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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Article-Motion Control/Power Transmission

Motion Control/Power Transmission

Direct drive

Sensorless vector control

Ethernet direct connectivity and embedded Web pages allow access to drive information transmitted by the Square D Altivar(R) 58 TRX ac adjustable speed drive. The drive offers extended power ratings to 500 hp and reduced motor noise through modulation. With a variety of I/Os and cards for Ethernet and other protocols available, 58 TRX is connectible anywhere, the company says. Mounting kits, ventilation, and conduit options offer many building options. Schneider Electric, Enter 648

Mini power pack

For high temperatures

MiniMax(TM) Power Paks, a line of compact fine-resolution controllers for OEM applications, feature flexible plug-in options, current limits, and universal approvals. MiniMax is reportedly ideal for applications requiring fast responding loads where resistance changes as a function of temperature, like resistive heaters, electric ovens, furnaces, kilns, and environmental chambers. Adjustable zero gain and manual bias features are included. Chromalox Precision Heat and Enter 649

Motor control chip

Offload functions from host

A single-axis motion processor provides pulse and direct output to step motor controls up to 50 kpulses/sec, the highest performance to date, the company reports. Features of this dedicated motion chip include S-curve profiling, multiple breakpoints, on-the-fly profile changes, at-rest indicators, and programmable I/Os. The MC3510 is in a 132-pin device with surface mount CMOS technology and powered by 5V. Performance Motion Enter 650

DC motors

High peak torque and speed

LO-COG(R) 22-mm brush-commutated iron-core dc motors are designed to replace ironless core or coreless motors. Available 1.256, 1.556, or 1.901 inches long, the motors offer peak torque to 10.2 oz-in and speeds to 8550 rpm. Modular designs offer custom fitting of cables, shaft-mounted pulleys and gears, ball bearings, multiple windings and encoders. Applications include image processing, semiconductor processing, computer peripherals, and office automation products. Enter 651


Single-phase motor control

The use of standard programming interfaces makes PIC18F PICmicro(R) Flash microcontrollers ideal for single-phase motor control designs, the company reports. The PIC product series includes a motor control kernel and on-chip pulse width modulation to provide speed control to induction motors. ProMPT motor control offers modulated output of 0 to 127 Hz. Applications include appliances like vending machines, toasters, dishwashers, exhaust fans, whirpool tubs, and HVAC fans and pumps. Microchip Technology Inc., Enter 652

Brushless blowers

Feature embedded electronics

Brushless dc blowers have drive and commutation electronics embedded, providing a 2-wire input. This 24V, 3.4-inch diameter unit is 2.64-inches long and can produce 11.5-inch H2O pressure and a flow rate to 21.5 cfm. Impellers and rotors are balanced for low vibration and noise. Custom windings are available. Servo Magnetics Inc., Enter 653

Linear actuator

Medical, industrial applications

The compact, high-performance RUNNER Series linear actuator is designed for extreme loads in medical and industrial applications, operating with low vibration and long service life, the company says. High push and pull force help lift loads to 12 kN. Speed range is 4.5 to 7.5 mm/sec and standard models include safety nut, limit switches, and jack plug. A cycle counting feature and safety factor of 4 for strokes to 250 mm make the units ideal for medical applications, the company says. SKF Enter 654

Ball bearing line

For harsh processing areas

A complete line of ball bearings designed for process and manufacturing industries includes Marathon(R) corrosion-resistant mounted units, PumPac(R) angular contact bearings, and hybrid ceramic balls. Marathon bearings include composite, heavy-duty cast iron, and extreme-duty stainless steel. PumPac series are arranged to reduce temperature and vibration in centrifugal pumps. Ceramic balls are insulating and impervious to electric arcing. MRC Bearing Enter 655

Linear stage

Enclosed, alloy construction

The compact, low-profile enclosed aluminum alloy body of the Luge LM linear positioning stage is ideal for long travel at high speeds, the company reports. Available in flange mount, direct drive, or linear motor drive, stages are designed for packaging and automotive industries, as well as semiconductor and electronic assembly, and indexing applications. Accuracy is reportedly maintained in rough service. Bayside Motion Enter 656

Dc motor controller

Smart, dual channel drive

These drive mobile robots have a dc motor controller/driver capable of 120A in each of two channels, to 40V. The AX2500 is intended for robotic vehicle markets including AGV, underwater ROV, and hazardous materials handling. Controllers accept commands from R/C radio or serial port interface. Twin channels operate independently or combined to set direction and rotation. Features include intelligent current sensing and analog or digital I/O support. RoboteQ, Enter 657

Roller chain

Coated to fight corrosion

A surface treatment for drive chain offers corrosion protection, allowing up to 10 times the life of nickel-plated chain, the company claims. NEPTUNE(R) chain, tested for 500 hours in saltwater spray, showed no rust. The coating is chromium-free, zinc base coated, and not acid washed. Roller and conveyor chain applications include those exposed to seawater, water, and outdoor environments. Roller chain is available in 35 to 100 sizes; conveyor chain comes in 40 to 100 sizes. U.S. Tsubaki, Inc., Enter 658

