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Miniaturized 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

Article-Miniaturized 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

Miniaturized 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

Movea's wireless, miniaturized Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) uses MEMS sensors to measure 9 Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) motion with a PCB module. The MotionPod is a hardware solution for motion sensing that incorporates a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis magnetometer in a fully integrated package complete with software and wireless interface. The miniaturized MotionPod is now an off-the-shelf component.

A single MotionPod can provide information like range of motion, rotation, speed and acceleration. Multiple MotionPods can also be networked to gather information simultaneously from different parts of the body for applications such as performance analysis and full body motion capture. The MotionPod measures 33 x 22 x 15 mm (1.3 x 0.8 x 0.6 inch) and weighs 14 g (0.5 oz). It is designed to clip onto a strap for easy attachment to the body or to be patched directly onto the body.

MotionPods have a built-in, 2.4GHz wireless transmitter for a range of up to 30 m (100 ft) with low power consumption to maximize battery life, providing up to 8 hours of usage. Data from the MotionPod is transmitted wirelessly to a receiver that's connected to a computer via a standard USB connection. Up to 32 MotionPods can be connected to a single Motion Controller.

The MotionPod comes with Movea's SmartMotion Development Kit (SMDK) which provides a Windows-based API allowing application developers, systems integrators and OEMs to integrate and customize the use of wireless multi-sensors in their applications. It also includes a companion application, the MotionDevTool that has a graphical user interface for real-time visualization and integration.

Miniaturized 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit
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