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Offering heat stability and exterior weathering features, the company's line of mineral-based colorants, designed for rotational molding, is available in custom colors and standard identification colors. Colorants are formed by heavy metal reactants, which transform during the chemical reaction to form a cadmium sulfide compound. According to the company, less than 1 ppm is left of residual, soluble heavy metal.

Chroma Rotational Molding Div., Enter 704

Glass compounds

The specialty compounds contain Scotchlite(TM) Glass Bubbles by 3M(TM), which offer reduced overall part weight, lower viscosity, improved flow, and lower shrinkage and warpage. With no moisture absorption, the glass bubbles also reportedly provide more uniform control and reproducibility, as well as low thermal conductivity and low dielectric constants. Applications include automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical, and marine industries.

RTP Co., Enter 705

Optical domes

Meller Sapphire Optical Domes feature up to 160 degrees angles to protect and extend the viewing angle of sensors and electronic detectors that are exposed to harsh environments. With Moh 9 surface hardness, second only to diamonds, the domes reportedly transmit from UV to IR, including up to 85% uncoated transmission and up to 99% transmission with A/R two-sided coatings.

Meller Optics Inc., Enter 511


Polyflex(R) 134 single-coated polyethylene film has UV inhibitors designed to prevent degradation in general masking, repair and protection applications. Suitable for use in hot and cold weather, the film features a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive that creates a watertight seal, bonding to smooth or irregular surfaces. Film comes with a jagged edge for easy tearing or with a smooth edge for masking. Applications include general masking and protection, door and window masking, film splicing, greenhouse repair, and shrink-wrap uses.

Scapa North America, Enter 512

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