"The optical encoder gives users both feedback and the ability to set speed data via a more precise digital format, as opposed to analog methods," says Nick Johantgen, manager of engineering and technical support for Oriental Motor.

Either configuration can be assembled with three different motor sizes-30, 60, and 120W.

Additional details...Oriental Motor USA Corp., 2570 W. 237th St., Torrance, CA 90505; Tel: (800) 406-7484;; or Enter 508.

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