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Motion Control/ Power Transmission

Motion Control/ Power Transmission



The F9 Pentium-based single board computer is designed to provide high performance and an operational range suitable for harsh industrial conditions. It is a one-slot, 32-bit CompactPCI System Controller based on the Pentium M (LV) with frequencies up to 1.8 GHz, or the Celeron M (ULV) processors with clock speeds up to 600 MHz. It has been fitted with a specially designed heat sink that eliminates the need for fans in many embedded applications, according to the company. MEN Micro, Inc.


For beginners and experts

Designed for use by both the NC beginner and expert, the smart.NC is a user interface for TNCs that reportedly allows users to create executable NC programs faster, more safely, simpler, and more conveniently. According to the company, it guides the user in a self-explanatory and intuitive way through the complete NC programming tasks by using straightforward forms. Users can also decide whether to use it or the plain language level at any time. It can also be edited as before with the plain language editor even if a program has been created with the product. Heidenhain


Optional touch screen

The STE 15 and STE 17 panel PCs are engineered to make industrial computing and control as easy as possible. The 15-inch and 17-inch panel PCs feature Pentium(R) 4 power, a PCI expansion slot, two 2.5-inch drive bays, network-ready I/O ports, and optional touchscreen. Both models also reportedly provide NEMA 4 sealing when properly mounted in an appropriate enclosure. CyberResearch Inc.


High performance

The PENTXM range of PC-compatible VMEbus single board computers uses the Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor running at 1.6 GHz and above. It reportedly draws 30W of power for the entire board running at 1.6 GHz, and allows the user to optimize power dissipation. It is intended for a variety of embedded system applications, including military, radar data processing, telemetry, aerospace, and scientific markets. Thales Computers



The TD1120 is hailed as the first single-chip USB on-the-go controller that supports full-speed USB host control and high-speed USB peripheral control. It is designed for several applications, including mobile applications and printer manufacturers. When the product is in host mode, it enables mobile devices to connect to a variety of USB devices. It also offers a means to cost-effectively upgrade printers with USB host and peripheral connectivity, according to the company. TransDimension


Compact configuration

The company's line of low-profile, spring-return air cylinders are designed for use in modern production applications. A choice of seven sizes are available, from 3- to 6-inch outside diameter with force output of 300 lbs to 1 ton with plant air pressure, according to the company. Features include choices for mounting, porting, and materials. The design features several smaller springs in internal pockets, reportedly reducing the overall cylinder height and providing a more compact configuration. Mack Corp.


Continuous cycling option

Geared for testing-related applications, the RMC100 motion controller features the Sinusoidal Move command that reportedly eliminates the need for an externally generated sine wave while adding position, velocity, and acceleration feedforward parameters for more precise closed-loop motion control tracking. Users can specify the amplitude in position or pressure units, frequency from 0.1 to 256 Hz, and the number of cycles, with the option of continuous cycling, according to the company. Delta Computer Systems


Improved reliability

The company's F3SX safety controller integrates the monitoring and functioning of individual safety devices such as light curtains, safety doors, and emergency stop buttons. This is done through a single central module, according to the company. By reducing the possibility of miswiring complex safety interlock systems or operator overwriting while increasing the difficulty of operating tampering, the reliability of safety systems is increased. Omron Electronics Inc


Assured-calibration, compact

The PGX goniometer is described as a compact instrument that measures wetting and absorption as a function of time on any surface size. It features assured calibration in the static mode that is quick, simple, and accurate. It also features automatic droplet application, PGX optic geometry, small footprint of 60 x 85 mm, and is ease of use. GARDCO


New model sizes

Additional model sizes are added to the PROFORM hydraulic break line, which reportedly features a powerful control that combines 3D graphics interface with touch screen operation. This is designed to reduce setup and programming times for optimized bending productivity. They come in standard bed lengths from 4 to 24 ft, and custom lengths are available. Its 15.1-inch LCD touchscreen reportedly uses icon-driven Windows(R) operating system, eliminating the need for keypads and key switches. Cincinnati Inc.


For rugged applications

Engineered as a fanless, rugged, dusttie industrial panel computer with a 15-inch LCD, the ARP-2115 has no moving parts, making it suitable for higher reliability with fewer system failures. It features VIA low-power Eden 667 MHz CPU that is expandable to 512 Mbytes of system memory, according to the company. It uses a compact Flash card as a storage device instead of a hard disk drive. It is intended for rugged applications. Arista Corp.


With six solutions

MotionCode(TM) is a free toolkit that reportedly consists of several motion control solutions that provide step-by-step procedures for guiding engineers in the design, development, and integration of their motion applications. According to the company, it offers six complete solutions, each of which details the procedure for implementing one of the company's controllers into a particular type of machine. Each solution provides a machine description and overview, summary of motion requirements, hardware selection recommendations, motion programs, and downloadable software. It can be found at the company's website. Galil Motion Control


Saves space

The H Box hallow bore gearmotors feature a 1-inch hollow output shaft that can reportedly be connected to the driven lead. This is designed to save space and eliminate expensive shaft couplings, chains, or sprockets, as well as costly chain guards. Features include chill cast bronze gearing and heat-treated and ground steel worm. It is offered in single- and three-phase configurations that come with .50, .75, and 1 hp ratings. Baldor Electric Co.


500-kHz output frequency response

The R35i small encoder reportedly incorporates a custom ASIC that includes fewer components, increased performance, and high product quality in a smaller package. According to the company, it offers both brushless motor commutation and high resolution incremental position signals in a 1.38-inch OD by 0.55-inch length package size. It is available for four-, six-, and eight-pole brushless motors. Output frequency response reaches 500 kHz. Renco Encoders Inc.



Engineered to be a low-cost series of custom 0.9 degree NEMA 14 steppers for OEMs, they reportedly assure smooth operation even at low speed, and are available with four or six leads to meet torque and performance requirements. Applications include printers and plotters, X-Y tables, scanners, security camera positioning, medical instruments, office equipment, index tables, and robotics. Source Engineering


Fully molded

Add-A-Motor cables are designed to be an entire "off the shelf" servo system solution that is ready to plug and play when used with the company's SmartMotors. The full-molded cable connects SmartMotor to SmartMotor in a daisy-chain configuration for serial operation, thus eliminating the need to create custom, multi-axis cable configurations for each SmartMotor application. They are designed to supply dc power and RS-232 communications to multiply SmartMotor 1700 and 2300 Series motors. Animatics Corp.


For industrial fan applications

Designed to perform as non-locating bearings in self-aligning bearing systems for industrial fans, CARB(R) toroidal roller bearings reportedly enhance fan reliability, productivity, and life by providing solutions to problems associated with traditional floating bearing arrangements. They do not require housing-design compromises, and they compensate internally for angular misalignment and accommodate axial shaft expansion. SKF

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