Motion Control/Power Transmission

Planetary gearhead

All-plastic version available

A wide range of ratios are available in a series of 10-mm planetary gearheads. Features include concentric input and output, ball or sleeve bearings, and brush or brushless motor mounting. The maximum continuous torque is 21.3 oz-inches. Applications include handheld devices, robotics, printers, automation, and medical and positioning operations. The series is available in ratios from 4:1 to 1,024:1. Maxon Precision Motors Enter 589

Manufacturing cell

CNC station available

The Module-Mation(TM) 3-axis manufacturing cell series includes reconfigurable spindle, column position, and way style. Each cell is designed for stiffness in machining aluminum, cast-iron, or steel. The MM400 series accepts 40 or 50 MT, or HSK 63 tooling. Standard features include limit switches, lubrication systems, piping, wiring, and pneumatic counterbalance. SKF USA Inc. , Enter 590

Velocity controller

Helps minimize motor size

A sensorless velocity controller reportedly boosts the efficiency of open-loop, ironless-core, brushless motor applications. According to reports, the TG2601 vControl minimizes high-current ripple by operating at high frequency. This unit commutates the motor without the need for position sensors. Motors operate as a commutated brushless entity in a velocity-mode with an inner current loop. ThinGap Motor Technologies , Enter 591

Stepper motors

High resolution capability

The INS20-PF stepper motor series is available for OEM applications for automated equipment. The motors supply up to 200,000 steps per revolution and more than 187 oz-inches of holding torque. Available in NEMA sizes 17 and 23. Units perform in 16 resolution modes. Applications include medical, robotics, semiconductors, packaging, lasers, CNC machines, conveyors, woodworking, and aerospace. Nyden Corp. , Enter 592

Hub motors

110 or 220 inch-lbs torque

XTi Hub Motors(TM) use an integrated, changeable rubber tire and a dc, geared brush motor to drive vehicles like three-wheel electric carts. One 24V and two 12V models are available. The 12V models are available with and without a friction disc, and the 24V version has an internal electric brake. Standard speeds are 76 rpm at 12V, and 156 rpm at 24V. Controllers and throttle systems are also available. Assembled Products Corp. Enter 593

Unground bearings

Burnished races offer smooth operation

Heim Unibal(R) ball bearings handle high loads and reportedly higher load capacity than caged or split-ring bearings. Manufacturing methods produce races uninterrupted by splits or slots. Bearings are not ground but can be used in place of ground bearings in many applications including wheels, casters, ammunition loaders, door closers, textile machines, power tools, conveyors and pulleys. Bearings are available in plain, flanged OD, and clevis mounted, and in standard and special configurations. RBC Bearings , Enter 594

CNC controllers

UMAC, QMAC available

The Advantage 810 CNC application family supports high-speed machining, contouring, and 5-axis operations. The operator control panel has five user-definable function keys; embedded, preloaded software; and an autopilot, quick setup tool. A single USB interface cable connects the console and motion controller. Works with existing motors and amplifiers. The Advantage 810 supports dynamic multi-block for path fidelity at any speed. Delta Tau Data Systems , Enter 595

Machining center

Optional 4th and 5th

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