Maxon Introduces Mini-Servo Motor for Robot Design, Automation

Maxon has added a new miniaturized OEM plug-in module to its ESCON servo controller family line that can control permanent-magnet activated brushed and brushless DC with Hall sensors up to approximately 250W.

The ESCON Module 50/5 -- a four-quadrant PWM servo motor controller -- can be used in robotics and automation systems, as well as to manufacture machines and equipment. This flexibility of use is due to its wide range for input voltage and operating temperature, as well as its efficiency rate of 98 percent, the company said.

The new module has been designed specifically to be user friendly and to start up quickly so engineers can focus on designing their own products rather than worrying about the controller. In-depth knowledge of drive technology is not required when using the 50/5, and a motherboard to make initial commissioning of the controller easy is also available, according to Maxon.

Further, when the ECSON Module 50/5 is connected via USB port to a PC, it can be configured using the ESCON Studio graphical user interface (GUI). The software provides a number of functions, wizards, and an automated procedure for fine-tuning the controller that engineers can use to ease the startup and configuration process for inputs and outputs. Engineers can also use the GUI for monitoring, data recording, and diagnostics of the controller.

An analog set value -- which can be specified by means of analog voltage, an external or internal potentiometer, a defined value, or by means of a PWM signal with variable duty cycle -- controls the servo controller. Engineers also can enable or disable the power stage of the controller depending on the direction of rotation, or use speed ramps for acceleration or deceleration.

Additionally, the controller's speed -- with a range of 0 rpm to 150,000 rpm -- can be regulated by means of a digital incremental encoder (2-channel, with/without line driver), DC tacho or Hall sensors, according to Maxon.

To protect against overcurrent and overheating, the ESCON Module 50/5 features protective circuits that also block against undervoltage and overvoltage. The controller also comes with protected digital inputs and outputs and adjustable current limitation to protect motor and load. Further, the controller's analog output voltage control the motor current and the speed of the motor shaft.

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