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Microwave water heater

Microwave water heater

While water strongly absorbs microwaves for an instantaneous temperature rise, the cost of microwave heaters is generally regarded as prohibitive. A new approach to microwave heat transfer may change that perception.

Based on a modular concept, the design centers on a simple element: a heat-resistant polysulfone injection-molded wave guide with inner pipe. The wave guide conducts microwave radiation emitted by the antenna of a magnetron. Only the water heats up, as the UDEL(reg) polysulfone (Amoco Chemical) offers low microwave absorption.

Test results show that 2 kW of power permits a 30C temperature increase for a water flow of 1 liter/min. Applications? Heating of ultra-pure water for semiconductor device manufacture; medical products; chemical processes. The technology is available for license.

Mahi Consultant, 16 Ch de Malacher, 38944 Meylan, France, Tel: +33 476 905 637, Fax: +33 476 905 638, E-mail: [email protected]

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