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M3-L Closed-Loop Linear Motion Module

M3-L Closed-Loop Linear Motion Module

New Scale Technologies Inc.'s miniature M3-L closed-loop linear motion module has a 0.5 micron position resolution and a total package size of less than 27.5 x 13 x 7.5 mm. All motion and control functions are fully integrated into the M3-L module, including a piezoelectric linear micro motor, position sensor, guide mechanism, motor driver, control processor and software. The module runs on 3.3V input for battery-powered operation. The standard serial interface (I2C or SPI) accepts PID closed-loop system tuning parameters, as well as high-level input commands such as "move specified distance." No external controller is needed.

The M3-L module is offered with a bullet nose for pushing or a hook tip for pulling loads. Typical travel range is 6 mm. New Scale also develops custom OEM modules including bi-directional (push/pull) systems, modules with custom travel range up to 20 mm and multi-axis configurations.

The M3-L module draws approximately 500 mW of power while moving and 200 mW quiescent. Weight is approximately 4.5 grams without tips. M3-L production modules are customized to OEM specifications. M3-L Developer's Kits include an M3-L linear module along with a USB key and New Scale Pathway PC software. This gives designers a graphical user interface to evaluate motion and a scripting environment for system development.

It is useful for precision motion control of variable inductors, trimming capacitors and optical elements for RF, microwave and photonics tuning applications. It also adds motion to a wide range of miniature optical and hand-held instruments, aerospace and UAV controls and biomedical systems including fluid controls and microsurgery.

M3-L Closed-Loop Linear Motion Module
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