Rotating nuts

Solves critical speed limitation

When fixing new precision ball screws and reconfiguring the ball nut to directly connect to the motor, users may achieve a solution to critical speed limitations. Rotating nuts, available in sizes 16 x 30, 32 x 40, and 65 x 80 (pitch x diameter), offer higher rigidity and critical speed, and easier cooling and pretension of the screw, compared to rotating the screw. Steinmeyer, Enter 659

Volume controllers

Drive multiple channels

Two multi-channel volume controllers are designed for next-generation surround sound audio-video equipment that drive multiple channels. The M61527FP device features wider dynamic range, and harmonic distortion and noise improvements, in 6-channel independent electronic volume, the company says. Features also include an integrated 10-input selector and 4-line output with mute function. The M61533FP allows an upgrade of volume to four channels. Mitsubishi Electric, Enter 670

Rod ends

Reliable, accommodate misalignment

Rod ends for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications are available in self-lubricating, male, female, left- and right-hand threaded shank, and keyed shank. Compact and lightweight, rod ends are ideal for precision and aircraft applications that require tight tolerances and linkage accuracy, the company says. Rod ends that meet mil-spec requirements are available. Other applications include construction, mining, material handling, robotics and automation, and machine tools. RBC Bearings, Enter 671

Smart linear actuators

Repeatability to 1 micron

Smart Digit and Smart Bug linear actuators with intelligent servomotors feature optical encoder, digital servo amp, indexer, local power supply, serial communications, and optional absolute positioning. Self-contained and compact, smart actuators are reportedly ideal for robotics, packaging, clean rooms, medical equipment, valve actuation, pick-and-place, and positioning. Available in 2, 4 and 8-inch stroke lengths, both series have precision ball or Acme screw drives available by customer specification. Ultra Motion Enter 672

Adapter bearing

Press fit, no shaft damage

The Dodge(R) Grip Tight(TM) adapter bearing has a 360 degrees inner ring and push/pull adapter system for easy component on-and-off without shaft damage. An interchangeable housing design allows for the use of standard set screws, eccentric collars, and concentric clamp collars. Adapters are press fit to shafts for full-circle gripping. Shaft gripping requires no special tools or assembly. Diameters of 0.5 to 3-7/16 inches, and 17 to 170 mm are available. Rockwell Enter 673

Linear motors

Underwriters Laboratories recognized

This LC family of steel core brushless linear motors is a two-piece frameless component set that meets UL's standards for insulation system integrity and product safety. Featuring a new insulation system, the linear motors have a motor coil design, offering Class H 180C protection and a 650V dc bus voltage rating with more force density than other models. Using an encapsulation method seals laminations while eliminating the moisture migration path between steel and epoxy. A heavy duty magnet track also provides additional protection. Anorad Enter 674

Stainless steel motors

New conduit box design

Premium stainless steel motors for food industries can withstand corrosive washdowns using lye, bleach, acids, alkalines, or surfactants. Double-sealed, pre-lubricated bearings on both motor ends are moisture resistant. Features include O-rings for liquid-tight housings, hydrophobic breathers that equalize pressure, and double-lip seals in endbells. NEMA C stock motors are available from 0.5 to 10 hp, and 1,750 and 3,450 rpm. Leeson Electric Corp., Enter 675

Motor control

Parallel processing, soft peripherals

The Accelerator(TM) motor control design platform offers high bandwidth needed for torque control and the flexibility for different types of motion peripherals. It features a low-cost, re-configurable signal processing architecture in a platform based on the Xilinx Spartan-IIE FPGA and the company's motion control mixed signal chip set. Providing feedback control loop bandwidth up to 5 kHz, the motor control design platform may be used in automotive drivetrain controls, precision material handling, and automated assembly. International Enter 676

Ball slides

Low cost in a preloaded design

The company's line of ball slides features a stationary base and slider that moves over a line of balls held within four hardened rods on two opposing sides of the base. The design allows the bearing to tolerate foreign matter contamination and to operate over millions of cycles without lubrication, while the elastomer spine absorbs the shock and impact on a conventional linear bearing. Designed to be low-cost, the ball slides achieve accuracy in two specifications, generally enough for most applications: 0.001 inch/inch of travel and 0.0001 inch/inch of travel. Available in eight standard models in two different widths, the slides also feature travel ranges of 1 to 6 inches and load handling ranges of 20 to 85 lbs. Ball Slides Enter 677


Low backlash, high efficiency

The Harmonic Planetary(R) HPG Series is designed to offer high torsional stiffness, high efficiency, and low backlash in such applications as semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, and machine tools. HPG Size 50 has a 170-mm square mounting flange, measures 175-mm long, and features a backlash level of less than 1 arc-min, maintained for the life of the gearhead. It also offers a rated torque of 2,610 inch-lbs and maximum torque of 16,375 inch-lbs. HD Systems Enter 678

