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Motion Control Products

Article-Motion Control Products

Motion Control Products

Pneumatic Valve, Servo Performance

Parker Hannifin's DYP020C pneumatic proportional valve gives servovalve-type performance in applications where the huge force capabilities of hydraulics aren't needed. The unit is suitable for both medium-pressure and vacuum applications, and can deliver up to 18 scfm at 100 psid. Because it has no pilot stage, the valve's performance is unaffected by low pressures. A captured o-ring design enhances its suitability for control in vacuum applications. Potential applications include microprocessor manufacturing, food processing, medical equipment control, automotive fatigue test actuator control, and pressure control in pilots' g-suits for flight simulators, as well as other pneumatic applications that require precise positioning. ( Enter 582

Simplified I/O Wiring

Festo's Smart Positioning Controller (SPC 200) is said to simplify configuration and programming of servopneumatic systems. The two-axis unit can operate in a coordinated fashion with each instruction controlling the position of both axes, or it can operate autonomously, with each axis having its own set of independent programs. It offers compatibility with Festo's Compact Performance (CP) line of valves and I/O devices, which can operate on a CAN bus network. Using it, the company says that users can drastically simplify wiring and installation of distributed I/O. ( Enter 583

Controller Speeds Servo Setup

Moog's MSC (Moog Servo Controller) is said to speed implementation and cuts costs for users doing closed loop digital motion control on hydraulic and electric products. The new servo controller has PLC-type functionality and offers cycle times as fast as 250 microseconds. It's capable of handling complex, multi-axis functions and includes the company's MACS (Moog Axis Control Software), which is based on accepted standards and protocols. Moog engineers say the controller departs from conventional units in the overall breadth of its capabilities. "This was designed from a clean sheet of paper," notes Dan Halloran, control and electronics section head for Moog Industrial Controls Division. "It allows users to create their own control structure." ( Enter 584

Servo Handles Hydraulic Electric Systems

Bosch Rexroth's HNC 100 Series 2X digital servo drive is a freely programmable, bus-capable numerical controller targeted at both electrohydraulic and electromechanical drives. Because its open- and closed-loop control algorithms are specially tailored for the characteristics of hydraulics, it reportedly offers optimum performance for electrohydraulic drives. Using a PC and the system's WIN-PED, customers can easily write programming sequences. Each HNC features a local CAN bus, which can be used to link individual drives for general data exchange and implementation of synchronization controls. The HNC can communicate with higher-level controls via Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, and CANopen fieldbuses. For electrical drives, it's also available with a SERCOS interface. ( Enter 585

Air For Speed And Accuracy

PrecisionAire from Tol-O-Matic is said to provide accurate, repeatable position control, regardless of stroke length. The servopneumatic system reportedly can stop precisely at programmed points to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.010 inches. Capable of speeds up to 100 inches/second, its accuracy and repeatability are said to be unaffected by changes in load, line contamination, minor pressure changes, stroke length, or vertical/horizontal orientation. The system includes a DSP-based controller, a 1.0- or 1.5-inch diameter air cylinder, a Rheotonic proportional brake for servo control, a rotary encoder for control loop feedback, and a standard on/off pneumatic valve. ( Enter 586

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