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The software requires 32M bytes RAM, 1G byte disk space, and an entry-level graphics card. MoldMaker runs on all UNIX platforms.

List Price: starts at $28,900

Matra Datavision, 1 Tech Dr., Andover, MA 01810; ph: (800) 854-5429; Fax: 508-685-7100.

Detailed 2-D drawings can be created from the final mold. Desired views are defined and then the specific plates are selected. Views are created from solid models and then placed as standard Euclid geometry on the screen.

Dimensioning is very easy. Holes and then an edge are selected. Depending on the orientation of the edge from the hole, appropriate vertical or horizontal dimensions are generated and placed where desired on the 2-D drawing.

Final output includes full 3-D solid models and a complete materials list. This list contains all plates and components with the manufacturer's description, material, size, amount, and the appropriate catalog numbers. The list may be displayed on screen, saved as a text file for inserting into another file, or printed for submittal for purchasing.

MoldMaker offers remarkable power by automating the tedious process of creating a complete solid model of a mold base. Its ease of use with a walk through procedure and automatic creation of all components is welcome. The time it saves is substantial.

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Cimatron - Cimatron Technologies Inc., 3600 Billings Ct., Suite 200, Burlington, Ontario L7N 3N6; ph. (905) 639-0802.

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