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Blended Magnetic material

Ideal for signs, appliances

G&E blended polyisobutylene reportedly reduces material costs for extruded magnets and outperforms other materials. The material is flexible, can be easily processed, and accepts fillers. Applications include the sign and appliance industries. Produced in an ISO 9001 environment, blended polyisobutylene is manufactured by combining selective stocks to achieve uniform molecular weight and is available in 38-lb bails. Goldsmith & Enter 607

Liquid silicone rubber

Custom, standard, large or small batch

CRI-SIL liquid silicone rubber and room temperature vulcanization products are available in 5-80 SHORE A hardness and 1000-7 million cps. Custom or off-the-shelf products in small or large batches reportedly offer formulas that optimize cure efficiency. Features include low volatility, ultra clarity, purity, anti-shock, and aesthetics. Applications include infant care, connectors, adhesives, cell phone covers, and gaskets. IMMIX Technologies LLC, Enter 608

High-durability wheels

For internal transport equipment

Stellana wheels are specialized for loads, high temperatures, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. Available in rubber, nylon, and polyurethane, wheel features include low noise, low maintenance, non-marking, and excellent grip. They are reportedly ideal for oven and kiln applications. All wheels are self-lubricating, plain-bearing, and are offered in light or heavy-duty models, handling loads to 3,968 lbs. Plain, roller, or ball-bearing styles are available. SKF Motion Technologies, Enter 609

Alloy strips

Specialty performance for critical parts

High-temperature alloy strips are reportedly ideal for parts and components requiring resistance to 2,000F and corrosion resistance. Alloys include Pyromet(R), Waspaloy, Carpenter, NiMark(R). Applications include aerospace fasteners, turbine blades, heat shields, seals, exhaust systems, weapons systems, and more. Strips are available tempered or annealed, and 0.003-0.240 inch thick and 0.375-13.5 inch wide, depending upon the alloy. Carpenter Technology Corp., Enter 610

Machineable copolymer

High strength, tough and stiff

Acetal copolymer engineering thermoplastic has high-crystallinity, high strength, and good stiffness, toughness, and lubricity in a wide range of uses. Stocks made from this product are easily machined for a wide range of applications including transportation, industrial, appliances, IT, and consumer products. It can be injection-molded, extruded, or rotationally cast. The material is reportedly excellent for making rods and slabs. KEP Americas, Enter 611

Acetal copolymer

Ideal for medical technology

Eleven grades of Celcon(R) MT(TM) acetal copolymer and four grades of polybutylene terephlate (PBT) are available for medical technology applications that include drug delivery systems, devices, and packaging. Independently tested for biocompatibility with skin, blood, and tissue, they are certified animal-free and FDA-compliant materials. Ideal products for these resins include dry powder inhalers, nebulizers, syringes, and injection pens. Ticona, Enter 612

Unreinforced polymer

High temperature, chemical resistant

Peek-HT(TM) polymer is formulated for high temperature applications like headlamp reflectors, aircraft components, connectors, heat exchanger parts, and industrial valve linings. Semicrystalline and unreinforced, this product reportedly has a melting temperature of 703F and exceptional toughness and chemical resistance. Other features include good electrical properties, good compressive strength, ease of processing, and excellent hydrolysis resistance. Victrex USA Inc., Enter 613

Automotive resin

Reduces paint defects

Atryl(R) TCA resin helps reduce paint defects on exterior automotive panels made of sheet plastic. This product helps reduce "pops" in paint, a recurring problem in assembled parts where defects occurred after the primer/sealer was applied. Previously, parts removed from molds showed micro-cracks and Atryl TCA reportedly helps fill them. According to the company, benefits include weight-reduction, lower cost, rust-free performance, and dent resistance. Enter 614

Cutting tool coating

Cut deeper, faster

Twist drill productivity is reportedly increased, along with tool life and speed and feed recommendations, using Balzers TiAlN tool coating. Benefits include improved coating adhesion on cutting edges and excellent chip removal. The ADX drill series features geometry and faster-than-standard helix angle break chips into reportedly more manageable swarf than other products; it is easily removed from the hole. Drill sizes range from 3 to 30 mm or 0.125 to 0.5 inch. Dormer Tools Inc., Enter 615

Precious-metal clads

Less expensive than solids

Platinum clad wire and ribbon reportedly cost up to 10 times less than solid precious metal products and are designed for custom applications. A variety of core materials are available, clad up to 2% of thickness. Sizes 0.05 mm to 10 mm OD and ribbon up to 25 mm wide have high corrosion resistance and electro-chemical stability. Core materials include titanium, tantalum, copper, silver, stainless steel, and moly. Anomet Products, Enter 616

Compounded colors

For special visual effects

Leda(TM) compounded color uses Makrolon(R) polycarbonate and Bayblend(R) polycarbonate resins for a wide range of special effects options. The seven families of effects include edge glow using pale tints, angular metameric that changes with angles, translucence, metallic, metal flake, sparkle/shimmer, fluorescence. These products reportedly allow customers to use fewer procedures, less equipment, and less labor when making parts. Bayer Corp., Enter 617

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