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Look Ahead: 7 Areas of Advancing Engineering Opportunity in 2017

look ahead
Before you dive to deeply into 2017, prepare yourself for what will surely be an innovative year.

The new year is here and already proving to offer significant opportunities and advances on 2016.

Before you dive to deeply into 2017, prepare yourself for what will surely be an innovative year.

Check out the following articles offering insight and a look ahead at key areas for engineering, design, and manufacturing in 2017, including design tool integration, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, IoT, virtual reality, and more.

And remember to share your own insight in the comments field of each article.

Virtual Reality by the Numbers: 5 Things You Need to Know in 2017
Who are the big players? Where are the opportunities? How does the general public feel? We look at the major trends in VR to be aware of in the coming year.

EV Battery Demand Will Soar in 2017
With more automakers aiming to market cheaper, longer-range plug-in cars, demand for lithium-ion automotive batteries is expected rise sharply in 2017.

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Will Grow in 2017: New and Better Materials
In 2017, materials for 3D printing and additive manufacturing will be getting better and more closely fine-tuned for higher-quality and larger end-production parts. At the same time, the types of materials available for 3D printing processes continue to widen, at the low, medium, and high ends.

Look for More IoT Processors in 2017
Microcontroller makers will continue to target their products at the Internet of Things in 2017 by adding such features as connectivity and security.

5 Energy-Harvesting Technologies to Watch in 2017
As devices get smaller and demand for energy to power our gadgets increases, energy harvesting is becoming the way forward to help supplement battery power or lose the need for it altogether.

Looking Ahead at Hot Developments in Design Tool Integration
Design tool integration lets design engineers move easily from one design tool -- such as CAD -- to another -- such as simulation -- without having to close one program and open another. The integration also makes collaboration simpler.

7 Tips for Improving Software Development in 2017
In 2017 teams will have the opportunity to apply lessons learned and improve not only the quality of their software but also improve the way that they develop software.

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