Optical encoders

With slide lock mechanism

These modular optical encoders are engineered to be self-centering, self-aligning, and self-gapping, making encoder installation easier. Encoders have five modular configurations: RM15 and RM21 with data index only, RCM15 and RCM21 with commutation, and low-profile RCML15 also with commutation. The encoders feature an operating temperature range of -10 to +100C. RCM15 and RCM21 also allow plus or minus 20 degrees encoder rotation, due to a built-in servo groove, to align commutation tracks with the motor poles. RENCO Encoders Enter 679

Studded rod ends

Extended line offered

The company's line of rod ends and spherical bearings has now expanded its program of studded rod ends in the racing industry. The line now features mild steel right-hand threaded studs, studs with left-hand threads, and "alloy steel" 4130 chromemoly studs. The precision series rod ends range from the NJM/NJF wear-resistant, 3-piece, precision, plastic race rod ends to the KMX/KMXL 3-piece, alloy steel, heat-treated, nylon race. F.K. Enter 680

Linear actuator

Long life, maintenance-free operation

The size 14 non-captive linear actuator is, according to the company, the smallest commercially available hybrid linear actuator on the market at this point. Designed with engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel Acme lead screw, the non-captive hybrid linear actuator provides thrust up to 25 lbs and resolutions ranging from 0.000125 to 0.002 inch per step. Applications needing precise positioning and rapid motion include X-Y Tables, medical equipment, valve control, and automation of any kind. Haydon Switch & Instrument, Enter 681

Cap assembly

For miniature industrial shock absorbers

This steel button/urethane cap assembly design reportedly reduces noise level more than conventional button designs for most of the company's MA, MC, SC, and MVC miniature industrial shock absorber models. Applications include small and medium robotics, material handling and packaging equipment, small linear slides, machine tools, pick-and-place systems, and office and medical equipment. ACE Controls Inc., Enter 682


Provides 50 lbs of grip force

The DirectConnect(TM) Parallel Gripper (DPG) is a gib-style gripper that can mount-without adapter plates-to the company's linear slides on its top or side. According to the company, the gripper features tapped air ports on the front and both sides, in addition to top air ports with counterbores for o-ring manifold operation as well as threads for screw-in type, and finger mounting surfaces on the sides and bottom of jaws. Fitted with fingers up to 4 inches long and with single jaw motion with fixed jaw, the gripper comes in stroke lengths of 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and 1 inch, the company adds. Robohand Enter 683

Production grinder

Improves geometry of part features

This production grinder provides external and internal grinding operations on crankshafts, which are centered and supported on the main journal centerline, the company says. No longer requiring two individual turning operations, the grinder combines "kiss" grinding of the crankshaft thrust wall as well as internal grinding of the pilot bore. According to the company, the combined external/internal grinder may also reduce cost, work-in-process, in addition to the floorspace requirements, while it improves the crankshaft manufacturing quality. In addition, the grinder features motorized wheel spindles that have wear-free hydrostatic bearings, a permanent-magnet linear motor, and hydrostatic ways, the company adds. Landis Enter 684

Flexible conveyor

Replaces standard belt conveyor

The WhisperTrax(TM) Modular Flexible Conveyor line consists of seven conveyor configurations for transporting packaged items, in addition to assembly work and applications that typically use a belt conveyor. According to the company, the seven models include: the ST-Series Straight Conveyors, ID-Series Incline/Decline Conveyors, HO-Series Horizontal Offset Conveyors, VO-Series Vertical Offset Conveyors, CV-Series Single Curve Conveyors, CU-Series Double Curving Conveyors, and CA-Series Single Curve with Tangent Straights Conveyors. The conveyors, made with SpanLon(TM) acetal plastic chain, are said to be able to produce one-twentieth the amount of noise of traditional plastic conveyor systems. In addition, they feature a speed range of 5 to 75 ft/min, the company says. Span Tech Enter 685

Force sensor

Dynamic or quasi-static measurement

The 260A01 ICP(R) 3-Component Force Sensor is designed to measure dynamic or quasi-static force in three orthogonal directions. According to the company, built-in microelectronics convert high impedance charge to a low impedance voltage, avoiding low noise cables and expensive charge amplifiers. In addition, the sensor offers a voltage output of 2.5 mV/lb in the z-axis and 10 mV/lb in the x- and y-axis. Three quartz elements make up the sensor, adding high stiffness of 10 lb/muin in the z-axis, long-term stability, as well as an operating range of 1,000 lb in the z-axis. In terms of applications, the sensor is suitable for monitoring cutting tool forces, engine mount analysis, biomechanics, modal analysis, in addition to impact testing. PCB Piezoelectronics Enter 686

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